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13 Movies that will Obligate you to Rewatch Edge of Tomorrow

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Enough talking about action movies! How about getting into space cinema this time?
Yeah, I know, we have talked about it but who cares!
 Movies are a treat to the eyes, but it depends on what genre you are into. Different movies have different genres carrying contrasting themes and that is how we decide which theme we love to watch. Okay, let me ask, which genre do you like to watch?  I love watching the horror genre and that too at night!! Spooky! Similarly, it is completely up to you which direction of genre you take!
Looking into all the ups and downs, MovQue is here to expand its territory over some similar movies like the edge of tomorrow, which can bring a little more spice and taste to your hot-served bowl of movies like the same. You might have explored some of the below-mentioned movies but trust me, this time it is not the same, you will feel more refreshed even after a single watch!

Similar Movies like Edge of Tomorrow

Alright! So without getting into if’s and but’s, let us directly hop on to the main content, which will give you space and action vibes altogether! Well, huge shout-out to all the similar movies like the edge of tomorrow that have taken sci-fi fiction (in addition to action) on a completely different level!
Pumped up to set in?
Let’s Go!

12 Monkeys

Similar movies like edge of tomorrow 12 Monkeys

It is hard to see nature in danger! And finding a solution for it is very obvious. Portraying a similar plot, this movie serves a storyline where James Cole is tired of traveling into time back and forth. Stuck in the 2030s, Cole is sent back to the 1990s to accomplish the task of hiring people for a particular mission. After reaching the past he gathers information about a peaking plague that is all set to kill the population worldwide. To achieve this, he takes the help of two colleagues Jeffrey, and Kathryn Railly. This seems like a suspensive one, what do you think? Ready to try this one out? Here we go!

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similar movies like looper

Time traveling is amazing and that too when we are talking about the sci-fi genre. This wonderful movie shares a life of a professional, who is working as a “Looper”, one who transports people into past from the future, to kill them, via a time travel mechanism. Joe consciously does this and hides the corpses keenly. However, he also knows that he will also be facing the same thing in the future but can’t help it, as it is his job. On D Day, things take a different turn and Joe sets himself all and seeks freedom while the looper finds him achieve his target. Woah!! Isn’t this amazing! Can’t wait to watch this one!! Ready to watch it together?

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Pacific Rim

pacific rim

I bet this is the best plot you have ever received. Don’t wait, keep reading!! the story starts with a group of deadly creatures known as Kaiju, rising from the ocean. It brings bloodshed along with them. To defeat Kaiju, humanity evolves huge robots and human-like machines called Jaegers. These Jaegers are designed to operate by two people who are locked up with each other in a neural bridge. But still, humanity is getting unsuccessful as Kaiju is far more powerful than expected. The only hope it has is with three people. Lord!! It is like everything is running and we have to stop it!! I really wanna watch this one, coming along??

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Best Space Movies interstellar
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Alright! Just guess, what this one is all about? The movie is a depiction of famines, plagues, and other epidemics ruling over. An amazing NASA physicist, Professor Brand is working on a wormhole where people can get to the other side of the earth in order to save themselves. He plans to send his ex-pilot, Cooper with a team of scientists to make sure that they land perfectly and make a new home. He also needs to ensure if there is really a survival on that planet. The entire journey of this project faces many struggles and problematic situations. But to have a real image we need to watch this movie. C’mon! Let’s go!!

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Predestination 2014 movie ending explained feature image

Time travel, space, action, etc are highly fascinating to explore! Predestination is about the life of a temporal agent, Doe who is asked to accomplish a very difficult task through time traveling back and forth. As it is his final assignment, he is all set to complete it. The run begins, taking a twist of love, fate, destiny, and time switch. Meanwhile, he is instructed to travel back in time and stop a bomb attack going to happen in New York in 1975. At first, it seems a bit distressing and troublesome for Ethan but finally, he does something amazing to get it done. Woah!! This is something I wanted to watch! Excited, aren’t you?

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About time

about time

Many-a-times people face difficulties and couldn’t find a direction to solve the same! The plot of this movie serves the story where Tim, a young and unlucky guy, is unsuccessful with girls and relationships. At the age of 21, his father reveals a secret where a person from the family can travel through time. At first, Tim is confused about everything, but later he realizes that his father is correct. Soon he goes to London to find a job where he falls in love with Mary and mends relationship mistakes. Gradually he mends all the issues of his family too. Lord!! So relatable situation! Let’s watch this wonderful cinematic piece and explore our journey, Tim, together!

