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Weekend Watch list: Dip your snacks in these amazing shows

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Get caught up on everything you’re missing for the week. Here are the latest movie releases, new TV shows and the most talked about episodes from your online streaming platforms. Continue reading to get your weekend watch list.

You Season 3: How about a psychological thriller? 

you season 3

The new season of YOU will make your weekend full of mystery and fun. One of the main attractive things about the new series is the character development of Love. The way she indulges in having a perfect family pushes her into the world similar to Joe. YOU focus on the new journey of Love and Joe as a family with their newborn baby, but are they ready for this responsibility? 
Joe’s fundamental behavior starts to come out again, yes, stalking. He follows his new target, but things seem to have different consequences; everyone is not Beck, after all. There are many new characters in Joe and Love’s life, and they will also have to face many unpleasant episodes because of this fantastic couple. The ending is not a surprise because we all know how Joe is! But for all the new bees, welcome to the world of Joe and his inner voice. The series will surely take you for a ride in the darkest and messiest lanes of mind; this will grab your attention and make you experience every bit of thriller. So, add this to your list!

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My name: Heartbreaking yet enjoyable 

netflix's my name
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A journey of a girl towards the world of gangs and revenge. All the performances and execution of the scenes make you lean on this series and make your Sunday a fun day. We can feel the pain of Jiwoo at every stage, and we travel with her to reach her aim. The acting is so powerful that we will never have a question about the way Jiwoo reacts. The twists and turns in the story make you forget your stress and make you worry about hers. 
One of the best things about this creation is the connection it managed to make with the audience. The makers made sure to fill all the gaps with all the emotions Jiwoo feels, which linked the viewers with the character. My name, a series full of thrilling and chilling scenes, it will make your weekend exciting and emotional, add it to your watch list. 

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Locke and Key- People, finally, the second season is here at your fingertip, just a click away

The second season brings out different shades of darkness; it continues the horror the first season had left with us. However, the episodes never go the audience with a dull experience. As the season just arrived, I would like to share any spoilers’ guys. Just trust the process of the series and give it a chance. There are many exciting additions to the story that will connect the dots to the ending. So just click the play button and meet your old friends!

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Alice in borderland – Hey, Hey! Are you up for an exciting game? Yes, or yes?

Do you remember how we used to occupy playgrounds when we were kids? How much fun it was! Look at us now; yes, things have changed, our ways to have fun and the meaning of fun have changed. 
Hold your thoughts of nostalgia because, after this series, you might want to sit at home and go scroll through the Instagram reels. Alice in borderland is an experience you will never forget. The idea of this story is full of mystery and adventure, but who would like to play a game where you die if you lose? Who cares, right! The story is so perfect that we could be part of all the games without playing and stay alive. If you have not added this series to your watch list yet, give it a chance this weekend.

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Maid: What some motivation to get through all the coming Monday blues? Experience this courageous story

Sometimes we give up on our lives so quickly, but some stories fill up her hearts with hope and strength to move on and achieve everything we ever wanted; Maid is one such story. 
The series is about Love, affection, and determination of a woman and a mother. The immense strength shown in this story is refreshing. It’s not easy to say goodbye to an abusive relationship; a painful past can only haunt you if you allow it. However, the journey of a woman and her daughter to a brighter future is a pleasant sight. Don’t hesitate to explore the layers of affection and hope.   

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