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Best Horror Movies 2021: Strictly For Paranormal Junkies

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Have you ever experienced an incident that gave you goosebumps?

Well, I have!

There are a number of people who believe in ghosts and share their stories through various mediums. It might sound absurd but some of these stories have a really deep impact on the life of the person who has faced it. Sometimes they feel connections and sometimes it is a mere dream.

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Observing the same in our waiting list, we have come across a number of best horror movies 2021 which will give you a whole different experience of facing weird situations and circumstances. Let’s find out what these movies are about!


Without any further delay let us just dive into the main course and serve you a great platter of best horror movies 2021. Oh Well, let me tell you, this can be a horrifying journey for you, so hold on tight and be ready to explore with us!

Let’s Go!


Best Horror movies 2021 candyman

What if you see a man with a sickle in the middle of the night? Well, that’s what Candyman is all about. It serves the story where after a long time an artist named Anthony McCoy shifts in a loft of Chicago’s Cabrini Green, where once a paranormal killer with the hook in his hand resides. McCoy starts digging out the horrifying history of Candyman, as he wants to use his details like the fresh paintings, in his studio. He tracks down the way towards a terrifying past that destroys his mental health, taking him towards violence. The movie is a complete masterpiece for 2021 which made Candyman scarier than ever before. So are you willing to take his name five times in the mirror late at night? Wish is totally yours!

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The Medium

Best Horror movies 2021 the medium
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Isn’t it hard to see the condition of a possessed person? I know, it’s horrifying. The medium is the remake of an Indonesian movie from Thai which showcases a similar journey of a very young lady named Mink who is in the Isan region from Thailand and has been possessed. The aunt of the possessed lady shares that the goddess who seems to have taken possession turns out not to be as kind-hearted as she believes. At last, you experience the fantastic scene where the camera focuses on a Voodoo doll with needles pierced into it. God!! This gave me goosebumps. Watch this documentary, one of the best horror movies of 2021, at your own risk as it can haunt you for days!! Watch this extremely horrifying movie and thank me later!!

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Best Horror movies 2021 censor

It is hard to believe when someone close to your heart dies! Well, it’s unfortunate and heartbreaking to encounter something of this sort. Censor is one such story of a girl named Enid Baines who works with a film production house. One day while having dinner with the family, her parents state that her sister is legally dead but she is not convinced. She gets irritated and gets back to her room. To lighten her mood up, she switches on the TV and starts watching a movie. Sooner she gets to know out that the actress is her missing sister. Things get worse when she decides to find her but unfortunately ends up in an irreversible situation. The film is superb in the story-line and narration. So, let me now ask, what will you do, if this situation is in your shoe?

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The Vigil

Best Horror movies 2021 the vigil

How about spending a night with a corpse? It is fun, you know! But Dave had a great experience with one of them. The vigil is based on a weird ritual where a person has to stay with the dead to fulfill the ritual of Jewish folklore. And this duty is attended by Dave Davis who agrees to do it for the person without realizing that it has come for him. Resulting in something very drastic and unfortunate in a shabby house. The spirit shows its presence by every different means and also lurks behind Dave wherever he goes. What do you think this drastic could be or what will you do if you are asked to do this ritual? Watch this one of the best horror movies in 2021 and enjoy the terrific vibes. Well, better you don’t watch it alone!!

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Fear Street

Best Horror movies 2021 fear street trilogy

Isn’t it tough to fight back against evil? Obviously, you need to be extra strong for that, and the extra strong till date is Good. The plot story of this entire series is amazing where a bunch of teenagers knocks off down the evil force of a grim that has been a threat for centuries for the people of that town. He has attempted a number of brutal killings and has been surviving only by slitting people’s throats. The movie is a trilogy of three different stories with the ultimate backdrop of mystery and horror vibes. What do you believe; will these teens find their way towards success? Enjoy this marvelous trilogy back to back and get some amazing solutions! C’mon, you can do it for them, friends!

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In the Earth

Think of going far away to study something new and come back with a bundle of bad memories. Strange, right? Similar incidents are showcased in the horror movie “In the earth (2021)” where two students explore in the deep woods in search of some agricultural study. As soon as the night arrives and darkness is spread all over, they experience weird happenings around them; they find odd supernatural occurrences leaving them astonished and helpless at one point. The night traps them in its darkness and leads them towards horrific events in the forest. Well, this was scary; will you be able to find a solution for it? Watch and enjoy “In the earth” this weekend in your warm sheets!

