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11 Remarkable Films that will make You Think of Movies Like Nobody

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Don’t you think watching movie can make you feel better, calm and relaxed?
Oh it is like therapy after a long and hectic schedule!
Spending a great time with your favorite movie is the best way to spend a weekend night! And picking the best genre at this moment is the cherry on the top. People are fond of action movies, but what if these movies get a bit spiced? The blend would be breath-taking right? And why not, after all, it is one of your favorites so it can easily relax you up after a long day!
Thinking of the same, Movque is very excited to share all its thoughts about some great movies like ‘Nobody’, which will give you enough space to go through the plot line individually and understand what the characters are demanding in the entire movie. Gosh! You can’t even imagine what is waiting down, to blast your coming days!! Excited??

Similar Movies like Nobody

So folks, the wait is over and now we are hereby announcing some great movies like Nobody that will keep you with themselves the entire. I bet you are going to watch these back to back. Keep your seatbelt tight and get ready for an amazing flight ahead with such a huge and alluring cinematic pieces, carrying similar genre and style altogether!
All set to explore?
Let’s dive in!

Wrath of Man

Similar movies like nobody wrath of man

Well, who isn’t a fan of Jason Statham? Yes! The hottie is back with this amazing movie, loosely based on a French film, with the name Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief. The plot area shares the story of a mysterious security guard named Patrick ‘H’ Hill (Played by Statham himself), for a cash truck, who surprises his mates by showcasing his outstanding skills during a break-in. The team gets impressed and wonders about the man, about his identity, and where he belongs? Being transparent in his motive, Patrick takes irreversible and difficult steps to achieve what he has planned. Wrath of Man leaves itself open-ended, ‘may or may not be’ going for the new franchise ahead. Don’t miss this thrashing revenge thriller which has a pinch of Jason’s way of retribution. And yes, you’re welcome!

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The Equalizer

Similar movies like nobody the equalizer

Who hasn’t been a comic book reader in his/her childhood? And if the genre is action and crime, it is to die for, isn’t it? Inspired by the comic version of Avenger, the movie shares a story of Robert McCall, a mysterious man, who starts a happy and stable life, assuming that he left his past. He meets a girl, Teri, who has been kidnapped by Russian goons. Robert helps Teri, forgetting about the consequences. Being a tough man with daunting skills, he fights with the gangsters who attack and assault innocent people. Resulting, in satisfying himself for what he is doing to save the world. Ohh!! Quite tough though? I guess these kinds of movies are worth watching and praising, what do you think? Ready to fight the world along with Robert? Go, get it!!

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Similar movies like nobody collateral

Do you know whom we are talking about? The one and only, Tom Cruise, who has done marvellous job in Collateral. The plot of this thriller cinematic art shows the story of an LA-based taxi driver named Max, who earns his a** off to start his own limousine business. An unknown suited person comes and offers him $600 to meet the certain five stops, telling each stop has something or the other, weird. As the dawn arrives, Max starts wondering if he would be able to see the sunrise because both of them are being chased by the Central Bureau of Investigations and country police. Woah!! Such a remarkable theatre piece!! Guys we must definitely watch this one. Trust me you’re going to fall in love with the royal villainous role of Cruise!

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Similar movies like nobody extraction
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India has proven what they are even in international cinema? Don’t believe? Follow me for the proof!! The story of Extraction shows about a money-minded man, who is hired to save the kidnapped son of an international crime god of Dhaka, Bangladesh, India. In the entire journey of recusing him, he gets emotionally attached to this Bengali boy and sharpens his role throughout the series of incidents. With a well-acted and brilliant star cast lie: Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, David Harbour, Pankaj Tripathi, and many more the movie became the largest Netflix original debut in July 2020. This action series carries a strong storyline, where you will find Chris Hemsworth giving jaw-dropping action sequences. So, if you have not watched this wonderful feature film yet, you are really missing something great! Go watch it now!!

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Don’t Breathe 2

Similar movies like nobody dont breathe 2

Leaving you with the curiosity of an upcoming cinematic piece, which is the sequel of the 2016 movie Don’t Breathe. Where, Norman Nordstrom, a blind army officer, living in isolation with his daughter, uses his skills to protect this young adopted orphan from a bunch of kidnappers who want him to look for her kidnapping. The character of Stephen Lang plays the villain and the centre protagonist of the movie who returns back with the long-awaited sequel. Of course! The trailer shouts out loud in itself. The scheduled premiere date of Don’t Breathe 2 is August 13, 2021. You must watch the first part (2016) of this movie, to connect with the storyline, easily. So if you have not watched it yet, do it right now and don’t forget to thank me later!!

