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12 Movies like After That will Remind you Of Your Teen Love

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What do you remember from your teenage days?
C’mon, there would have been one such thing that can make you nostalgic!

Teenage is the most beautiful phase of your life, where one is exposed to a number of things for the first time! One of them is Romance! Yes, that’s right! Okay, let me ask, how many of you remember your first love? I bet almost everybody! This age is magical where you do all kinds of stuff without any worries. After all, life is short and we can’t waste our teenage just like that!

Highlighting this cute phase of love and romance, today Movque is serving a full main course of some amazing movies like ‘After’ that will take you on a roller coaster ride of your past life and will make you feel nostalgic about your teenage romance. I bet you are going to enjoy this journey with us so be relaxed and calm, we are pacing up now!!

Movies like after

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So, guys and gurrlss, getting in through and serving you a huge bowl of nostalgia with a complete list of movies like ‘After’. So tighten your seat belts, let us take off, and enjoy this yummy main course together! What say??
Let’s dig in!!

After we Collided

after we collided - teen love

Have you ever been in an unsettling relationship? I mean that’s hard you know. Well, this is what this movie explains where Tessa and Hardin observe that their relationship has gone through the worse, and they decide to make their relationship healthier. But things aren’t the same this time. Tessa knows how cruel Hardin is but she didn’t know how long he can carry this. When the huge jaw-dropping scenario is revealed from his past, it puts a question mark on their relationship. Despite his short temper and angry behavior, Tessa fell madly for him but now everything is shattered. The only question arises will he fix everything for Tessa and come back to her?? Uff!! The situation seems very fragile. Wanna dig more? Let’s go!

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To all the boys I’ve loved before

movies like after to all the boys i've loved before

Living in a fantasy world is amazing but what if they turn up into reality one day?? Yes, the exactly similar plot this movie “To all the boys I’ve loved before” shares with us where a girl named Lara Jean hides her love letters in a hatbox gifted by her mother. However, these letters aren’t written by her lover but she actually wrote them all by herself. Yes! She has written these letters with all her passion, romance, and love for every boy she has met i.e. in total, five. But things change when one fine day her secret letters are been mailed to her and that’s when she makes a plan to handle the situation. What?? She got stuck!! Let’s watch this Tangled movie and get her out!!

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A Walk to Remember

movies like after A walk to remember
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Isn’t it worth acknowledging being a dedicated partner? I know, and that’s what ‘A Walk to Remember’ showcases. The tale revolves around the protagonist named Landon Carter, (played by Shane West), who organizes his farewell party before he leaves the group. There he meets a naïve girl, junior to him, named Mandy Moore, (played by Jamie Sullivan) and the two eventually fall for each other. Later both of them found some truths about each other and they find themselves standing at that point of life where things are irreversible. The beautiful love story takes a drastic turn and that turn will tear you apart, that separation and detachment will give you a heart-aching feeling. But need not worry, pals, all’s well the ends well! Right?

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The Perfect Date

movies like after the perfect date

Being tricky is very risky, isn’t it? This movie shows the same where a guy named Brooks Rattigan is all dedicated to getting into Ivy League school. This is his dream to get in there but the only problem he deals with is money. Soon he looks out for a job and earns money out of it. The job is to play the role of a boyfriend to an assertive and bold girl named, Celia Lieberman. He agrees and launches an app with his tech-savvy friend Murphy and sells himself as a plus one for all events. Meanwhile, he meets a girl who falls for him. The business gets a kick but would he be able to convince the girl of his dreams?? Let’s find out!!

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Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions

Directed by Roger Kumble this movie shares the plot where Katherine and Sebastian are cunning step-siblings. Kathryn bets Sebastian that he must get laid with the daughter of a school headmaster, Annette. Meanwhile, Annette declares that she would never lie down with a guy before love and marriage. According to the bet if Kathryn wins she will get Sebastian’s vintage jaguar while Sebastian will get Kathryn, the girl of his dreams. In between, a sweet and simple girl, Cecile enters the story whose mother has asked Kathryn to help her fit in the school but Kathryn is all set to take revenge on Cecile as Kathryn’s ex-boyfriend left her because of Cecile. God!! Such a jumbled one! Let’s not talk much and get straight into the movie!

