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#11 Movies that will remind you of The Dark Knight all over again

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Are you a fan of marvel movies?
I mean, who is not?

Marvel movies have a whole another level of fan following and people, like us, have a huge heart for these films. To be specific, the character of batman has made the entire marvel series a super duper blockbuster. The dark knight carries the framework where batman is a victor.
Keeping this in mind, Movque has come up with some wonderful similar movies like the dark knight that has created great and substantial impact on the audience. So, bringing it on, guys and making you comfortable in your favorite genre with your favorite action champions.
After all, there is something Maverl-ous and extraordinary about this entire chain of series!!

Similar Movies like The Dark Knight

So, Guys and gurlss!! Fasten your seatbelts and hold your horse, we are now presenting a full bowl to munch on some great and similar movies like the dark knight that will take you on an unexpected adventure!! Scary and funny at the same time, right?
Let’s not wait more and skip quickly onto the main course,
Ready? Here we go!!

Den of Thieves

similar movies the dark knight den of thieves

Robberies are dangerous but once you are into it, be the king!! This is what Den of Thieves explains, where a team of robbers commanded by Ray Merriman make a brutal attack on the truck, with the entire armory. Sheriff blocks the scene and involves themselves with the robbers. Merriman and his team flew with the empty truck. While in the morning, Nick O Brien, a detective digs out the crime location, tracking Merrimen and the team for some time. Brien gets a clue and kidnaps a bartender for interrogation who tells him that Merriman is planning to rib the Federal Reserve on coming Friday by clearing around $30 million in old bills which would get their serial numbers removed from the record system, before getting trashed permanently. God!!! This was wild. Let’s don’t talk much and give this one a watch. What say?

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similar movies the dark knight heat

It is tough to handle life sometimes which constantly gives you thorns to walk upon. That’s what the movie ‘Heat’ says. It explains the life of a criminal head Neil McCauley who is tracking down all the actions of his rascal men. On the other hand, he is also planning one of the biggest robberies before retiring from this business. Now McCauley is trying to refigure the peace in his own life as his wife is cheating on him with an extramarital affair and his stepdaughter is suffering from severe mental health. Sooner, he gets tracked down by lieutenant general Hannah for his doings. Even when both of them are frustrated with each other’s plan, McCauley and Hannah find mutual respect to deal with the situation. Woah!!! I found it a bit emotional rather than a thriller shot! Are you in with me?

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I Saw the Devil

similar movies the dark knight I saw the devil

How can we talk about similar movies like the dark knight without mentioning ‘I saw the devil’ on the list? This amazing movie tells the story of a taxi driver Kyung Chul who meets a tired and scared female motorist who encounters a flat tire and calls up a tow truck for help, on a dark night. Kyung Chul comes over as the mechanic and gets down to help the woman but with brutal intentions. Kyung Chul kills the woman by slitting down her head and throwing it into the local river. Later she is recognized by her fiancé, Kim Soo Hyeon who is a secret agent. He tracks down the killer and everything converts into a total mess. Kim beats the sh** out of Kyung and sets him free and that’s when the idiotic game of chase begins. Just wow!! Though we all have seen this masterpiece how can we ignore it this time?? Ready?

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Joker and Joaquin Phoenix is a deadly combination till date for Hollywood cinema. The movie might sound a bit depressing but what one faces in a life of sorrows, guilt and poverty is what Arthur Fleck explains to us. The story of Joker justifies a lonely character who is failing with his comedy career. He tries to get along with people but nobody wants to be with him. Wearing two masks i.e. one of a clown for his job while the other to show that he is still part of the world, he struggles. Mocked and tyrannized by society, his depression turns into dementia, finally making him a brutal criminal. Yes!!?? This can be one of the best watches for you! So, explore this outstanding cinematic piece and experience the life of Arthur for once!!

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The Bourne Pentalogy

The Bourne Pentalogy

Carrying complete package of five wonderful legacies of “The Bourne” in their pockets, these series serves its own story and plot individually. Based on the series of three novels by Robert Ludlum, this quintet is grounded on the base character Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, who is a former CIA agent, who finds out the past, family, and also the valid reason of his father’s demise. Till date, the Bourne chain has proved itself as the intellectual spy-franchise throughout the world, making it a huge success all around the world. Beautifully directed by Paul Greengrass, this pentalogy has created a completely new genre of action films. So, amigos! I would say that you must definitely watch all the parts of this amazing series. And yeah! Thank me later!

