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11 Wonderful Movies that will remind you of The Da Vinci Code

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Are you a fan of the thriller or mystery genre, when it comes to movies?
To tell you, I love both o’em!
When Dan Brown first wrote the novel Davinci code, he might not have thought that one day it will become a huge success that too on the cinematic platform. Isn’t it? Indeed, Somethings work like magic!! Let me tell you that, the movie, Davinci code is one of the successful novel adaptations in Hollywood Cinema and has gained popularity across the world, making it a blockbuster.
Movque has observed a lot many movies carrying the same genre and has offered you a complete box of similar movies like The Da Vinci code. So, if you have watched the Davinci code, trust me, you are going to love all the below-mentioned movies as they carry the same potential and hold on to the story and implementation. Wanna know more about it? Come; let us explore a bit more!!

11 Wonderful Movies that will remind you of The Da Vinci Code

I know, I know, your excitement might be touching the skies! Let us just move forward without any further delay and allow you to explore some similar movies like The Da vinci code. So ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to fly high with me on this adventurous tour trip?
Hold on tight!
Here we go!!

National Treasure

movies like the da vinci code national treasure

Great things come in small packages, and that’s true!! The movie national treasure talks about a similar story where Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian, and hacker belongs to the family whose sole job was to protect the so-called hidden National Treasure. This treasure has left the yes to its location in the currency of the country. Even the declaration of independence is related to it which Gates is learned to steal. He is now searching for an indication to dig out the details of the national treasure. But things aren’t easy for him to serve. He needs to be extra careful especially when the FBI is involved in the investigation. Woah!!! Now that is something amazing don’t you think? Let’s dig more!!

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Tomb Raider

tomb raider

We love our parents, right? But what if one of them leaves you without informing you? Strange!! The movie Tomb Raider says it all which depicts the story of Richard Croft, adventurer father of a furious independent daughter; Lara Croft goes missing mysteriously years earlier. She tracks down a treacherous journey to his last location which is a tomb on a mythical island near the coast of Japan. Now, Lara needs to find the whereabouts of his father and also how he got disappeared or what he was searching for before he vanished. Believing her attentiveness, trust, and dedication, Lara starts her journey toward East Asia, where exploration and danger wait for her. God!! Things might not get easy for her and also she needs to be very alert while having this search. What do you think, will she succeed?

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movies like the da vinci code inferno

How was lockdown for you all? Uhh!! Weird question, right? Well, we all have been into the scenario of COVID 19 where things were crucial and negative altogether. Being a movie, inferno gives us glimpses of what we have already faced. The movie plots a story where Robert Langdon, a popular symbologist tracks down a path of indications linked with a famous medieval poet, Dante. He wakes up in an Italian hospital forgetting everything he has been through. Finally, collaborating with a doctor, Sienna Brooks he regains his memory. They both rush to Europe and fight against time to get a hold of an evil beast from spreading a deadly virus that can kill half of the entire population on this planet. Woah!!! This seems familiar, isn’t it? Wanna get into it? Giddy up!!

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Panic Room

movies like the da vinci code panic room
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Buying a new house is a different kind of experience but what if you get an eerie vibe from that one area or room? That’s what this movie tells when newly divorced Meg and his daughter Sarah shift into a new home in New York. Meanwhile, they get a glance at the panic room which is locked permanently. Now, they are unaware that they have been trapped in the mystery of this panic room which is basically a hidden corner in the apartment. Both mother and daughter play the game of mouse and cat, when three intruders, Burnham, Raoul, and junior break-in. That’s not it! Three of them know where Meg is and what they actually want is to get inside that particular room. Scary!!! But still, I want to know what is there in the panic room. So, are you in with me on this?

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The Pelican Brief

How about watching a suspense movie this weekend? Tag along for this great mix of mystery and thriller! Movie, The Pelican Brief shares the story where a law scholar who speaks about the murder of two justices, her boyfriend and mentor. This becomes a huge blunder for her and she runs to New Orleans and meets a local journalist who helps her with her search. After long discussions and hard work on the same, they find out that the conspiracy was planned and plotted by the senior government officials way before the happening took place. Wait, what? That means everything was well plotted before execution? Now I need to watch to this one! So, are you ready to watch along with me?

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Finding a particular person or thing is tough but when that thing has lived for years, you will have to find out its whereabouts as soon as possible!! The movie zodiac tells us the story of a cartoonist, Robert Gary Smith who works for the San Francisco tales. He is very irritating towards a drunkard reporter, Paul Avery whose habit of excessive drinking goes beyond the limits. Both of them become friends and the only thing they share in common is the Zodiac killer. Robert rapidly becomes obsessed with the entire scenario while Paul remains the same.

