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Top 9 Horror movies by James Wan You would Love

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Are you really a horror movie fan, just like me?
If it is Hollywood, why not?

Different people have different tastes when it comes to movie and series genres. Many of you like to enjoy the romantic genre while others are entertained by watching action cinema more. But you know what? A large section of the audience likes to explore horror or paranormal stuff. Yes! I too am one of them! Considering that, MovQue is listing down some awesome paranormal movies by James Wan, the world’s top drawer director.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to explore his outstanding work, served to Hollywood? Can’t wait any more, let us get on this ride together and have some fun!

9 Amazing Horror Movies of James Won

So, here we are displaying a number of paranormal movies by James Wan that will bring the chills down your spine. Excited enough? Absolutely!! Come let us explore this wonderful horror cinema which will serve you an eerie night to enjoy!
Get Along!

1. The Saw Series

top horror movies saw james wan
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One of the longest-running series of horror movies in Hollywood, the Saw Series has successfully marked its mark in this particular genre. The movie is about two strangers named Adam Stanheight and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, who works as freelance photographers. They see themselves tucked into chains and pipes in a messy and muddy corner of a bathroom. They then gain their consciousness and get terrified looking at each other in this condition.

Soon they realize they both have been confined in the web of a serial killer named “Jigsaw”. He is up to complete his deadly riddle to survive and the flashbacks give him a glimpse of his previous victims. On the other hand, Dr. Gordon’s wife (played by Monica Potter) and his daughter are forced to watch the torture through a closed-circuit video. The core movie has been followed by nine sequels running successfully. The saw is one of the best horror franchises to date by James Wan. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing something really awesome, my friend!

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2. Insidious Quadrilogy

insidious james wan

This is my favorite announced cinematic piece in the entire list. Starring an incredible star cast, the movie has been always mentioned in the finest works of James Wan. The story about this remarkable film revolves around the Lambert family having parents Josh and Renee, along with their two sons named Dalton and Foster. Soon after shifting down in their new house, the family starts encountering terrifying incidents with their eldest son, Dalton. He somehow slips off a ladder and hits his head, ending up being in a coma. They consult a doctor who asks them to admit the child for further observations.

The doctors later found out that Dalton has no head trauma. Both Josh and Renee start panicking and have no clue what has happened to their child. Sooner, these horrifying and blurred events start entering the house rapidly. Now, parents decide to take the help of a renowned paranormal investigator named Elise Rainer who, along with her team of three, helps the family in solving out the mysterious problems. Insidious is definitely a very fine-executed possessed film with scary a lot of scenes executed wonderfully. The movie has several jump scares that are very well timed and acted. It keeps you on your toes throughout the script. Watch this outstanding James Wan movie late at night to have a better experience.

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3. The Conjuring Trilogy

top horror movies conjuring

James Wan and Conjuring is the best combination in this specific genre. When Conjuring hit the theatres in 2013, people were highly impressed by Wan’s work. The movie was insanely terrifying to its audience, achieving great ratings and reviews by people. It carries the story of Paranormal Investigators and Demonologists Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are invited to the house of Carolyn and Roger Perron, in 1970. The Perron family along with their five daughters settles down recently in a private farmhouse.

Soon after shifting they feel the presence of an invisible entity in the same house. Although at first the investigations and observations are soft and warm, slowly and gradually they escalate taking a terrifying turn. Later, in their scrutiny and analysis, the investigators find out that the farmhouse holds a deadly history that the family is unaware of. The Conjuring rounds off a modern supernatural horror movie that has wonderfully displayed its paranormal stuff in recent years. Well, undoubtedly, James wan did a great job of creating a new horror universe!

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4. Dead Silence

dead silence james wan

Dead Silence is one of those movies which are always worth a creep. It is definitely a scary classic, specifically when watched in the pitch-black dark with a bowl of popcorn. The story of this beautiful film twirls around a man named Jamie Ashen, who is returning to his hometown of Ravens fair after the demise of his wife. He shifts there to discover the real reason for her. He later, finds out the legend of a dead artist named Mary Shaw, whose spooky presence stills lurks over the town. Jamie is now desperate to know the answers to the curse that took the life of his wife.

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Later he also encounters the same feeling of death threatening his own life too. Undoubtedly, everyone has different views on horror but it’s another James Wan spooky movie, with a great story-line that has been missed. Well, it is impossible to ignore James Wan’s impact on the paranormal or eerie genre over the last decade and change!

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5. Lights Out

Top horror movies lights out

This 2016 horror movie by James Wan carries a completely new theme of displaying eerie vibes to its viewers. The story tells us about a wife named Sophie and her son Martin is in heavy grief and mentally disturbed condition, after the mysterious and horrifying death of their father Paul in the textile factory. As time passes, Sophie’s condition keeps on deteriorating. Sophie is under control and increasing the conversations with a familiar stubborn supernatural entity. It is now threatening Martin’s safety and security, who has been aware of these things which are been seen and experienced by his step elder sister, Rebecca.

In Sophie’s mind, the demon that haunts her is visibly recognizable and totally knitted with her existence. However, things aren’t so easy for Martin and Rebecca. Sooner, the awful and horrifying sounds along with the signs of some third-world expositions tell both of them (Rebecca and Martin) that devils do exist when the lights are out. It is definitely terrifyingly creepy and keeps you scared till the climax. The movie gives great suspense regarding the climax where you won’t expect the ending to take a completely opposite turn than what you actually thought. Watching Lights out can make you feel genuinely scared to maintain a crisp feeling throughout.

