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If you like Virgin River, you would love these similar TV shows

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If you like Virgin River, here are some other TV shows to savor.

Virgin River is a popular drama romance show on Netflix. It has three really interesting seasons. The story follows a nurse who moves from LA to a remote town in Northern California. It centers around themes such as settling into a small town. The show was based on the virgin river novels by Robyn Carr. Fans are on the edge of their seat with plot twists and an engaging story-line. But what is there to do when you finish all the seasons?

11 Similar TV shows like Virgin River

These are some TV shows you should watch if you’re a virgin river fan.

1. Hart of Dixie

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Hart of dixie similar tv shows like virgin river

The story-line of this show is quite similar to Virgin River. In this series, Dr Zoe Hart moves to the small town of Blue Bell, Alabama from the busy and lively New York City. Over the seasons, Zoe’s dramatic backstory becomes entangled with her life, love. These adventures create the perfect show to binge watch that keeps you engaged. Not only is the story-line similar to Virgin River, but one of the actors, Tim Matheson, plays a doctor on both shows. It is available on Amazon Prime.

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2. Heartland


Another series that centers around a small town called Heartland. Set in Hudson, Alberta, the story centers around the Fleming Bartlett family and how they manage friendships, love and life with a few dramatic twists and turns. As expected the series was also based around a series of books like Virgin River was. And, also has a small town setting. A lot of drama to unpack on this show. It has 14 seasons which are all available on Netflix. I think it will keep you busy for a while now.

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3. Everwood

Everwood similar tv shows like virgin river

This drama is set in Colorado and is focused around brain surgeon Andy Brown, who moves with his family from Manhattan. After the death of his wife, the family is dealing with the loss and grief. He is trying to turn a new page (which is especially not easy for his two teenagers). This show is from the early 2000s and has all the things we love about Virgin River, a small town setting, heartfelt moments and an engaging story-line plus some teen drama. The series is available to watch on Amazon prime.

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4. Big sky

Big Sky

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This show is definitely a little darker but still a great watch. The show is about two teenagers who go missing on a highway in the small town of big sky, Montana. And two private investigators go searching for them. This series is a great watch for Virgin River fans because it still has that woodsy, small town setting that gives the show its charm. Moreover, it really has an engaging story-line. It is also perfect for binge watching. The series is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

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5. When Calls the Heart

When calls the heart similar tv shows like virgin river

A period drama based in the small coal mining town of Cole valley. The town recently had an explosion that killed many miners and a schoolteacher. Former big city girl Elizabeth Thatcher experiences culture shock as she tries to settle into this small town. The show is set in the early 1900s but still captures the essence of a cozy town where everyone knows each other. And of course it is one of those TV shows full of drama and plot twists like Virgin River. If you like Virgin River, then you won’t be disappointed with ‘when calls the heart’ as well. This series is available to stream on Netflix.

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6. Northern Rescue

Northern rescue similar tv shows like virgin river

‘Northern Rescue’ follows the West family as they move from Boston to the small town of Turtle Island Bay, after the death of John West’s wife. This show also deals with subjects of loss and grief as well as trying to start anew after tragedy strikes. This series has a similar plot to virgin river centered around moving and the struggles of settling into a new life and is also filled with beautiful moments. It is available on Netflix.

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7. Cedar Cove

cedar grove

Another show about a working woman moving to a small town and figuring out love and life. Municipal court judge Olivia Lockhart navigates trials and tribulations in the small town of Cedar cove. This series, like Virgin River, is also based on a series of books and has a dreamy small town setting filled with romance and drama. Virgin River show-runner Sue Tenney was behind this show too. Cedar cove is available to watch on YouTube premium.

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8. Schitt’s creek

Schitt's Creek

Multiple award winner, this is another popular show about moving into a small town and the troubles of settling in. Schitt’s creek centers around a rich family that finds themselves completely broke and have to give up their fancy lifestyle and start over. They have to move to the rural town known as Schitt’s Creek, which they bought years ago as a joke. The story-line of moving is similar to Virgin River, but it focuses more on humor and is more comedic than the other TV shows on this list. If you want something that’ll make you laugh, then this is the show for you. Catch this show on Netflix.

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9. Sweet Magnolias

Sweet magnolias similar tv shows like virgin river

It is set in a small town and based on a series of books. I am really starting to see a pattern here. Sweet Magnolias is set in a charming South Carolina town and follows the lives of divorced mom Maddie Townsend and her two lifelong best friends as they navigate life and parenthood together . Just like Virgin River, this show has many beautiful heartfelt moments as well as shocking and dramatic ones that’ll keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. With a small town setting that feels cozy as Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias is currently available on Netflix.

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10. Gilmore girls

Gilmore girls similar tv shows like virgin river

This is a really popular show also set in a fictional small town Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Gilmore Girls follows the mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore as they navigate family, life, romance, drama and friendships. Like Virgin River, it is set in a cozy fictional town where everyone knows each other. It is filled with some really shocking plot twists and interesting story-lines. You will want to follow. Gilmore girls and it’s follow-up Gilmore girls- a year in the life is available to stream on Netflix.

11. Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake shores

This TV show also revolves around a series of books and centers around the main character, an independent woman who moves back to the small town she grew up in to help her sister out. Her sole intention was to save her family when she moved back, but a surprise romance catches her off guard. The main character of this show is very similar to Mel, the main character in Virgin River, who also gets a surprise romance. The plot of Chesapeake Shores is also similar in features that charming small town setting viewers know and love. The show is available to watch on Netflix.

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