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12 Amazing Movies like Don’t Breathe that will leave you Unnerved

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Imagine, living in a double-storied apartment and that too alone!
Well, you must get ready for the creepy nights!
It is good to be extraordinary, but being clueless when you are trapped in an unwanted situation is kind of disturbing and alarming at the same time. There are a number of incidents that makes you feel helpless and feeble towards such events. Alright! Let me ask, how will you tackle the same if you are in such a situation? God, I will rather run for my life!! After all, I don’t want to die like a zombie!! Duh!! Just to consider the same, Movque is presenting a fresh list of some amazing movies like don’t breathe which will take you on an adventure and give you a clear picture of how these stories are molded and served in front of the audience. And at how we get the final talkie in the theatres. So, how about going forward with the same? I am ready for it, are you?

Similar Movies like Don’t breathe

Without any further discussions, ladies and gentlemen, let us revive our good old days with some wonderful suspensive movies like don’t breathe. Still, waiting? C’mon, let’s dive into a huge bowl of such movies and give our journey a fresh start. After all, we do need our time!!
So, ready to start the adventure?
Let’s go!! 


movies like don't breathe Hush

Spending time alone is good but not for long, right? If you want to know more about it read out the plot story of “Hush” where a young deaf writer starts living in the woods for a few months to finish up her book. But little did she know that she is been watched by a masked killer who appears at her window out of nowhere. She is terrified as the killer wants to be an intruder now. The man finds numerous ways to get into the house and kill the lady but every time she finds a way to deal with the situation wisely. She struggles for life, he struggles to get in. This keeps on going until the lady takes a huge step towards her survival. Amazing, no? If you haven’t watched this one out, dude, you are really missing something remarkable in life!!! Watch out now!!!!

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You’re Next

similar movies like don't breathe you're next

Imagine getting invited to a lavish party that later ends up in a disaster! Terrifying, right? The same happens at a party hosted by the Davisons who hold a lavish lifestyle but seem a bit weird and alienated from the world. One fine day Aubrey and Paul Davisons, think to fix the scattered family issues. They organize a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary and invite all four children along with their better halves. Things give a good start but get messed up later on when a masked gang shatters all the happiness and attacks brutally but there’s one family guy who shows their hidden talent by fighting back against the murderers. Uff!! Scary!! How would you have tackled the same situation? Comment down below!! 

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Funny Games

Isn’t it tough to deal with a situation where you are helpless? Trust me it is equivalent to death. ‘Funny games’ depicts two disrupted characters named Paul and Peter who decides to attack a lakeside house where a family is on vacation. When both of ’em find out that Anna, the lady in the house is home alone; they visit her and mess up everything violently. Anna’s husband George comes to help her out but these weirdoes serve him a cruel dose of disgrace. The story goes on till the family finds out a way. And you know what the worst part is? Paul’s character keeps on talking to the film audience now and then which makes it spookier. Don’t miss out on this one! Enjoy, lads!!

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The Strangers

movies like don't breathe The Strangers
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Vacations are fun until you get stuck in a trouble. Well, the same has been depicted in this movie where. Young couple James and Kristen come to a vacation home to spend quality time together. All of a sudden they hear a loud thump on the front doorstep which makes the couple uncomfortable. James peaks out and sees a lady standing still asking for something strange which the couple is unaware of. Sooner, a gang of three masked people attacks the home and haunts the couple now and then. Oh my God!! I can’t even think half of it happening to me!! Well, no doubt, the movie is remarkably good. So, fellas don’t miss out on this one for a relaxing yet eerie weekend.

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Okay just think for a second what a tiniest any can do to destroy your entire life? Amusing, right? But not for Ben Peterson, a sergeant on duty who is in charge of investigating some mysterious death in the town. While scrutinizing he finds a young girl who can’t speak. Soon Peterson joins the military along with Robert Graham, an FBI agent, and Dr. Harold Medford, a scientist. After deep research, three of them find out that the occurring incidents are taking place because of some huge ants that have been converted by atomic radiation. With the help of the military and forces, they find the queen ant and shoot down all their nests at once. Wow!! This is something unique yet crazy, wanna peep into it?

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The Shining

The Shining

Family is love, but what if it becomes your worst enemy in the end? Yes, a similar portrayal is shown in this 1980 movie, the shining where Jack Torrance agrees to the job offer of being the winter caretaker of an abandoned hotel in Colorado. In order to save his job, Jack shifts with his wife, Wendy, and kid, Danny who meets the hotel cook and gets to know about the haunted room 237. The kid starts to experience bad visions and ultimately they come true when Jack starts acting weird and brutal, and finally comes hunting for the family. God!! I can’t gulp it down; I mean how can a father..? Well, I guess let us just watch and see how this one goes, what do you think?