The Notebook

The Notebook
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How do you want your love story to end? With some romantic and steamy scenes, right? Absolutely, this is what ‘The Notebook’ tells about a couple named Noah (a mill worker) and Allie (a rich girl) who are so much in love but aren’t able to get each other due to the disapproval of Allie’s parents. Later, Noah returns back to serve in World War II and Allie start dating different man. But later he comes back to the town at Allie’s wedding finding their love to be still alive. Woah!! This is a hell of a roller coaster, isn’t it? Well, to tell you ‘The Notebook’ is worth watching for the epic “Rain Kiss” so I guess there is no harm in watching it together once again? What say?

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Falling in love with a supernatural creature? Is it even possible? Well, that is what Twilight tells where a high school scholar, Bella swan is always a fish out of water. She is hopeless about her life change when she moves from Arizona to Washington. Then and there she meets a handsome but peculiar guy named Edward Cullen. She instantly feels something unique and starts falling for him without knowing much. Bella senses that his eyes are beautiful and talks directly to her soul. Both of their families are completely opposite i.e. Edward belongs to a vampire family who doesn’t drink blood while Bella is a simple middle-class girl who gets along a deadly romance with Edward. Damn!! It a worth watching, let’s catch this up!

Love, Simon

A guy falling for a guy is okay, but what if they are unknown?? Let’s find out in this movie which shows the plot about a 17 years young and complicated teen, Simon Spier, who lives the life in the Romeo and Juliet pattern and hasn’t told his parents and friends that he is a gay who has fallen in love with a boy of his class named, blue via an online site. The only thing here is the hidden identity i.e. Simon doesn’t know who is talking to. Now he needs to start the real struggle to find who is the hidden person and also needs to know more about himself too. Aww!! I find it cute and hilarious at the same time. C’mon, let’s watch this one!

The Kissing Booth

romantic comedy movies kissing booth netflix

Friends are forever and this has been indicated in this interesting teen romantic comedy by Vince Marcello. The plot of this movie shares a story about two best friends who have been born in the same hospital i.e. Elle Evans and Lee Flynn. Both of them are very protective towards each other, so much so that they have made some rules for the same. But somehow they get a chance to find their love through a kissing booth where Elle falls for Lee’s older brother, Noah. As Elle and Noah get closer, Elle breaks the hurt deceiving Lee. Soon grudges start between the two brothers and Elle faces the consequences of losing both of them. OMG! Disappointing, right? Come let’s watch this movie and see how things get sorted!

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Everything, Everything

Life is short to live together, but we don’t lose hope, right? This movie shows it all where a smart, 18-years-old Maddy is stuck in her protection shell and can’t leave just like that due to her severe illness. On the other hand, Olly is the boy next door who wants to be on Maddy’s side no matter what and how the circumstances are. He loves Maddy and they keep on chatting on the phone. Whenever they want to see each other, they gaze through the windows. Both of them get along very close without even knowing that they could risk their lives and lose everything in the end. Woah!! This is not so fair!! I mean why?? I am watching this one for sure, are you?

Step Up

Dance is a passion for many of us and that’s what step up shows, sharing the plot where Tyler Gage is very confused and troubled in his own life. He wants to find himself and the only thing that is stopping him is his dreams. He works as a community servant mopping floors at Maryland school of the arts. Sooner he sees Nora, a wonderful ballet learner, who is also trying to learn hip hop dance along with her ballet practice. Both of them cross each other’s ways a couple of times before finally talking to one another with some hesitation. Meanwhile, Nora asks Tyler to help her in her hip hop sessions, and then what results is magical. Oooo!!! This is smelling good! Wanna watch?

Mad about Mambo

Sometimes you don’t even know your own passion of having an interest in some completely different genre. Well, to be honest, ‘Mad about Mambo’ is about the same as a high school scholar Danny Mitchell who decides to furnish her footwork skills on the fields where he must learn Latin dance. He does this as his football club, Belfast United, hires a Brazilian soccer champion. Now Mitchell secretly gets admission to a dance club where he works his ass off to enhance and polish his coordination. Meanwhile, the semester starts and Danny gets more into his hidden passion which he didn’t know. And above all, be ready for the love story with her partner, Lucy McLoughlin. Great!!! Isn’t this interesting!! Let’s hop on to this one, please!!!!!

The Bottom Line

Romance is a feeling of joy, an expression of love, and a journey of excitement for two lovely souls. It is the most beautiful gesture to convey your love towards your partner and when it comes to teenage romance; it is a whole other feeling of being in love for the very first time in your life. This is the reason; everyone remembers their first love. What do you think?

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, these were some of the wonderful movies like ‘After’ which might have been a bit nostalgic to you. Do let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below, indicating which movie from the above-mentioned list you loved the most. And also don’t forget to follow for such outstanding content!!

Stay Blessed!!

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