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11 Outstanding Similar TV Shows that’ll remind you of Alice in Borderland

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Everyone has different love for one particular genre; let me ask, what is yours?
Well, I love some eerie, thrilling and spooky genre!!
People have a huge collection of their favorite genre but sometimes they are done with it. They want to explore new plot stories of new theme and new genre, they love. Then the search for new collections starts and that’s how they get into new chapters and scenarios of fiction, specifically, TV shows.
Observing the fine demand, of such wonderfully executes Similar TV shows like Alice in borderland, a famous 2022 Japanese thriller series which will definitely take you on a journey of realistic fiction, with a blend of sci-fi, horror, thriller, and suspense in one package.

11 Outstanding Similar TV Shows that’ll remind you of Alice in Borderland in every way

Isn’t it awesome to experience a whole new box of TV shows like Alice in Borderland? I know, I know, it is way too exciting for a thriller lover to jump in the entire box of such TV dramas. So are you ready to give yourself some time for encountering these wonderful TV series?

Alright, here we go?

Liar Game

similar tv shows like alice in borderland liar game
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Think of trusting someone and losing all that you have. Disheartening, right? Pheww!! But what to say when the same happens with Nao, a young girl who participates in a strange liar game. A game where participants have to cheat on each other, in order to win a handsome amount. Many of them get rich while others die in debt. Nao also gets into this and stands against her teacher as an opponent. Being frank and relaxed, she asks his advice to precede him in the game but ends up giving every penny to him. She now panics and finds out the solution to get rid of the debt. She hears a genius trickster released from jail and asks for help. He agrees after several attempts and finally becomes her trustworthy partner in the game. Both of them put efforts and get success from the good co-ordination. Ooooh, this was really dramatic, I am definitely going to watch this one, what about you?

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similar tv shows like alice in borderland 3%

Don’t you think it is hard to change a life when it comes to survival? Indeed, it is!! The series 3% shows a complete where a world is sectioned into two divisions named progress and devastation. But the link between the two sides i.e. offshore and inland is a rigorous and heart-piercing system stated as “The process”. Each and every person in Inland has an opportunity to enter “The Process” in order to raise the living standard offshore. But do you know what the worst part about this system is? That only 3% of the entire population is able to make it through. Woah!! Interesting, No? Well, I guess the concept of ‘the process’ is what is dragging me towards itself. We surely must hop onto this odd-ho-poor series, what say? Are you on my side?

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Squid Game

squid game

How about playing games? Rather I should say unreal killer games? Well, that’s what squid games are all about where people are tired of failing in their lives for multiple reasons. They somehow manage to stand up and find out a strange invitation which states the surviving strategies to win the game. The winner will get 38 million US dollars. The game contains weird kid’s activities from the era of 1970s and 1980s from Korea, particularly squid games. All the game-related happenings are conducted on an abandoned island where the participants are locked up until one of them is not declared as the winner of this game. Squid Games has been a popular TV series worldwide. Not only Asians but foreigners have also enjoyed the series with will excitement. So! Would you like to play this game, just for fun? Think twice before you answer!!

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Sense 8

similar tv shows like alice in borderland sense 8

Science is a miracle, but sometimes a miracle turns into a disaster, don’t you think? A similar plot has been portrayed in Sense 8 where people encounter a rebirth and they end up connecting intellectually, emotionally, and sensually. The audience keeps on exploring their trip to find out what exactly these people are going through. This all can be done only with the help of various conversations from the otherworldly side but without any usage of the device. They can help themselves to learn each other by using each other’s skills and competencies. All this is carried on by a secret society that wants to protect a transformative way with the help of lobotomy. Seems like some sci-fi fiction, right? Let’s watch this one to find out the actual execution of the plot!! Ready? C’mon!!

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Darwin’s Game

darwin's game

I find games very interesting, but what if these games are deadly? Now, we need to think twice, right? The story of Darwin’s game shows the same where Kaname Sudov, a 17-year teen, starts playing an online game with his friend. The game is called Darwin’s Game where two players fight with each other and one of them has to kill the other to win. However, Sudov is unaware that the players can actually die in real life. In order to win the game, players are provided with an identification that is different for every player, and only the finest player will be able to pass through the game for survival. Now, this dedicated teen wants to clear it but is entangled in the trap of creators. Will he be able to find a way out of it? Let’s watch this one and see what happens next.

