Monday, June 5, 2023


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12 Movies like After That will Remind you Of Your Teen...

movies like after
What do you remember from your teenage days?C’mon, there would have been one such thing that can make you nostalgic! Teenage is the most beautiful...

House of the Dragon: Episode 2 Review

House of the dragon Episode 2 Review
Isn’t it fun to watch a fantasy drama?I mean, it’s wonderful when they start making their own world in our heads, right? Audiences are fond...

12 Amazing Movies like Don’t Breathe that will leave you Unnerved

similar movies like don't breathe
Imagine, living in a double-storied apartment and that too alone!Well, you must get ready for the creepy nights! ...

11 Remarkable Films that will make You Think of Movies Like...

Similar movies like nobody
Don’t you think watching movie can make you feel better, calm and relaxed?Oh it is like therapy after a long and hectic schedule!Spending a...

Against the Ice – Review | Ending Explained

Against the Ice
How many of us love traveling??Well, I should rather ask who doesn't like traveling ...

365 Days: This Day – Review | Ending Explained

365 Days This Day
How often do you love to watch sexually arousing content? Well, depends from person to person, I guess! The audience loves to watch the cinema with...

13 Movies that will Obligate you to Rewatch Edge of Tomorrow

Similar movies like edge of tomorrow
Enough talking about action movies! How about getting into space cinema this time?Yeah, I know, we have talked about it but who cares! Movies are...

#11 Marvelous TV Shows that would give you small glimpses of...

Similar Tv shows like Bosch
Loving a thriller drama is good, but how about adding some spice to it? ...

#11 Movies that will remind you of The Dark Knight all...

similar movies the dark knight
Are you a fan of marvel movies?I mean, who is not?Marvel movies have a whole another level of fan following and people, like us,...

Eternally Confused and eager for love: Magic of Wiz with the...

Eternally Confused and eager for love season 1
Eternally Confused and eager for love: Is your dating life dull? Have you ever chickened out before or, even better, during a date? This...

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Don’t breathe 2: Hold Your Breath| Ending Explained

Hey guys…Do you know what exactly happened to me while watching this movie…? My breath is held, my eyeballs stopped moving, and I pinched...

Tenet Ending Explained | All your questions answered

Are you confused about how Tenet ended? Maybe we can help! Tenet plot and ending explained for you. Plot Overview The Protagonist is sent to a...