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YOU Season 3: A different taste of LOVE, A different ride of a thriller

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Netflix’s You Season 3 is all about how much toxicity can a story show us? How much? Are you eager to know? In the path of life, we meet many people, strangers, but sometimes they become family, a part of our lives. What if those people are living another life? What if their way of ending things is different than yours? 

Netflix brought “YOU” into our lives again! With, of course, new surprises, are you ready to explore the new ways of Joe and Love choose to live a better life? Will they be able to save their children from the monsters inside them?

Netflix’s You Season 3: Plot overview 

you season 3

A new beginning, Joe and Love welcome their newborn baby. Joe’s expectations crumbled right after the birth of their baby. Joe is also having difficulty connecting with his baby. On the other hand, Love is trying to balance her life after childbirth. She is insecure and worried about her relationship with Joe. Love tries to bring back the spark in the relationship. His changed behavior makes the situation more difficult for her; she is disappointed yet somewhere hopeful. The fear of losing is blocking the relation, Joe and Love. Will they be able to fix the cracks? Or there is more to just that? 

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Joe’s obsessive behavior continues, and this time his interest is in the neighbor. Joe’s compulsive behavior started to kick in like always. The broken marriage of Natalie impaled her towards Joe. Gradually their relation grew, but a part of Joe was aware that he was a husband and a father; he stopped himself from completely ruining his marriage. However, he never kept back the things he took from Natalie. The relationship between Natalie and Joe ended, but this secret is not safe anymore. Joe gives Love hope; she feels happy in the relationship for few minutes until she notices the piece of cloth of Natalie with Joe.

Love and Joe decide to go for couple’s therapy, but guess what! The problems are not easily resolvable. When Love got to know about Joe and Natalie, she did not think twice about killing her. Love is ready to finish anybody who comes in the way of her happy family life. But gradually, we can see that she was also not satisfied in her marriage; what will she do then? The new season is about the many layers of Love. The season 3 of You will surprise us with many shocking incidents, Netflix made sure of that.

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Review: The world is full of negativity; why one more in the form of “YOU”?

netflix's you series

During the season, they maintained the “Dark” feature of the story. All the characters in the series contributed equally. Penn Badgley plays Joe. He continued to deliver his best performance, similar to the other two seasons. He managed to create the same connection with the audience. The psychological thriller brings up the same level of the creepiness of Joe. The series showed the language of violence by Love and Joe. All the new characters are structured perfectly.

The season 3 progresses from a new beginning to a deadly journey of both the characters of You (Love and Joe). They both choose the wrong path to live a happy and healthy marriage, but the problem is not their relationship; it is in them. Love and Joe are both on a psychotic path along with the process of raising a baby.

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After the death of Natalie, Joe did not waste much time stalking his next target and charm the lady. The story starts with his regular obsessions; however, it is not just about that. They both individually tortured people, killed them, and they have their reasons ready for justification.

Joe wants to run away with his new target to start a different life with her, but he doesn’t have a life with anybody. Each episode shows us the shocking sides of the character, and it slowly becomes a horrific experience. The series shows the different sides of affection and unstable behavior, Love, which brought the characters together and gave them a baby, destroyed them, and pushed them again into the world of insanity. Love and Joe both were unhappy with the marriage; they tried to look for happiness outside their marriage. Unfortunately, their troubled behavior took the lives of many.

You season 3 give us the taste of a thriller and takes us on a mysterious ride to the world of blood and insanity.

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YOU – Watch it at your own risk

I did not enjoy this ride; the darkness in the movie was a mess and gave me a nightmare.

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