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9 Similar Movies like 300 you would love

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Being an addict to medieval action thrillers, how many times have you watched movies like 300 duology?
No, you can’t just count it.

Hollywood had served some miraculous feature films, and out of them, 300 has maintained its flavor and dignity thus far. What if you have never watched 300? Would you be able to know the culture and art of medieval wars and battles?

Connecting with such similar movies like 300 is a roller coaster journey where each one of us gets to pick our favorites, right? Now let’s remember the interesting thing when we use to mimic each dialogue and narrating it alongside the movie as a die-hard fan. But you know what? There is an untouched section of cinema that has not received much recognition and is still in disguise from the audience.


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Let us start our expedition to these mysterious cinematic pieces together!
Are you ready? Let’s Begin!

1. Beowulf

similar movies like 300 beowulf

This 3D animated action-thriller is based on a wonderful poem of the same name. With the live motion action and stunning star cast including Ray Winston, Anthony Hopkins, Crispin Glover, Angelina Jolie, and much more, this fantasy mystery has created a unique aura but did not get not much exposure in the American cinema. With a blend of imagination and intricate action series, Beowulf will definitely fascinate and petrify you simultaneously. If you are looking for some good visual effects, quirky mocap, and exclusive voice-overs, you must go for this marvelous cinematic piece.

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2. Immortals

similar movies like 300 immortals

Inspired by Greek mythology, Immortals is loosely based on king Theseus, a mortal man, which basically shows a war against king Hyperion, who travels to Greece for a riot to acquire the weaponry that can demolish the entire humanity and eliminate the gods. Released in 2D and 3D, this movie gained commercial success of $226 million with a budget of $75 million. Immortals was a blockbuster of 2011, nominated for several Saturn awards, including best fantasy film. Further, Vocal Media named it as one of the five most underappreciated fantasy films of 2018. Stream it on Amazon Prime.

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3. The Last Samurai

similar movies like 300 last samurai
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Oh! How can a medieval action thriller be completed without your favorite actor? Yes, you guessed it right; Tom Cruise took us to an outlying culture and proved how he justified being the last samurai. It can be considered as Cruise’s more effective and outstanding work in the field of action and adventure flick. The movie got the best responses from Japan compared to the United States, crossing $ 400 million on box office. Directed by Edward Zwick, the last samurai is what we will recommend you for exploring the remarkable acting competencies and subtle character of Cruise. Available on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

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4. Braveheart


This epic historical fiction war film of 1995 was an extraordinary piece of American cinema. Directed, Produced, and played by Mel Gibson, who portrayed the prime Scottish knight in the independence of Scotland, William Wallace, who, along with his army, attacks England to requite the demise of his secret spouse. With some sea war sequences and ultimate storytelling by Gibson, it made it magnificent and outstanding in the particular genre similar to 300.  Consequently, the movie bagged ten awards at the 68th Academy Awards. Giving a shot to ‘Braveheart’ would be a good decision if you are peering onto some good action films.

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5. Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of heaven

Directed by Ridley Scott, the epic historical movie, kingdom of heaven depicts the story of medieval France in 1184. The tale revolves around a young blacksmith who travels all the way to Jerusalem in pursuit of his own identity but finally halts to aid the country. With crisp details and marvelous cinematography, the kingdom of heaven tops its genre not only because of the narrative but also due to its widely praised star cast, making it one of the best similar movies to 300. It was a magical thriller of 2005 which did not get appreciation the way it should have. Stream it on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

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6. Alexander

similar movies list like 300 alexander

Based on the king and general of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonian, Alexander: The Great, this epic historical drama existed in four version cuts: initial theatrical cut (2004), director’s cut (2005), final cut (2007), and ultimate cut (2013). The plot whirls around how Alexander’s mother familiarizes him with planning and plotting to which he proves and conquers 90% of the world at the age of twenty-five. After defeating Persians, he heads towards India, which became his only defeated war. If you are a history lover, Alexander would certainly be a great choice, for that matter.

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7. Exodus: Gods & Kings

Exodus gods and kings christian bale

From the director of Gladiator, Robin Hood, Kingdom of Heavens, Exodus: Gods & Kings is a biblical epic that unfolds the story of Egypt exodus of Hebrews and Moses who stand against the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses and faced drastic plagues while traveling for an escape from Egypt with his 40,000 slaves. The movie was banned in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt due to its controversial interpretation. However, Exodus was a success at the box office, collecting more than $200 million. I would suggest you experience this cinema for once.

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8. King Arthur

similar movies like 300 king arthur

It is an ultimate showcase of a Roman official, Arthur, and its army, who experienced many tragedies and betrayals yet stood calm and brave throughout his life. The movie spins around the win and conquers over Samaria by their knights, who later are allowed to go home but after accomplishing that ‘one’ task. Originally the film was anticipated to be the six-film franchise, but later plans changed under some severe circumstances. It did not get much acceptance at the box office, but sometimes it is just about your taste which can be similar to 300 and different from others. Stream it on Netflix.

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9. Red Cliff

similar movies like 300

Popularly known as chibi, this Chinese epic war movie is a duology, where both the parts are interconnected. The story wheels around the Han Dynasty emperor who declares war against rebellious southern provinces to consolidate the entire nation. With a release in six different countries and a massive premiere in Beijing, the drama broke its previous Asian box office records made by titanic in 2008 and 2009. A huge cast of forty-two actors made this film a great success. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Bottom Line

It is not necessary to watch only blockbusters; maybe your taste tilts towards these spectacular motion pictures. There are several movies like 300 that you might have heard or even watched, for that matter, but mentioning these beautiful pieces was to remind you that you are really missing some wonderful stuff out there. You never know what is out there to amaze you.

So, set a movie, carry a bowl of popcorn, make yourself relax, and ENJOY. We hope you have got those movies, similar to 300, you were looking for through this article. Give your reviews and let us know if we missed any movie apart from the above-mentioned record.

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