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Against the Ice – Review | Ending Explained

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How many of us love traveling??
Well, I should rather ask who doesn’t like traveling Each one of us carries a spirit to visit some unexplored places. But how about being a full-time explorer? Umm, need to give another thought, right? So, to let you know, people do have this job and they enjoy it the most as this way they roam around the entire world. Don’t you think it is fun! I mean it’s no harm to have a world tour without any if’s and but’s!!! Keeping this spirit high, Movque is here to review this latest outstanding adventure/historical cinematic piece directed by Peter Flinth. The movie against the ice has given wonderful responses all over the world where the entire cast is the whole and soul of this beautiful movie. Not stretching it further. Let’s just skip on the review and see what the entire movie has got!! 

Here we go!

Plot Summary

Against the Ice plot

To get the accurate traces of the unfortunate Denmark journey, a Danish explorer Captain Enjar Mikkelson arranges another expedition to Shannon Island, East Greenland, in 1909. While returning back to their camp, Enjar finds a map along with a diary from a dead crewman from Denmark’s journey to locating a cairn they built. In this entire discussion only Iver Iverson, the engineer, volunteers without knowing the consequences. Hurdles like, an attack by a polar bear and bad weather stops them from finding the location of the cairn after 3 months.

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They find a note that states that there is no Peary Channel and Greenland are a single island where the United States has no claim in the Arctic. Gradually they lose all their dogs.  Similar to Denmark Expedition, they put a note of details about the Denmark expedition so that people could find the truth even if they die. They come back safely but the crew has already left. They spend about two winters in that wooden house. Meanwhile, the other members ask the government to set a rescue mission. After a few days, they return to the cairn to get all the records and sooner both of them start hallucinating. Finally, in 1912, they are rescued by the team and the government agrees to their conclusion about Denmark.

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Enjar Mikkelson

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Enjar Mikkelson

The character of Enjar Mikkelson was unique in the entire story. In the first half you can see him all pumped up, straightforward, and sophisticated, while in the second half you can find him being all hopeless, hallucinated, and whatnot! Though the character was broken at the end still he stood up for his survival and also took extra care of his companion no matter how far in life they went together. I personally loved his role of being an experienced and intellectual person who loves to explore the journey, leading to some conclusions.

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Joe Cole as Iver Iverson

Joe Cole as Iver Iverson

On the other hand, this young soul is hyperactive, motivated, and full of life. You can easily see that charm and happiness on his first expedition with Enjar, his mentor. I found Iver a bit emotionally attached to people and animals too, say about Bjorn. I loved the honesty and respect he had for Enjar as when he starts hallucinating, Iver handles him the best which shows respect towards his guide. Wonderfully played by Joe Cole who justified the role in a very subtle way, expressing through eyes was one of his plus points.

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Behind the Scenes & Shooting Locations

The film was shot in Iceland and Greenland, switching from scene to scene according to the demand of the movie. Though, it was very tough to shoot in there as many of the times the crew faced a storm. In fact, Coster-Waldau was unable to act in those weather conditions. The director wanted the feel of purity and originality so they used less CGI on locations but actually visited the areas of these two beautiful cities. Meanwhile, in a scene where Enjar is attacked by a polar bear, Coster was badly hurt during that shot, though the beer was added later via CGI still it was tough for the actor to fight with a heavy-weight champion body double. Overall, everyone worked hard and got success in what they believed.

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Against the Ice: Ending Explained

Against the Ice ending explained

If we talk about the climax, you will see hopelessness in the scenes where Enjar and Iver are left alone by their entire team, leaving limited food and belonging in a wooden cabin. It makes them downhearted and they start hallucinating which leads to a lack of mental stability. That sorrow and grief, to accept what actually happened in between the two winters they spent, is heartbreaking. What I personally liked about the climax is that both the explorers stood strong to defeat every kind of obstacle they went through.

Courage and willingness to survive in such substandard conditions were worth saluting for their bravery. However they welcome themselves in the situation and circumstances of living there, you can still see the sparkle in their eyes when the door knocks. Well, you can’t deny the fact that this has actually happened and god knows how those people might have come out of this trauma.

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In my opinion, the movie was marvelously executed with a touching plot, as it was based on a true story. We cannot even think about what has happened to those explorers or in what circumstances they would have survived. Looking into my research, I briefly concluded that it is tough to go through loneliness and betrayal with limited resources. After watching this beautiful film I would say “Life is short, live happily as much as you can!”

Alright, guys, this was the clear review of the movie “Against the Ice”. If you haven’t watched this movie, I would surely recommend this beautiful art of cinema to experience the journey of struggle and survival. Do let us know your reviews and thoughts in the comment section below. Also, indicate if you liked the movie. Last but not least don’t forget to follow Movque.com for such versatile content!

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