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#11 Marvelous TV Shows that would give you small glimpses of Bosch

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Loving a thriller drama is good, but how about adding some spice to it? Great!! Isn’t it? Different people have different choices when it comes to TV shows. OTT has given a number of series by which we can easily pick and watch which one we actually want to see. With a good mix of several genres, Hollywood has created uniqueness in its dramas. No doubt, Bosch is one of them!! Let me ask, which one you would think can beat Bosch in the thriller genre? Considering the same, today Movque has brought something very different this time. So, girls and guys, justifying the title we are here to present some amazing similar TV shows like Bosch which will literally give you goosebumps while watching. So, how about giving any one of these a try? Good decision, right? After all, movies and shows are made out of audience love!!

Similar Tv Shows like Bosch

After a huge introduction and without any further delays, we are now sharing a hot and spicy list of Similar TV shows like Bosch that can make your day flawless just by a watch!! Alright, we are now starting our journey towards excitement and merriment. So, ready to expedite the show?

Let’s Begin!!

Ray Donovan

Similar Tv shows like Bosch ray donovan
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Helping someone is great but helping them through illegal means is wrong. Holding a similar storyline, this show sets the plot around a man named Ray Donovan who is into illegal working for the top power elites in the famous Los Angeles. He works as a problem solver for those who are into problems except the ones which are created by his own family members. The issue he is dealing with is the one where his father is released from the prison with bad intentions which can shake the entire Donovan family to its depth. Undoubtedly ‘Ray Donovan’ is one of the most powerful shows to date from 2013. Well, I have been one of them who loved it but trust me if you haven’t watched it, you are missing something great. So what are we waiting for?? Let’s go!!

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch broadchurch

Broadchurch is one of the most appreciative shows I have heard about, which shares a story about an eleven years young guy named Daniel Latimer who goes missing and is finally found dead in one of the seaside English towns. The entire town is then moved back for the investigations to find out the real killer. Officers with their entire units start their search. With a heavy heart, each one from the family and other people from the whole town gives their possibilities and reasons and starts turning on each other.

As the relationships get torn apart, it is now dependent upon the highly trained and well-skilled investigators to dig out the actual scenario of “who has done it”. The best is last season which can definitely drag you to stay awake till late at night. Woah!!! Aren’t you craving it? Because I am!! And we are going to watch it together, RIGHT NOW!!

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch Luther
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Think of being a secret agent and solving a case before it backfires you. Strange! Right? This series carries the same plotline about a police detective, John Luther who is a very intelligent and trustworthy officer. Separated from his beloved wife he now lives alone, controlling his emotions back and forth. He handles murder cases of serial killers where he gets inside the head of the killer to know the actual scenario. You can say that his ways of dealing with these situations, personality, and disturbing personal life have always offered him conflicts and frictions with his subordinates. Due to this, he has also led to problematic situations rather than finding out suitable solutions. Oooo!!! So can we say John is confused but dedicated to whatever he does! Should we get on to this one?? Ready? Let’s go!!

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Dexter Thriller series

Working as an investigator is one of the classy jobs for a person who is truthful toward the law. One such story has been shown in this series where Dexter Morgan is a detective and works for the Miami Metro police department blood pattern analyst. You can easily define him as a serial killer but with a code that runs his obsession to kill the people who are guilty. He has entire access to the occurrences of crime, finding out the indications, tracking the clues, and checking the DNA to make sure the guilt’s target before finally killing them. He investigates the murders in the homicide section by finding out and killing the murderers who anyhow have tried to escape the law. Woah!! What a great plot, I bet you are going to enjoy this one for sure. Ready? Let’s do this!!

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch marcella

Being female too as a service officer is a rigid task but who cares?? Girls are marvelous and can take anything that comes for them. What say gurls??? Depicting the similar story of a wonderful lady Marcella the series of the same name serves the plot about this girl, who is a detective, taking over a murder case single-handedly. She digs out and concludes about her strong suspects and victims. The only drawback is that she has returned to this profession after 12 years before which, she got married and started a new life. But her personal life has ended in a much unorganized manner. Lord!! This is very shattering to get a place shift after such a huge decision of separation. Well, let’s go through this one and see how she tackles the entire decision!!

