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15 Scary Paranormal movies that can get the best of you!

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Shhhhhhh! Don’t, Don’t look back; you won’t be alive to see the surprise. So stay and keep on reading!
For the paranormal movie lovers, here are the best scary movies and series for your attention. It’s never too late to watch them.

Unsolved mysteries

The world is a mystery; how about a mystery in a mystery? Life is a series of unexpected events, some are happy, and some are painful. However, a third category called strange events terrifies us and makes us fear the reason behind their appearances. Have you ever experienced such a horrifying and confusing feeling? If yes, then may you come out of that soon, if not! Then why not click the play button on your Netflix screen to feel the fear and excitement.

Mysteries will take you on to ride of unfolding strange events; each volume is full of surprises. So, enjoy the magical, scary ride to the world of weird things.

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The open house 

best paranormal movies the open house

Locking rooms, doors, and windows before you go out to protect your place. But have you ever thought about the possibility of having a guest inside your home even before you ever entered the house? My heart will skip many beats if I encounter this strange presence in my house; let’s be honest, most of us don’t even like human guests with a prior invitation; they also scare me differently, of course! But at least I am aware of their irritating presence, but this story is about an unpleasant guest, someone we never invited and who never left. Maybe it’s his home, who knows. But this paranormal movie gives you one of the best experience.

Watch this power-packed performance movie and indulge with the characters in the process of finding this weird guest.

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The strange house 

the strange house

The strange house is about a family who shifted to a new place, where people are a little uncanny. The story develops with the kids doing strange things to find something stranger; what else can they do to connect with unnatural power and find a reason behind their existence.  

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Little kids are always victims of hunted places, at least in the movies, and then the elders start their exceptional investigation and solutions. This Austrian movie shows twists and turns in the journey of a group of friends who resolve the strange feeling in a strange house. 

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The binding

best paranormal movies the binding

Being an Indian, I am familiar with the word “evil eye,” now and then, I hear about this unbelievable fear. The binding is the story related to the evil eye, but how far can this go? The report will surprise you with many unfamiliar sets of events.

I know Halloween is gone, but why not depend upon a date to enjoy the supernatural powers and create Halloween’s magic again with this movie people!

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Things heard and seen

things heard and seen
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Sin Alert!

Do you believe our sins will haunt us back? Well, you might if you watch this movie! This is not at all a negative statement ahem, you should watch the power of sins and the consequences of shifting to a new place without researching about the ghost stories of that locality; oh yes, this is necessary, guys, significant!

Things heard and seen are horrific stories about things that are not seen and heard ultimately but are desperate to be seen and heard. Go! Be part of the desperation without having a heart attack. It is one of the best paranormal movies. Good luck!

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Family blood

scary paranormal movies family blood

Life can be challenging when you try to restart after a complicated past, but what If the present is scarier? The story revolves around the series of supernatural occurrences in the life of a mother and daughter when they decide to burn their past and craves a fresh beginning. However, the unknown activities from an unfamiliar dimension turn their life upside down.

Family blood is entertaining, horrifying, and astounding; give it a chance. 

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The ritual 

best paranormal movies the ritual

Are you an adventurous person? I like to go hiking a lot, but we never know which hiking trip will change our lives and bring us closer to death.

Four friends happily enroute to an unknown destination through the forest, mountains, and toxic elements. They are confused. Is it just a nightmare, or was it their last night? The ritual might make you less adventurous or more, let’s find out, don’t worry; it’s in the basket of Netflix so close, right?

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Listen, people, leave it there when you see an unknown property on the street or in a bar! Don’t take that with you to your house, I know you might not do this, but when you see the movie Wounds, you will also be cautious.

A bartender faces many events after a violent event in the bar. His behavior gradually changed, and it started to have an impact on his relationship with his wife. The unstable behavior of the bartender due to the aftermath of the incident takes a toll on him. Sign up for this movie if you like scary paranormal movies.

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Midnight mass

best paranormal movies midnight mass

Religiously scary piece of work!

This newly released series on Netflix will inject fear into you and your pets. The series has many layers, which are divided into thrilling episodes. One thing that makes this story different from others is its ability to push our thoughts, nervousness, and fear. This series is a unique package of ideas and curiosity. This experience will leave you in the deep sea of many questions and perspectives. The series will slowly take a permanent place in your heart and mind.

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This supernatural event movie is like a roller-coaster experience of terror and more. Aterrados is directed and written by Demián Rugna. The story is carefully written and explains every tiny detail. The character formation and development are a crucial part of this movie.

Life is not easy when the dead come back and poke you every day. As a result, the unusual activities in the house increases, and paranormal investigators go into the picture to rescue the victims.

Kick start your week with this story of hidden energy.

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Don’t listen

A new house with wired voices. A nine-year-old quiet kid encounters unfamiliar noises in a new home. The story is full of many twists and turns; it manages to grab the attention very creepily. The voices are familiar in that house; however, Eric is the one to notice the odd noises going on in the place.

I am honestly fed up with the decisions these thriller and mysterious movie characters make, a large home far from human existence; I think you will get scared of your noises in a place like that, anyway, if you are in for a creepy scary paranormal movie then this is it, folks!

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In the tall grass 

As the name suggests, it is all about the grass!

A good heart to help a boy leads to an unending grass field. The main characters stopped their car when they heard someone screaming for help. But after getting into the long grasses, they realize they are trapped in an unknown scary trap of horror.
The story continues with some unpleasant incidents they go through in the field while trying to come out of it. They also meet someone in there with a dead bird, wired right? Will they ever be able to go out of it? Hard to say, man! Check out the entire movie on Netflix.

The seventh day

Do you think we should stay in our world? We have so many exciting things to do here, then why do we poke the supernatural powers and try to get to know them? We cannot even understand each other. So instead, we try to drag the evils into our lives.
The seventh day is the story of a boy who is possessed by a demon. It’s about the process of helping the boy and finding more stranger and scarier truth about the existence of evil. Beware, it’s one of the scariest paranormal movies, if not the best.

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Under the shadow

best paranormal movies under the shadow

Terrifying and one of the best horror movies. The mother-daughter drama turns into a series of horrific incidents. However, the movie is full of thrilling scenes and the best performances.

The shadows are scary if they are not ours, and when we don’t know whose shadow was that! Yes, the unknown presence changes the world of a mother and a little girl. The terrifying vibe in the house develops fear and a complex to live situation for the.
Follow the shadow to find out about its origin and experience the most happening horror movie! If you have not already.

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house

I am the pretty thing that lives  in he house

Like reading books? If yes, imagine one of the characters comes out from the book and starts to haunt you. Would you like to see something that interesting? If yes, then explore the possibilities of that in this story.

This cinematic ride is spooky enough to give you nightmares and thrill sufficient to make you sit in front of the screen as long as the movie runs.

So, the list is here! So, when are you planning your kind of Halloween? Fill your week with the best scary paranormal movies.

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