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Robert’s unprofessional behavior catches the eye of police officer David Toschi, who has been unsuccessful in catching a man who is a handwriting expert, Sherwood Morrill, a convict who knows Zodiac victims, and a few others. Now, Robert is at that stage of life where his job, his wife, and children are all unimportant. What matters to him the most is catching the zodiac killer anyhow!! Wait for What??? Who is this Zodiac killer, what personality does he carries? I want to know more about him a bit more. Aren’t you excited to extract more??

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Angels and Demons

Have you ever felt that Dan Brown’s novels are tremendously logical? That’s what this movie serves the story which focuses on Robert Langdon, a renowned symbologist who finds out about the renewal of the ancient connection called the Illuminati. Sooner, he travels to Rome to notify one of the most hated enemies of the Illuminati, the Vatican. He joins the army with the most beautiful Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra. Thinking about all the consequences, Langdon follows a connection of years old chain of ancient symbols just for the sake of securing the destructive plot of the Illuminati against the Roman Catholic Church from coming to fruition. Well, we can say that the adaptation of the novel is incredibly executed in a short span of time.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

After Dan brown, we are here to talk about a murder mystery which talks about Mikael Blomkvist, a sully reporter who gets a great opportunity after being appointed by the filthy rich industrialist from Sweden, Henrik Vanger. This opportunity is to get his honor back by solving a 40 years-old murder mystery of Harriet, Vanger’s niece. According to Vanger, Harriet was killed by one of her own family members. Days after, Mikael, plans and starts on his deadly journey to find the truth. But he is not alone on his way, a weird but creative detective; Lisbeth Salander is also there whose trust speaks in action. Woah!!! This is pretty amazing to watch. How about planning this one tonight? Ready?

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Bridge of Spies

Spying is good till the time you don’t get caught. The movie showcases a plot where at the time of the cold war, the Soviet Union tracks down Francis Gary Powers, a U.S pilot, after knocking down his U-2 spy aircraft. Gary goes to prison for 10 years with the hope that New York lawyer, James Donovan, who is appointed by a CIA officer to get the deal signed and released would help him. Donovan gets on the plane to Berlin, with the hope to win power’s freedom through a prisoner exchange. He thinks, if everything goes great, the Russians would definitely capture the convicted spy, Rudolf Abel, too. Cool!! Seems fresh and amazing. Let’s find out more, about how things get carried out at last!! Ready?

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Sherlock Holmes

movies like the da vinci code sherlock holmes

Solving a mystery is very interesting at times and this is what Sherlock Holmes does. The story starts when he along with his detective partner, Dr. John Watson finds out the believer in Black magic and criminal lord blackwood. This criminal has killed five ladies and now heading towards the sixth innocent. Blackwood is linked with Dr. Watson who witness his death. He strangely returns from the Nirvana and to help the Scotland Yard, officer Lestrade commands Sherlock Holmes. In the meanwhile, Dr. John marries gorgeous Mary Morstan while ex-lover of Sherlock, Irene Adler also meets him for a secret task. Uff!! Such a huge mess! Let’s just deeply understand the movie and enjoy the suspense!! Ready?? Let’s go!!

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As Above, So Below

Exploring new things is great and this movie is all about findings where Scarlett Marlowe, an archaeologist has given her time, blood, and sweat just on one thing i.e. searching for the history of one of the greatest treasures which are Flamel’s Philosopher’s stone. As the legends say, the relics can serve an eternal life span and can change any metal into gold. Scarlett recruits a team to get her historic target accomplished after she gets to know that the stone is somewhere underground in the Labyrinth of Paris. As the team starts their journey, things turn and teammates are unaware that soon they’ll be going through hell. Hmmm!! The fight and search are huge, well we must help her to search for the stone, ready?

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The Bottom Line

Novels taken down in cinema can be a disaster if not executed properly. The Da vinci’s code is what justifies that potting and execution can be done perfectly without missing out on a single detail. Other novels from the same author have been working tremendously in the market; even their movies are also gaining much popularity. Watch them out too if you have spare time during the day!!

Well, that was the info guys, hope you have loved the article. Let me know your thoughts and reviews on the same in the comment section below, also let us know which one you loved the most from the above-mentioned movies. You can suggest some more similar movies like The Da vinci code in the comments. Lastly, don’t forget to follow Movque for more amazing content!


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