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The Marksman

The marksman

Okay, let me first ask, how many of you have helped an unknown person? Don’t you feel great helping someone from something? But what if the help turns into trouble for you? Problematic, right? The movie ‘The Marksman’ serves a plot that shares a story about an ex-marine living all alone as a Stockman near around Arizona-Mexico borderline. All he wants is peace and happiness but his peaceful survival does not remain the same throughout his journey. It takes a drastic turn and churns down when, in humanity, he tries to protect an innocent boy who is running from the group of violent. Oops!! I guess, it was just a trap to get the man and kill him, or they were planning something more brutal? Let us stop assuming the rest of the story and get straight into the movie! What do you say? Up for this one?

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Leon: The Professional

Leon The Professional

Fetching out the truth from a tangled web is very tough, isn’t it? But Mathilda did it wisely. Well, this outstanding cinematic piece of art shares the plot where a 12 year young Mathilda knows about everything she is been going through. Her derogatory father stocks up the alcohol and drugs for the police officers who are leading towards corruption. On the other hand, her mother is completely ignorant of her. Leon lives passageway and knows Mathilda very well. He also works for gangster Tony as a professional Hitman. When Mathilda’s family is murdered by Stansfield, a criminal DEA agent, she joins the army with not-so-interested Leon to learn his ways, just to fulfil her goal. Damn!! She is brave, isn’t she? Dude, girl power is hiking up, come let’s watch it together, okay?

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John Wick

John Wick

It is hard to understand what the other person is going to react over future where he/she has lost everything! Don’t you think this is stressful? The movie John Wick serves a tale of a famous owned killer John Wick, who gets retires from his shabby and illegal carrier of killing people for marrying his girlfriend. But things don’t go as they believe them to be. His fiancé dies leaving John in a deep shock. Meanwhile, losef Tarasov, a gangster, and his men steal John’s car and kill his dog which apparently is the last gift from his wife. John is now all set to take revenge. Meanwhile, losef’s father and John’s ex-colleague serves a huge reward on John. Lord!! Are you up for this one? Because I am watching it for sure!!!

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Women are strong and ‘Peppermint’ depicts sit all. The plot of this movie shares the story where Riley North gets up from a coma after going through an attack losing the lives of her husband and daughter. She realizes that she is been fooled by the system as they are protecting the killers, takes the matter into her own hands, and changes herself from a normal person to strong and bold, detaching from the world.  She transforms her anger into inspiration and starts working on her target. Riley spends years making the plan and becomes a free unstoppable bird to finish things off. Ignoring goons, cops and even the FBI, north chases the revenge in her own way!! Fire!! Isn’t it? Well, I can hear the song “Unstoppable” in the background, if you know what I mean!!

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The Incredibles

Who doesn’t love superheroes? How about ‘The Incredibles’? Just wow! C’mon, let’s discuss! The movie is basically about a superhero couple, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Elastigirl who plays the role of Bob and Helen Parr. This is done because the government has banned the superpower activities. Mr. incredible loves his family but sooner returns to the life of adventures. One of such deadly tasks is in the pocket of Mr. Incredible where he is supposed to visit an island to calm an insane robot. But the story takes turns and Mr. Incredible gets trapped in a trouble. Now it completely depends on his family whether they want to help the man or not! Woah!! This is what it turns out to be. An amazing animated movie can be a tearjerker for you. Beware!!

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Max Payne

Losing a close one is very heart-breaking. And when it is a murder, you can’t just sit and wait for the karma to work, right? The movie ‘Max Payne’ carries the same theme where a determined cop, Max is ready to take revenge single-handedly after his entire family and partner are murdered brutally. He is one of a kind who won’t sit quietly and watch things slipping from his hands. He starts searching for a teammate who could help him achieve his target. Max finally finds Mona Sax, a young, beautiful, and bold Russian toughie. He travels into the dark underworld to dig out the truth but some worldly and supernatural forces try to stop him from death. God!! Don’t you think this is what we were looking for? Still waiting? Let’s go!!

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The Final Verdict

Movies are a part of cinema and the cinema we enjoy is now a part of our life. But you know what the hardest part is? Picking out that one particular theme or class which can easily fit according to your taste and liking! Yeah, that’s true. Movies are meant for everyone but which one you are helping yourself with, is what matters the most in today’s world!
Alright guys and gurlz! This was the complete list of some great movies like Nobody that will give you a pinch of its own genre. Do let us know your thoughts and reviews on the same and also comment down below about the movie you felt like watching the coming weekend! Last but not the least, don’t forget to follow so such admiring content!!
Au Revoir!!

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