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The Unholy

the unholy

What if you get some strange but amazing powers from the almighty? The Unholy carries the same story where a girl strangely acquires the power to cure the sick people after she encounters a visit from Virgin Mary. The entire city gets to know, people come to see the girl with a superpower. On the other hand, a journalist visits the town to investigate when strange events start to happen. Soon after, he realizes that something is more terrific behind these circumstances. Nonetheless, the story has a unique touch which is sometimes hard to believe for a regular life occurrence before you give it to watch! So are you ready to find some outstanding results out of this theory?? Let’s go!!

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The Forever Purge

the forever purge

Do you believe in vengeance? If yes, what is the best way to take revenge? That might differ for everyone. The forever purge is about a couple Ahmed Adela and Juan living in Texas. The husband work as a cowboy for the filthy rich tucker family who gets noticed by Caleb, the son of the family but gets hatred from his own son, Dylan. One day a gang of masked gangsters attacks the rich family, ending both the families to unite and fight with the squad. If you have watched previous movies from this series, you will find a different story-line with great twists. So, Will, you help the families to win? Let’s watch and find out what happens at the end!

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The Djinn

What if you get a well-wisher, out of nowhere? Interesting, right? Oops! Not always. The shares a plot of a dumb child who shifts in a new house with his father. He notices a door and enters where he sees a mirror and makes a wish to get closer to his greatest desire. As one day his father goes to work, he tries to contact the djinn from the mirror and gets locked with the spirit. The spirit tries to lure him in his mother’s voice to not to blow out the candle as it will also blow the djinn away. Now the question arises will the boy be able to get what he wants or he will get imprisoned in the trap of djinn. Watch this amazing movie late at night with your partner and enjoy the horror to the fullest.

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The Night House

the night house

Losing somebody is very tough and heart thrashing, isn’t it? Well, it is really hard for a person to survive alone but a wife can. The night house portrays the story of a lady named Beth who is very disturbed by the death of her husband. She starts spending her life in the lakeside home to stay connected. Sooner, she starts encountering visions of an unwanted presence. But as soon as the daylight appears, everything goes normal without leaving any trace of ghostly vibes. Finally, she starts finding out the answers for the happenings. Want to know the ending? For that, you need to watch the movie and dig out yourself! Ready?

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Nightmares are the vision, but what if they come to a reality making your life worse? I know it is scary! The movie malignant states the scenario after the killing of many doctors by Gabriel long back in SRC. At present, Madison shares an abusive relationship where her husband once bangs her head in the wall. Later, Madison wakes up in the hospital and finds him dead. She miscarriages and starts experiencing nightmares with terrific deaths. Soon she realizes that these murders are being attempted in real life and informed the police regarding the same. They need to find out the real mystery behind these deaths. So watch this incredible piece of art and help the girls in reaching their target! But beware!!

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The Queen of Black Magic

Ever tried using an Ouija Board or a Voodoo Doll? Well, that’s a part of black magic too! Moving further with an amazing movie, The Queen of Black Magic has a completely different aura to lure its audience. The tale of this 2021 horror movie tells about a family who visits the severely ill director of an orphanage where their father grew up. The journey is quite serene and long in distant rural space. But the homecoming of the father and his best friend turns into a series of horrific encounters where they feel that they have been controlled by somebody through black magic. The path it follows is very terrific and ghostly till last. Pheww!!Creepy it is! Watching this spine-chilling movie would be amazing to set out the conclusion! So, hurry up!

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Best Horror movies 2021 antlers

We can’t see somebody in pain, even when the person is unknown to us, right? That’s what Antlers says all about itself. The story shares the life of Julia, who leaves for Caspian falls and returns back home after 10 years. The only thing her family talks about after her return is why she actually left in the first place. But the major purpose for her returning is her younger brother, Paul. But not only Paul but there is also Lucas who is Julia’s student, whose father and brother are dealing with the “sickness”. Nonetheless, they are not sick but possessed by a cannibalistic beast, aka Wendigo. Do you think Lucas would be able to know what the real problem is? Well, I think he might need your help with that. Watch out for this great masterpiece and help out finding the truth for Lucas! Set? Go!

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There are a number of incidents that each one of us is willing to share. And those incidents are indeed chilling for you! But the question says what if you feel every story from the above stock, happening in your life? Eerie, right? That’s what the topic best horror movies 2021 depicts.

On that note, let us wind up. We hope you liked the article and found what you were actually looking for. Do let us know your reviews and thoughts over the same and comment on your favorite horror movie down below from the above list. Lastly, don’t forget to follow for more outstanding content!

Hasta La Vista!

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