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Creation by accident? Wait, What? Sometimes we want to make thing ‘A’ but it turns out as thing ‘B’. Completely unexpected! Right? Primer also narrates the same where two engineer friends, Aaron and Abe, create and sell error-checking technology with their third friend, Philip. Meanwhile, in the process of making this, they coincidentally create a time machine. Thereafter, they try a new way of transferring people to the other side, testing them with a mechanism. As they start enjoying their new discovery, sooner they find out that they all will be facing some drastic issues with it. God knows what is actually going to happen! Let’s not spare a minute and enter the entire journey!

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Tenet Ending Explained feature image

Terrorism is bad and the movie tenet explains the same where a CIA agent, the protagonist gets a job in an unnamed and mysterious firm, tenet, during a midnight world of undercover place. It’s a huge assignment to be executed worldwide that unfurls beyond the real-time. The only mission is to save a Russian revel, Andrei Sator who carries the ability to look into the future to fr the starting of world war III. Now the protagonist has to be very alert and look out in the technique of time inversion, to stop the threat coming from the other side. Great! This one has given some different vibes, don’t you think? How about watching it?

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Experiencing or even thinking about some extraterrestrial stuff is dicey. We never know if it is true or imaginary, right? The movie E.T. indicates the same was a little alien, E.T. is mistakenly left on earth. He is seen by a young boy named Elliott and finally, they become good friends. Elliott takes him to his home, built on the outskirts of California. Elliott let his friends meet E.T. and ask all of them to keep the information of E.T. a secret. But as soon as E.T. falls sick, government interference starts, making a problematic situation for both, E.T. and Elliott. Wow!! Such an amazing and unique concept to explore, up for it?

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Similar movies like edge of tomorrow gravity

Remember, newton? Ughh! How can one forget?  A deep discovery of science is an obsession! The movie ‘Gravity’ says it all which unfurls a plotline of a newly hired astronaut, Dr. Ryan Stone who is traveling to space for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Mr. Matt Kowalski is encountering his last journey in space. Both, are pumped up before an unfortunate incident occurs. During a routine walk in space, the astronauts see debris from the Russian satellite destroying American Shuttle. Ryan and Matt are left all alone with almost no survival and without oxygen. The journey of returning back to earth is shattering! Let’s get along and see how they manage to return! Up for it?

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Minority Report

What to say about this one!! The story of ‘Minority report’ plots a theme of 2054 where the police are using a supernormal technology to arrest; take into custody and jailbird the criminals who are planning to attempt crime. Tom Cruise plays the role of the senior of this weird crime group, who is charged with the allegations of murdering a person he hasn’t met yet. Loosely based on the science fiction book of the same name by author Philip K. the story of this action thriller is based in Washington D.C. Wonderfully acted by Cruise this film has some great action thrillers with a lot of murder mysteries. Wanna see a different Tom Cruise? Go, fetch this one!

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Source Code

source code 2011 movie plot review ending explained

Saving a huge disaster is commendable but what if there are restrictions in the plan? Strange, right? The story of this one starts with Colter Stevens, a helicopter pilot, who teams up in a very secretive military operation. It empowers him to encounter the last minutes in the life of Sean Fentress who died in a tragic train accident. The motive of Steven’s mission is to examine the identification of the bomber and save a similar calamity. As Steven experiences Sean’s last moments, he gets confident to accomplish what he is directing himself for. But time only thing he needs to take care of. Phew!! So stiff, how about watching this right now? C’mon pals!!

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Just like its name, the movie is very unique and eye-catching at the same time where two planes are about to collide after a bright flash of light blinds Dylan Branson, air traffic controller, for a fraction of seconds. Dylan, suspended from his job starts noticing a number of repetitive sounds and occurrences in his life every day at exactly the same time. The pattern follows, taking him to New York’s Grand Central Station at 2:22 pm daily. Tangled in a relationship with a lady, Dylan should know how to tackle it power of the past and handle time. Wow!! Seems interesting, no?? Though it is giving spooky vibes how can I miss such a wonderful film, isn’t it?

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The Final Verdict

Edge of tomorrow is one of its kind that has raised the standard of movies. Directors do take it as an inspiration and make many similar movies like the edge of tomorrow. The above-mentioned cinematic pieces are incredibly executed, performed, narrated, and loved by the audience. We would also suggest you watch the edge of tomorrow again before encountering these fantastic movies!

That’s all for today pals! We hope you loved the article and succeeded in your search. Do let us know your reviews and suggestions in the comment box below. Also, indicate which movie from the above list you loved the most. Last but not the least; don’t forget to follow to get daily updates and information about movies, series, and other amazing facts!!
Hasta La Vista!!

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