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Best Action movies on Netflix that will blow your mind

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What comes to your mind when you see your favorite actors attempting stunts, involving in war extracts, or any other action sequences? Obviously, we all love that! The entertainment industry carries a number of genres and styles to serve its audience. In return, people love these varieties but become fans of that one genre with steals their hearts. The action genre is one of them. Finding the best action movies on Netflix is tough, but we can at least make an attempt to search out some of them.

In order to resolve this chaos, we have come up with a great diversity of some outstanding action films with remarkable combat sequences. Trust me; the action fanatic audience would love these movies. Yes, we know you are dying to have a look at the wonderful list of below-mentioned exceptional movies. Excited enough? Let us proceed!

#11 Breathtaking Action movies that will blow your mind

Without getting into further discussions, we are here serving you the best action movies on Netflix so far. So, get yourself settled, put off the lights and lie down calmly. Let us start the adventure to explore these marvelous action thrillers!
Get Started!

The Equalizer

Best action movies netflix equalizer
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Being an action crime thriller, this movie is a wonderful version of the comic book, Avenger. The plot of this movie follows a mysteriously originated man, Robert McCall, who starts a happy and stable life, assuming that he left his past. There he meets a young girl, Teri, who has been dragged by Russian goons. Robert helps the girl, ignoring the consequences. Being a tough man with daunting skills, he emerges as a punisher for the people who attack and assault innocent people. Resulting, in satisfying himself for what he is doing to save the world. Released as the first movie, The Equalizer has also made its sequel with the name The Equalizer 2 in 2018. So, fans of Denzel Washington! Get yourself ready for this magnificent action drama.

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Spy Game

Best action movies netflix Spy game

Considering itself as a great thriller for grown-ups, Spy Game gives an idea about the theme from its name. It narrates the story of a CIA officer named Nathan Muir, who is in the last days of retirement. He gets to know that one of his trainees, Tom Bishop, has been arrested in china due to spying. Muir takes the case in his hands and sharpens his skills in order to save his apprentice. Spy Game consists of some glorious work on its flashback sequences. With the star cast like; Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Catherine McCormack, Stephen Dillane, and many more, this movie hold a remarkable execution of action scenes. If you are a Brad Pitt fan, you must try this one out, without giving it a double thought! Available on Netflix.

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Bourne Pentalogy

bourne ultimatum
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With the names of The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy, and Jason Bourne, this beautiful franchise carries five movies in its bag, where each movie has its own story and plot. Based on the series of three novels by Robert Ludlum, this quintet is grounded on the base character Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, who is a former CIA agent, who digs out the past, family, and also the actual reason of his father’s demise. To date, the Bourne series has manifested itself as the wisest spy-franchise across the world, making it among the best action movies on Netflix. Directed by Paul Greengrass, this pentalogy has created a completely fresh genre of action films. Pals! I would highly recommend you to watch all the parts of this outstanding series. Trust me! You won’t regret it! Stream it on Netflix.


best action movies netflix fury

This well-acted and executed movie gives a raw showcase of war which lures your imagination. The movie tells the tale of a combated army officer named Don Wardaddy Collier, played by (Brad Pitt) who along with his five team members was leading a war tanker, to take over the mission of enemy lines. Due to an inexperienced and untrained soldier (Logan Lerman), Collier and his five men face bad consequences as they march forward towards the center of Nazi Germany. The film is exceptionally cultured and experienced in respect of drama, interaction, and flexibility between all the characters of the movie. So, if you are looking for a war movie, nothing can beat Fury with its story, action scenes, and talented actors. Update your list by including this one into it!

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Best action movies netflix revenge
This 2017 action thriller drama is based on rape and vengeance. The plot reveals the story of a young lady, Jen, who is out on a romantic vacation with her rich boyfriend. The couple is been disturbed by her boyfriend’s friends who come for a surprise trip. As the story suddenly and wickedly intensifies, Jen reaches the highest level of shock and disturbance. She is in a state where death is clearly visible but somehow she manages to escape and survive. Later, the brave lady begins a constant hunt for revenge. This is basically a women-centric cinematic piece where you get to know the actual struggle of a woman to save her from the cruel world. Watch this fantastic film to feel the real chaos and mind-blowing revenge of the enemies. Ladies! Are you ready??

