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House of the Dragon: Episode 2 Review

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Isn’t it fun to watch a fantasy drama?
I mean, it’s wonderful when they start making their own world in our heads, right?

Audiences are fond of watching cinema, but what genre they are picking, depends completely on their interest. There are a number of options for them to choose like, like romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and whatnot. Talking about fantasy, do you know which one of the high-rated dramas from early 2011 is? Well, to tell you, Game of Thrones has conquered millions of hearts all around the world. Yes! It was one such drama that holds a crazy fan following to date and lasted long with eight successful seasons like The Vampire Diaries.

Looking into the huge triumph of GoT, Movque has decided to lay down something very special and fresh from its magical sack of interesting articles. A prequel of Game of Thrones has released a few days back with the name House of the Dragons. Absolutely, you got that right; today we’ll be reviewing the second episode of this series and discussing all ups and down the chapter has faced before finally airing on August 28, 2022. Ready to explore the review?

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Here we go!

Plot Summary

It is after six months that Rhaenyra is declared as heir. 
The second episode of House of the Dragons pans the camera on a crab that is eating the dead remains of decayed human bodies. The same information reaches the Sea Snake i.e. Lord Corlys, who gets disappointed and mad at a dictator known as a crab feeder. This Crab feeder somehow feeds on humans and throws his victims to hungry crabs. King Corlys speaks to King Viserys about his four ships (one of which is his) that are facing the same torture by crab feeder but the king pays no attention to it as he doesn’t want to carry any grudges with the pirates. Later, Daemon who is supported by loyal gold cloak guards has taken away the Dragonstone by force, and still, Viserys ignores it. 

Now, this really pisses off Lord Corlys. Very ask his men to go, talk and settle the situation with Daemon to which Rhaenyra indicates that they have dragon riders to handle the scenario but everyone ignores it and rather Viserys asks Rhaenyra choose a kingsguard for herself. She finally announces Ser Criston Cole as her personal kingsguard. . Meanwhile, a small council suggests Viserys remarry and grow his royal line ahead, which points danger toward Rhaenyra’s position. On the other hand, as Alice Hightower continues to comfort King Viserys as per his father’s instructions, Corlys and Rhaenys meet Rhaenys’s cousin KingViserys and offer him to marry their 12-year young daughter to bind in the blood between families. King neither agrees nor says no to this proposal. 

Otto Hightower goes to resolve the Dragonstone issue where the daemon arrives with his gold cloaks and lover. Both the parties talk but when things get out of Otto’s hands, Rhaenyra enters the scene telling Daemon that he needs to give the Dragonstone back as it is hers and if he wants to be the throne’s heir, he needs to kill her. Without uttering a word Daemon throws eggs into Rhaenyra’s hand and leaves. In the meantime, Viserys announces Alicent as his new wife which disappoints Corlys and Rhaenyra, resulting in leaving the room right away. Later Corlys is seen talking to somebody about being together and fighting against the crab feeder and that’s when the camera pans to the chair of the person, it’s Daemon. The final shot shows a crab feeder, with his victims lying in a vast field!

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King Viserys – Played by Paddy Considine

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Out of seven kingdoms, he is the fifth king who has a very calm and subtle character. I found Viserys as a strong leader who is protective towards his men as well as towards his daughter. He is a good husband and caring father. Above all, he has good decision-making ability.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen – Played by Emma D’Arcy

Oh! What to say about her, she is one of the finest characters of episodes one and two who has learned to never give up in any kind of situation. She is brave, graceful, and ready to fight the toughest wars. She loves to ride a young dragon named Syrax.

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Prince Daemon Targaryen – Played by Matt Smith

Also called “Rogue Prince”, this character is amazing to watch. He is the younger brother of King Viserys and uncle to Rhaenyra. You can observe him as a young, aggressive, ready-for-bloodshed kind of person who creates his own rules and do what he wants.

Lady Alicent Hightower – Played by Olivia Cooke

Here, we are talking about a young, intricate, fragile, and beautiful lady with a golden heart who has all the great qualities to be a perfect match. She believes in a ‘speak less, read more attitude and loves to spend time with her best friend Princess Rhaenyra.