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Isn’t it amazing to experience time travel? I guess people feel the same in this series which shares the life of Satoru fujinuma, a 29-year-old man who works at a pizza cafe, lives in a very different and quiet place. He encounters an abnormal phenomenon which he calls a “revival”. When it occurs, Satoru goes back into the past, he needs to secure an incident from occurring. Later, he is charged with a fake allegation of murdering his mother and the phenomenon happens but now he travels 18 years back in the past, during his school time. Now he has to change the allegation to get back into the present. Woah!!! Interesting!!! Seems like somebody is in full mood to travel the time. Oh please, let’s watch out for this one. NOW!!!

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Sweet Home

Isn’t it tough for a single person to look for living & survival after a trauma? Indeed, it is and many of them aren’t able to get through it but Hyun, a high school loner of this series fought for the same. He has lost his family in a drastic accident. Now, he is in a condition to run from his own house sooner, he finds out that in the outside world there is a completely new reality of monsters who are trying to wallop the entire humanity. The only thing he needs to do is fight against all the problems and run for time to save the world during a period before it gets too late for survival, Pheww!! That was insane, how will he do it? Let’s move forward to watch ‘Sweet Home’ and see how Hyun tackles the whole situation? Okay?

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Battle Royale

similar tv shows like alice in borderland battle royale

Think of having a school where things are crazy. You have to deal with some extraordinary challenges. Will you survive or continue studying there? Carrying the same storyline, this series also shares a plot where 42 students are sent on a deserted island for three days. These students are from 9th standard from a Japanese school and are forced to join the battle or game. The students are supposed to kill each other without any mercy until finally one survives else they all will die. Many of these students decided to play the game perfectly, others play it sensuously while the rest of them just want to be out of the game without any brutality. The question arises of how these students will be able to tackle the entire situation. So, are you ready to explore the plot? Let’s move on!!

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Memories of Alhambra

Have you ever experienced time-traveling even in your dreams? Well, I can say I have, and the series Memories of Alhambra shows a similar plot where Yoo Jin Woo, CEO of an investment company, receives a mail sharing information about an unconventional AR game where battles have been declared in Alhambra. He, in order to search Jung Se Joon, the founder of this game, visits Granada, Spain. Nonetheless, he is unable to find Se Joo but meets his sister Jung Hee Joo who is the owner of Se Joo’s hotel and plays guitar. Jong He Joo and Yoo Jin Woo get stuck in weird incidents. On the other hand, the thin line between the real & AR worlds, initially created by Se Joo starts fading. I guess, this is what we were looking for, aren’t we? So let’s be lazy today & watch this series to know more about Time Travelling!

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similar tv shows like alice in borderland panic

You might have heard this kind of game before but ‘Panic’ has a different vibe. The plot story it shares is a scene from Texas, where summers are interesting. During this time the senior graduates come together to participate in a number of challenges. The winner is supposed to be one. They believe the game is the only way which can raise their living standard in life. But in today’s world, the scenarios are upside down i.e. the amount is doubled, than before and the game has many more hurdles and difficult procedures. This time the players will come forward with their darkest, deepest terrors and will put their blood and sweat to determine how much they can threaten on everything just to win a single game. Wait, isn’t it looking like a trick prick? Well, now we need to dig out more!! Are you in with me?

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Black Mirror

Don’t you think, it is hard to see technology taking over everything in our lives? Yes, that’s what Black Mirror indicates where from the past ten years, technology has created magic in every phase of our life. We no more question, rather take advantage to lead a comfortable life. Every place is now filled with scientific enhancement, especially the usage of screen/monitor which is basically termed as Black Mirror in today’s world of 21st century. The series explains how Black Mirror is a modern-day British assortment and a big setback with a great apprehension altogether. Well, this one is somewhat a kind of sci-fi drama that can create a difference in the world of TV series. Wish to watch this wonderful series? Let’s go!!

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Don’t just stuck on watching your old TV shows on repeat. Be active to try some new sh*t and don’t hesitate to re-live those beautiful moments of your life experiencing remarkably shot TV shows like Alice in Borderland. Don’t rush, sit down, settle yourself in warm Lenin and enjoy these similar tv shows like alice in borderland with an amazing cup of hot chocolate!

Well, that was the entire bowl, guys. We hope you liked this article and helped yourself in finding out some similar tv shows like alice in borderland to watch. Let us know your reviews and thoughts by stating them down in the comments section below. Also, tell us which one you loved the most. Lastly, don’t forget to follow Movque for such mind-blowing content.

Chin up high!

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