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Dead Silence

Dead silence

Dead Silence is one of those movies like don’t breathe which are always worth a creep. It is definitely a scary classic, specifically when being watched in the pitch-black dark with a bowl of popcorn. The story of this beautiful film twirls around a man named Jamie Ashen, who is returning to his hometown of Ravens fair after the demise of his wife. He shifts there to discover the real reason for her. He later, finds out the legend of a dead artist named Mary Shaw, whose spooky presence stills lurks over the town. Jamie is now desperate to know the answers to the curse that took the life of his wife. Later he also encounters the same feeling of death threatening his own life too. Undoubtedly, everyone has different views on horror but it’s another James Wan spooky movie, with a great storyline that has been missed. Well, it is impossible to ignore James Wan’s impact on the paranormal or eerie genre over the last decade and change!

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Green Room

Green room

A hobby can convert itself into a serious situation if not taken seriously. Well, that can be true in many cases. The movie green room is all about the same where Pat, a teen, takes part in a punk rock band at a nightclub to get famous but gets failure in return. The journey of the band goes in a perfect direction until they witness a crime scene and things turn upside down. The band becomes the target of a deadly gang of criminals who are ready to remove all the evidence from the crime scene that happened in front of the band. Hmm!! This one seems a bit different, don’t you think? Alright, let’s watch and find out how these band members escape from the scene.

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movies like don't breathe orphan

It is tough to get over the loss of life even before it is born. Well, only a mother can experience the pain! This movie is about a couple Kate and John, who is mourning their dead unborn baby. Sooner they decide to get over it and adopt a child. They visit an orphanage and meltdown after meeting a sweet little girl named Esther. They decide to proceed with the official formalities and take the kid along with them. Before long, a series of incidents take place which is observed by Kate. She exposes Esther and runs for life in order to protect her family. Terrible!! I saw this long before but every scene from this one still haunts me. Go for it, pals!!


How far can you go just for the sake of the profession? Let’s see! A writer named Ellison Oswald whose carrier is falling for the past 10 years and now looking for a Kickstart. He somehow finds out that they can write about an obsolete movie depicting the death of an entire family. Ellison gets curious and digs out the reason behind this mysterious death. In order to go deep into the research, he starts living in the same house with his family and finds out an old camera and tapes with a number of footage which indicates that a paranormal force still lurks in the house now targeting Ellison’s family. Oh no! This is horrifying. Will the family get an escape or die like the previous one? Let’s watch it, but obviously not alone!

A Quiet Place II

quiet place 2 feature image

Watching the first part of A Quiet Place was remarkably appreciating. So, the sequel has made it magnificently wonderful to have experienced this horror once more. The story explores the story of the Abbott family who faces the fatal events in their house. They are struggling to survive in the outer world too but in complete silence. Later, they realize that the wild creatures which they were avoiding in remote areas are not limited to there; these beasts are now in the entire country. The movie was supposed to release last year, but due to the pandemic, it was scheduled for May 2021. This horror tragedy is worth experiencing. What is your call on this? Will you fight for the family?

Panic Room

How about watching a suspense movie this weekend? Tag along for this great mix of mystery and thriller! The movie, The Pelican Brief shares the story where a law scholar who speaks about the murder of two justices, her boyfriend and mentor. This becomes a huge blunder for her and she runs to New Orleans and meets a local journalist who helps her with her search. After long discussions and hard work on the same, they find out that the conspiracy was planned and plotted by senior government officials way before the happening took place. Wait, what? Does that mean everything was well plotted before execution? Now I need to watch this one! So, are you ready to watch along with me?

The Bottom line

Sometimes it is tough to handle paranormal or strange events occurring near us. I mean, obviously, it is traumatizing to deal with such situations and during that one moment, we either want to run or face the bloody monster. I remember encountering a similar incident during my summer vacation. Trust me I was unable to get through it and never wanted that thing to haunt me again!

Alright, fellas, this was the entire list from our end. We hope the article was informative enough about some great movies like don’t breathe and got what you were looking for. Do let us know your reviews in the comment section below and also tell us which the best movie you was. Last but not the least; don’t forget to follow for such amazing content!

Hasta La Vista!

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