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6. The Curse of Llorona

james wan the curse of la llorona

The Curse of Llorona is a kind of movie which is somewhat semi folklore where an evil spirit lady compels kids in her control. The movie depicts a story about a widowed mother named Anna Tate- Garcia who has two children named Samantha and Chris. She starts to encounter some breathtaking visions of Llorona, often known as a weeping woman. As Anna digs in more and more into this paranormal mystery, the power of this evil-minded woman holds the power on her children. Anna is now left with no choice but to visit the priest named Rafael Olvera.

Finally, Anna along with her family discovers themselves mixing up with a centuries-old curse given by the weeping woman. Watching The Curse of Llorona we can definitely say that James Wan has talents that could give challenges to other outstanding directors to create a masterpiece like this. If you ask me I would say that you will never be seen a movie that sets the bar for horror films so high. So, watch it now without thinking twice! P.S: Just don’t look at your window!

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7. The Nun

The nun top horror movies

The Nun is one of those 2018 horror movies which are a longtime horror coat where you will find the story and characters with sincere and charming acting. The plot of this movie revolves around Father Burke, a confused exorcist, and Sister Irene, the sincere trainee who is going to take her vows soon. They are sent to visit Saint Cartha’s Monastery in 1952, Romania by the Vatican to discover the mysterious suicide of Sister Victoria. The pair later finds out the long and intense experience with a supernatural entity. They both now investigate and face the evil demon.

The entity is in the shape of a vicious nun (shown and depicted beautifully in The Conjuring 2). No doubt, you will find a dark secret behind the thick stone wall of Abbey where the demon will show all its faces clearly. The roles in The Nun are held with a sense of commitment and maturity. The vibes of this movie are very well exhibited, with the perfect music at different scenes. VFX is wonderfully executed as Hollywood is perfect and flawless. So, if you want to experience all the hard work and talent of James Wan, The Nun is for you!

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8. Demonic

Produced by James Wan, Demonic has a lot of suspense with a number of clips that are extremely scary and enough to give you shock or goosebumps. The synopsis of this movie starts with an investigation of a disturbing crime scene at Louisiana’s Livingston house. The area is completely stained with blood. Mark Lewis, a police detective finds out three college scholars were brutally murdered after an attempt to communicate with the spirits of the dead. A disturbed and strangely behaved survivor, John is the only one they see at last.

As the investigations proceed by renowned psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, the team discovers that it is a complete puzzle where two more friends of John are missing. Finally, the movie ends with finding out all the dead bodies and John spitting out everything that happened, as a spirit. Demonic is one such film that will keep you on the edge of your chair waiting to find out what is going to happen next. Also, the ending is unexpectedly shocking and has an amazing plot twist. Demonic is definitely worth watching, with a 100% recommendation for a spooky night alone or with friends!

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9. Annabelle Trilogy

Top Horror movies annabell

Annabelle trilogy is a very good collection of movies. You can clearly see and enjoy the time and effort they put in at the beginning of each movie. These are the kind of movies that will make you think and rethink over what just happened. The plot takes you on a journey of a couple of John Form and Mia. John gifts a perfect and beautiful present to his wife who is pregnant and happy to be a mom. It’s a pretty vintage doll wearing a white gown dress. Soon after the arrival of the doll, things don’t go as expected. One night the demon somehow enters the house and attacks brutally on the pair. When the priest and other men try to invite the demon, they experience a bloody spell attempted on the nursery wall.

The blood is now dripping on Mia’s Doll which has turned from a sweet gift to an evil object. As the movie grows, it starts to get more interesting. From acting to execution, almost everything about this movie was great. Well, how can we forget the hell creepy doll? However, the plot of Annabelle is fairly predictable but, still; it binds you with itself beautifully. Unlike other horror movies, Annabelle relies on simple things like opening or closing doors, electric objects, and other items with enhanced sound effects. It ultimately keeps the audience panicked. So, what is your call? Are you up for this one?

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Special Mention: Malignant

Malignant is an upcoming American supernatural film of 2021, directed by James Wan. The story of this movie is designed by three people altogether, i.e. James Wan, Akela Cooper, and Ingrid Bisu (the screen players). It is about a woman named Madison who is paralyzed by the fear of shocking visions of hideous murders. Her suffering gets doubled when she finds out that her waking dreams are ultimately turning into hard-core realities. The production began on September 24, 2019, and closed on December 8, 2019.

Malignant is all set for a theaterical release in the United States on September 10, 2021, under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures. It was initially dated to be released on August 14, 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and complete lock-down, the film was removed from the release marked in March 2020. I am very excited to explore the amazing yet horrifying experience of this cinematic item. What about you? Are you excited too?

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Paranormal content is not always what we expect, but creating it differently with a unique story-line and theme, pays off a director’s hard work. If you haven’t seen any movies from the list we mentioned above, do watch them right now!!! Trust me; James Wan won’t disappoint you in any way! Watch his impressive work and yeah, don’t forget to thank me later!

So, would you like to experience the spooky chills alone in your room with lights off? Let us know your views and thoughts in the comment section below. Choose the best movie you loved from the above-mentioned films and for more such compelling and extraordinary content, keep visiting!
Good Luck, Fellas!

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