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Ser Otto Hightower – Played by Rhys Ifans

He is Alicent’s father and one of the trustworthy kingsmen of King Viserys and the realm. He is the kind of character who can mold his behavior according to the picture. One moment he is all sweet and calm and fierce in another. He is a rival of Prince Daemon.

Lord Corlys – Played by Steve Toussaint

Here comes the Sea Snake who has great command over the sea routes and rivalries. He is the leader of House Velaryon who carries the nature of an opportunist. He is cunning, and wise and knows how to play politics in order to gain profit on his part. 

Princess Rhaenys Targaryen – Played by Eve Best

Wife of Lord Corlys, this character is a dragon rider with the name ‘Queen who never was’. Similar to her husband, she doesn’t hold any good comforts for the King’s family. She sees her interest to make sure everything comes into her hands, be it power or money.

Ser Harrold Westerling – Played by Graham McTavish

He is one of the first shown characters of the episode who basically is a caretaker and protector of Princess Rhaenyra. He is the oldest Kingsman of the empire, handling all the issues related to the princess’s protection. You may find him as a sweet, humble, and most respectful knight! 

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Costumes and Styling

The dressing is one of the most important parts of a play, drama, or movie which enhances the character and makes it more vulnerable in the sequence. The wardrobe chosen for the House of the dragon episode 2 was flawless. The basic theme for the makers was to show the royalty in each outfit the characters wore. If we look closely, we’ll find how men were mostly shown in black attire depicting boldness, power, and solidity altogether at the same time. On the other hand, we can observe women wearing some beautiful royal colors like beige, blue, and dull yellow with extra elegance and sophistication. Well, all thanks to Jany Temime, the official costume designer of the episode and show, who took care of the tiniest details on the attires and enhanced the strength of each character through costumes.

Shooting Locations

The episode wasn’t shot from one particular region; rather it was a blend of three different places, i.e. Caceres, Monsanto, and Cornwall. However, every place was a beautiful mark in itself still there were few places that showed the perfect era for House of the dragon. There have been some places where you might have felt nostalgic or familiar-looking surroundings. Yes, that’s Caceres, which was used for the king landing in Game of Thrones. The city gave the perfect location for the sets back to 25BC. While Monsanto gave the ancient look of 1174 with some amazing shooting spots like the clock tower, stone buildings, and orange rooftops which were mesmerizing to watch on the big screen. On the other hand, Cornwall gave calm and decent surroundings from beaches at Holywell Bay and Kynance Cove. You can also find the iconic ancient castle on the beach a number of times!


The climax of episode two was amazing as it takes a very eye-catching twist leaving the audience connected. Three scenes have caught my attention, first, when with all her strength and skills, Rhaenyra takes the Dragonstone from her uncle Daemon is breathtaking.

The cinematography is fabulous and the way she enters the frame is beautifully executed. Second, when Viserys announces that he is choosing Alicent Hightower as her new wife, things turn out negatively for Rhaenyra, who is her best friend and don’t want this to happen, and Lord Corlys who opposes the same because Viserys denies marrying his 12-year-young daughter. The ending, when Daemon is filled by Corlys against his brother with respect to the crab feeder steals the show!! Now the audience is eagerly waiting for the third episode as it will be exposing a war of love and hate. Overall I would give this episode a big thumbs up with a ‘must watch’ tag!

The Final Verdict

Before bidding a happy goodbye to you guys, I would like to appreciate the work of the entire cast and crew for making it the best season of the month already. However, we understand that it is very tough to go through the entire procedure of planning a drama, looking into the budget, selecting the star cast, providing necessary resources, and completing the shoot before finally serving it to the audience. Game of Thrones has marked its place from 2011- 2019 and now it’s time for House of the dragons to make sure it matches the same standard to maintain the grace of the series.

Alright friends, this was all for today. We have given you a bunch of facts related to the concerned episode of HoD and hope it helped you in what you were looking for from this review. On that note, it’s a wrap-up from our end. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and also state which one of the above-mentioned sections you loved the most. Last but not the least; keep following MovQue.com for more such amazing content.

Adios Amigos!

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