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Gone Girl

similar movies the dark knight gone girl

This can be a bit different from what we have experienced above. The movie is about a Californian couple who is leading a wonderful life in their house without any kids. But things get changed when their 5th year of wedding life starts. Husband, Nick finds out that his wife Amy is missing. He rings out the nearby authorities for informing them about the whole scenario. The authorities start inspecting the nearby locations and then begin the search hunt. However, the results of the new investigation and Nick’s version of the story differs a lot. According to the investigations, nick tried to kill his own wife but nick denies the same. At last, nick convinces the media, stating that he had not done anything wrong to his beloved, and also explores the puzzling indications from his own wife. Damn!!! That is a hell of a drama!! Let’s get into this one and enjoy the journey.

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similar movies the dark knight daredevil

Have you ever been a Daredevil for any reason in your Life? Well, it depends on how the situations are. The movie Daredevil shares a story where a blind attorney Matt Murdock is good with his other four senses which work sharply as a superhuman. However, Murdock stands in the category of exploited and oppressed. He is a Daredevil at night that wears a mask and is a nonstop worker for justice. Wilson Fisk is jealous of Daredevil, so he hires Bullseye to kill him. Now Murdock should trust his own senses and dig out the plotters against justice. Biggest of all, including his own girlfriend, Elektra can be a huge twist. Ahmm!! Being blind and wise with senses is indeed a deadly combination. I am so excited to watch this wonderful piece. Are you??

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The Equalizer

the equalizer

How can we forget Denzel Washington in the list? Right? That too when we have one of his best movies which shares a plot of a man named Robert McCall who has overcome his past and is set to find a new life for himself. In the search he meets a teenage soul named Teri who gets stuck in the trap of Russian gangsters, making it hard for her to escape. McCall finds it harassing and brings back the old him to save the girl from these evils. He gets involved completely and tears apart who so ever tries to torment her. The movie carries a lot of emotion and rage where both the protagonists have played their jobs remarkably. So, if you’re looking for a great movie this weekend, this one is for you!!

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Enemy of the State

enemy of the state

Getting trapped is worse, isn’t it?? Well, the movie “Enemy of the state” shares the same plot where a successful and tempestuous labor lawyer, Robert Clayton Dean runs into a college friend hurriedly. This friend drops the compact disc and viewers which has all the footage of a political assassination. This disc is discovered and seen by a senior official of the national security agency. With the bad luck, the politician finds out what Dean is now up to. He takes the help of the NSA to dig out more about Dean and stop him before it’s too late. Dean shortly finds out what he is into and now he needs to get out of this chaos very carefully. Woah!! Loved the plot, still, I want to see the execution it carries!! So are you ready to watch this one with me?? Let’s go!!

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Public Enemies

similar movies the dark knight public enemies

Money business is bad but people do it for their entertainment and the same is shown in this movie wherein the fourth of the 1933 depression, John Dillinger, a bank robber dares the law along with his team and is the public enemy no.1. Edgar Hoover asks Congress to support him and his agency financially to his and hires the agent Melvin Purvis for taking over the Chicago area. Melvin somehow fails in using the technology to track Dillinger, so Hoover asks the use of the unfair means to interrogate to fulfill their cause. Well, we can say the movie is a good blend of suspense and thriller. So are you all set to watch it with me?

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John Wick

similar movies the dark knight john wick

Sometimes we are unaware of a person’s intentions and we never know how will they react to our words and that’s what this movie depicts about itself. It shows a storyline where a renowned killer John Wick gets retirement from his brutal carrier of killing people for marrying his girlfriend. But things don’t go as they believe them to be. His fiance dies leaving John in a deep shock and grief. Meanwhile, losef Tarasov, a merciless gangster, and his men steal John’s car and kill the last gift from his wife, i.e. his dog. John takes out his ruthlessly killing machine and sets his mind to getting revenge. On the other hand, losef’s father and also John’s ex-colleague charges a huge reward on John himself. God!! This seems terrifying. I need to watch this one for sure!!! Are you in with me?

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The Final Verdict

We know movies are mere fiction but what we assume them to be is the real connecting link between reel and real. Yes! That is what we expect. Similarly, marvel movies are the adaption of marvel comics but still we get so much attached to the characters that we feel they are real and exist somewhere in the world. But unfortunately, it isn’t true and we now need to accept that!

Alright friends, this was the complete list. We hope you loved the article and got what you were actually looking for from this. Do share your reviews and suggestions in the comments section below. Also let us know which one you loved the most. Last but not the least; don’t forget to follow MovQue for more such outstanding content!

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