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The Killing

The Killing

Can you ignore your family for a meet after months?? No, right?? But the story of this one shares a plot about Sarah Linden, who is serving her last day as a detective, to meet her fiancé along with her son, in Sonoma. A new detective, Stephen Holder comes in as her replacement and receives a call from a patrol car stating that they have found a sweater, covered with blood. After searching a lot, the team finds out that it belongs to a missing lady, Rosie Larsen whose body is found in the car’s trunk at the bottom of the lake. Concluding that the car is registered to Darren Richmond, a candidate for Mayor Elections, Sarah leaves the flight and starts digging out the case to solve. Damn!! Such a brave lady, let’s see how she emerges! Swooshh!!

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The Wire

The wire

Man!! What to say about this masterpiece!!! The wire gained a lot of appreciation during the execution period and is been loved by its audience till date. Alright! So without any delay let us discuss it season wise. The first season enrolls itself in a wide and introductory description of characters along with the great encounters of delivery of drugs. Second season spreads itself in the headings under human trafficking, corruption and dedicated workers with a number of deaths. Third season reflects on the wire, a system through which police can track down the drug dealers. Fourth season tells about the political violence and involvement of teens. The last season winds up the story through Baltimore Sun and the revealing the entire story through newspaper. Uff!! Let’s not discuss this one more and go straight into watching. What say?? Ready?

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CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)

Many bodies related to criminal investigations are working successfully in the world but what CSIB does is beyond words. The theme it carries is about the detectives, who are working hard in the police department of Las Vegas in the Crime Scene Investigation Bureau. The team uses the best scientific and technical ways to solve the mysteries and track down the criminals that other crime labs are tired of. Run by Captain Jim Brass and weird Gil Grimsson, the unit basically works on logic to catch the criminals. Well! To know what exactly happens in the plotline, you need to watch the series! So, ready?

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch longmire

Losing your partner is like losing your life. Yes! It’s that heart wrecking. The story of this wonderful series serves a plot about a sheriff, Walt Longmire who is a very dedicated, charming, and cool-headed personality. He is a bit different when it comes to his emotions; he hides the pain behind a rock and strong face as he has been widowed for a year. He has no happiness and time to live a healthy life with his beloved wife and daughter.

A new female deputy officer, Vic, Longmire becomes active in his job and runs for re-election. But when a young and dedicated deputy runs against him, Walt feels shattered but still goes for it. Henry, his friend, supports him to rebuild his personal and professional time one at a time. Poor guy! Gone through a lot. But he is now all set to grow himself again. Should we join the journey?? Let’s run!!

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch Cardinal

Running for a long run this Canadian dram shares a plot about a 13 year young, Katie Pine, who is missing. A tight search begins but her body is discovered in the shaft head of a stranded mine. The matter is taken by John Cardinal and Lise Delorme as both of them try to unfurl the case of what actually happened with Katie Pine before missing. As soon as the case proceeds a deadly and terrifying secret emerges from the history of John Cardinal which takes the investigation off track. John tries to make right the wrong that can definitely destroy his Career forever. The case goes on with more twists and turns while targeting the next victim of the killer. Damn!! This is insane!! Why is John doing that?? Don’t you think we need to dig out? Let’s be quick then!!!

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Similar Tv shows like Bosch Goliath

Someone said right, life isn’t a bed of roses, and this is justified by a dedicated detective of the city, Billy McBride who is leading towards an unhappy life where he has been fired from the company he was working for, got separated from his wife and other life problems have always been tagging along with him. Sooner he meets a lady named Patty who shows herself in a very wrongful murder mystery. With a heavy heart and unwillingness, Billy takes up the case and finds himself in the chained-up events of life and death. However, tackles the situation even after receiving a number of threats of harassment and death calls but he holds himself just to get justice for the truth. Woah!! Amazing it was!! How about taking a look at this one? I am excited!! Are you??

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Carrying a thriller and suspense genre is great to watch but the only thing that alleviates it is ‘A Good Execution!’ yes! That is what it is all about because only a director can understand what a certain series or drama is demanding. Bosch is one of them that have given the loudest cry from this execution. After all, No show is a blockbuster until it is made one by its audience!!

Alright, guys, it’s a wrap for today. We will come back again with a new TV show or movie, till then you can share your thoughts and reviews on how much you liked this article. Do let us know which TV show was the best according to you and which one you are planning for this weekend! At last, don’t forget to follow Movque for such magnificent content!!

Adios Amigos!!

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