Mad Max

Best action movies netflix mad max fury

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Directed by George Miller, this post-apocalypse Australian action thriller tells a tale of murder, revenge, and societal breakdown. An officer named max (played by Mel Gibson), which searches the real murderers of his wife and child. When the matter goes out of control from the law, Max takes the case into his own hands and thus becoming a rising legend for the movie. Being a directorial debut of Miller, the film styles and keeps a sharp eye on the action sequences. The sequels were taken in thought, later in 2015 (Mad Max: Fury Road) and to be scheduled in 2023 (Mad Max: Furosia). With the 90% rating from rotten tomatoes, this movie has it all. Try watching it at least once; you are going to love it anyway!

The Old Guard

 Best action movies netflix oldgaurd

This sci-fi action movie of 2020 is the comic book adaptation of the same name, has made our lockdown exciting. The plot tells us the story of a warrior named Andy, (Played by Charlize Theron) and her secret team of immortal freelancers who are trying their best to secure the mortal world for centuries. These immortals rule in disguise until the new mortal force emerges to confront the modern world. The action sequences of The Old Guard have made it a big-budget Superhero action blockbuster and among the best movies on Netflix. This formidable film is not only appreciated for its punches, kicks, and blasts but also for bringing a rare vibe from this genre. If you have already liked Mad Max, trust me The Old Guard is one step ahead of it. Don’t waste a minute and switch on your TV!

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The Night Comes for Us

the night came for us
This wild Indonesian action thriller holds a pinch of horrifying vibes. The plot tells us about a mafia taskmaster named Ito, who was caught among a disloyal and violent riot within his crime family. He is ordered to kill an innocent girl named Asha Kenyeri Bermudez, to which he denies and turns into a rebel towards his masters. Later his master asks his ex-girlfriend to get the girl along with Ito and get the work done. Indonesian films have the power to carry the film, which sometimes American movies don’t have. It is a movie where a criminal turns into a war criminal seeking a little redemption. The Night Comes for Us has a relatable approach from the movie The Raid. It is one of the powerful and spooky action movies of 2018. Do watch it on our recommendation!

Snow Piercer

snow piercer
Snow piercer portrays a post-apocalyptic world, where people from the second ice age start living their life on a royal train travels through snow and ice. Later, the poorest family, who use to live in a filthy cabin on the train, decides to enhance their lifestyle by taking over an engine. This movie has an easy and a video game kind of plot. The star cast like Chris Evans, Song-Kang Ho, Tilda Swinton, and many other talented actors was never felt so alive making it a blockbuster and among the best movies on Netflix. So, if you are a great fan of Chris Evans, like me, Snow Piercer is for you. Watch it for the story and the remarkable character plays. Don’t wait and just get on the train ASAP!

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Extraction is the story of mercenary, who is hired to save the kidnapped son of an international crime lord out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the entire journey of recusing him, he gets emotionally attached to this Bengali boy and sharpens his role thoroughly. With a well-acted and brilliant star cast lie: Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, David Harbour, Pankaj Tripathi, and many more the movie became the largest Netflix original debut in July 2020. This action series carries a strong story line, where you will find Chris Hemsworth giving jaw-dropping action sequences. So, if you have not watched this wonderful action movie on Netflix yet, you are really missing something great! Go watch it now!!

Ip Man

Best action movies netflix ip man
Directed by Wong Kar-Wai, this real-life Chinese martial arts action movie has got fame in recent years. The movie shows a story where the last Chinese dynasty is coming to a downfall. The division, havoc, and battle brought the golden period of Chinese martial arts. Focusing on Ip Man (Played by Tony Leung Chui-Wai) the movie shows a critical time of his life. Ip carries an enemy behavior with Gong Er. (Played by Zhang Ziyi) which they both hold for their entire life. Gong starts thinking about the revenge from the people who betrayed his father, while Ip cleans up his martial art techniques which he has learned for years. This movie brought a different story line of action, revenge, and success to achieve its goal.

The Ip Man (aka Grandmaster) is one of the finest action movies in the Chinese film industry which you really don’t want to miss on Netflix. Let us get started then! What say?

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Bottom Line

Movies take months to get finally in theaters. A lot of hard work is needed where the entire team gives their blood and sweat to achieve the goal. However, the percentage of the male majority is higher in terms of watching action movies as they like these kinds of fight genres very much. Action films demand much more effort than regular movie production. So matching the level of the audience’s demand is necessary to give a satisfactory output.

Films mentioned above in the list have all that you want them to be. Maybe you have watched some of them, but try those which you haven’t touched yet. On that note, we hope this article may have satisfied your search, so watch these films and serve yourself with the best action movies on Netflix. Also, let us know from which movie you loved the action sequences and who is your favorite action hero. You can comment down below and share your views. For more such Unique and outrageous entertainment content, keep visiting movque.com.
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