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Most Expensive Movies Ever Made Of All Time

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Can you imagine the approximate cost of a single movie?
Oh god!! Can’t even think of it!
Films are made with a lot of effort from the team. Be it director, actors, producers, even the spot boys make the movie happen. But what requires the most is money! Without expenses there is nothing. It took a handsome amount to spend on the making of a film. From locations to food, everything is to be taken care of.
Considering the same, we are here to talk about some most expensive movies of all time that will leave you startled. If nothing else, you will at least know how much time, budget (only high), effort and brain are used to set up a movie for just a few hours.

These Highest Budget Movies will leave you astonished

Not exaggerating much and giving the least time, let us just find out the most expensive movies that will give you an idea of how to adjust three years of making in two hours of the cinematic piece. I know, I know, let us not break your excitement and tuck in the string of this journey!!


most expensive movies tangled

Don’t you think, animations take a lot of money to grow with the film? That’s because using the latest technology is expensive and not easy! Tangled where a princess named Rapunzel is locked by an old lady but her lovely blonde hair keeps her young and secure in every way possible. One day a prince asks her to live at her place, as a refugee, and in return, she asks him to escape her out from the so-called cage to explore the outside world. That is when both of them start falling for each other along with many difficulties. Oh god!! The high budget movie was made in $260 million and made a boom on the box office! If you haven’t watched this one yet, go for it!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Stars wars are another level of satisfaction in the world of movie series, isn’t it? Well, this series of wonderful movies have a beautiful spark to attract its audience. The plot goes around Luke Skywalker who is confident enough to raise a young woman named Rey, carrying strong signs of force. She always wanted to learn the ways of the Jedi forces but Luke needs to make a decision that can affect the lives of both of them. On the other hand, Ren and General Hux set an assault against Leia and want to conquer the Galaxy. The movie got $230-312 million spent in its making, making it one of the most expensive movies in Hollywood. Watch this amazing cinematic beauty and observe it yourself!

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast emma watson

Emma Watson has a different fan following after the harry potter series, what do you say? After all, she is extremely beautiful inside-out. Beauty and the Beast is one of her sweetest movies where a young angry prince along with his servants, gets trapped in a spell by a witch who turns him into a huge beast until he starts loving others. The beast, one day, attempts the crime of kidnapping the father of a young, beautiful village girl, Belle. She finds out the good behind the arrogant face of the beast. But as soon as they run out of time, Belle realizes that her fiancé is the real beast and she needs an escape from him. The movie budgeted for about $160-220 and made its name in the highest budget movies of all time. Watch this one out and fall for Ms. Watson all over again!

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The Lion King

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What happens when your favorite tale turns into a movie? Interesting, no? The Lion King draws a plot where, parents, King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi want their son Simba to be the next king of the jungle but according to Simba, the hurdles are thrown on the mission, from uncle Scar. He makes a trap to kill both of them and become the next king of the jungle. Scar makes another attempt to kill both of them, where Mufasa dies leaving Simba alive. Simba leaves the kingdom and is now grown up in a completely different place, while Scar now rules the kingdom. The movie is extremely emotional and well-executed with a budget of $250-260 million. Woah!! Need to watch it again, guys!

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most expensive movies titanic

Titanic was famous for 2 things when it was released – 1. heart-tearing story 2. Most expensive movie of that time.

Being a 90s movie, Titanic still holds its audience by the amazing soundtrack, beautiful execution and breathtaking plot, where on the cruise, a rich girl, Rose and poor guy, Jack fall in love with each other but faces a lot many difficulties by the rest of the family. Things go wrong when the ship bumps into a huge iceberg, breaking it into two parts and finally drowning in the cold sea. The end narrates that Jack dies, leaving Rose alive. The destiny does them apart and she remembers him every day with a number of memories. The movie was executed in 1997 with all VFX and digital graphics of that time. Insane, isn’t it? Want to relive that era? Don’t wait and watch it now!!

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John Carter

most expensive movies john carter
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Let’s count the number of times we have seen this movie? God! Uncountable. And the latest one being the most expensive movie of the lot.

The movie John Carter serves the story of a retired civil war person with the same name, who wakes up on planet mars out of nowhere, unaware of the circumstances he is going to deal with. The arguments and quarrels go heated when the inhabitants of the planet deal with the prince and princess. Suddenly, when things come to an end and the planet gets collapsed. Now the fate is in the hands of John Carter. Will he destroy or save them? Let us watch this 25 crores (USD) budget movie and find out what happens next!

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The Chronicles of Narnia

most expensive movies the chronicles of narnia

My first movie to see in animal animation was Narnia, what was yours? Well, the answers may differ, but the movie Narnia has some different vibes for its audience. The plot revolves around four siblings, who are advised to stay out of London, to the countryside, due to the explosive bombings at the time of World War 2. One fine day one of the siblings finds a way to enter the next World of Narnia through a magical wardrobe. In the next attempt, she asks her siblings to enter the world and finds a magical lion that helps them in destroying the evil and returning them back to their place. This 18 crores high budget movie spread its magic everywhere and is loved by all. So, how about re-watching it, friends?

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Avengers-Infinity War

most expensive movies avengers infinity war

Here comes the part of the most attractive and amazing movie series. Excited?? I know I know. Just hold your breath for Avengers endgame where the entire Avengers unit including Ironman, Thor, Hulk gets United to defeat the most powerful enemy of the unit i.e. Thanos. A mission is set to collect all six stones but Thanos decides to spoil it by any means. The destiny of the planet is now very uncertain and existence also fails to grow. What Avengers fought for seems very unfortunate to deal with. You won’t believe the movie spent 31.6 crores (USD) on the special effects and graphics. What do you think, is it that easy to please the audience!! Watch out for this wonderful high budget movie and enjoy your weekend!

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Pirates of the Caribbean

most expensive movies Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack is back!!! No, not Dawson but jack sparrow as captain in the wonderfully executed Pirates of the Caribbean who arrives at the Caribbean port without any ship at an inappropriate time. This is all because the town is surrounded by a pirate ship that kidnaps the daughter of the governor, Elizabeth. The queen is in the possession of a precious coin which is connected to a curse making the pirates undead. A blacksmith who is deeply in love with Elizabeth joins Captain Sparrow to knock down the pirates. Phew!!! That is the whole of a drama costing 14 crores (USD). Well, I guess it was worth the amount it invested in its making, what say, fellas?

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most expensive movies avatar

Yet another beautiful sci-fi fiction animation of 23.7 crores is Avatar which has been neatly executed, despite 80% of the graphics in the film. The plot draws itself in the lush alien world of the place Pandora where Na’vis lives with highly evolved techniques. Due to the polluted planet, human hybrids are supposed to get connected to human-like creatures to get permission for free walking in Pandora. A handicapped soldier, Jake Sully is connected through one such Avatar and falls for her gradually. The problem arises when the relationship grows and the battle of the existence of her world is on the verge. The movie had a great reception due to its most expensive graphics, indeed the movie was a blockbuster on the box-office, stop thinking and go for this magical film!

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Batman Vs Superman

Batman Vs Superman

All-time favorite heroes, right? Well, this cinematic piece has a beautiful plot view of its own, where Superman’s huge fight with Zod has left the city of metropolis thrashed within two years. The destruction and life loss have left the people very upset and helpless at the same time including Bruce Wayne, the billionaire. Believing that now the threat for humanity would be Superman, Batman comes up with a personal grudge to end his dominance on Earth while on the other hand Lex Luthor introduces his own struggle to fight with Superman. Woah!! This amazing plot of this 25 crores (USD) has given a new life to the story. Haven’t seen this one? Dude, you’re missing something great!

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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame

One needs guts to deal with monetary management, what say Kevin Feige?? Avengers end game gives you an idea of a story where the planet has no space for food and water, oxygen supply of Tony Starks reduces before he gives an indication to pepper Potts. On the other hand, the entire Avengers team must find out the way to bring their conquered people back just to give Thanos a great downfall as he has destroyed the planet as well as the universe by his cruel acts. After all, this evil Godfather needs a taste of defeat. The movie made a boom with the most expensive making of 35.6 crores and reached the top of the series. I remember watching it in the theatres, how was your experience though?

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

most expensive movies Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

If there’s something that has set an example for friendship, it is the Harry Potter series. It took a huge effort with VFX to fit in, most importantly in this section of the series where Howard’s feels unsafe after it encounters the conquer of death eaters. Meanwhile, when Dumbledore is more determined to train young wizards for the final battle with Voldemort, Harry finds out many dangers sneaking into the castle. Things go very wrong after the school faces different other dangerous activities making it hard for the students to survive. What will the management do to deal with it? Any guesses? I guess you need to watch this $250 million movie before you make your perception over things! Hurry up, now!

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Bottom Line

Nothing comes easy in life. You need to work hard, be clear in your head, work accordingly to achieve your goals. Similarly, a movie has a lot of targets that it has to achieve in the given time period. People listen more, they expect more. And that is when the real test starts!!
The above-mentioned most expensive movies were a part of this conversation, find out the best for yourself and do let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow Movque.com for such amazing content!

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