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Top 8 movies where best friends fall in love

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“Haha No! we are just friends” have you ever used this line? Or heard someone say it? Well, sometimes it’s true but most of the time it’s a way to get away from the truth. Nothing hurts more than a sound of heartbreak especially when you lose the love of your life as well as your best friend. I am mentioning some best friends fall in love movies where you can enjoy the journey of friendship and love with a happy ending. 

Here we put out the most interesting movies where best friends fall for each other! Watch it, you might realize something about your friendship. But, is it possible to recognize the process of falling in love with your best friend because we all love our friends irrespective of anything, where is the line, man? Movies are like a mirror sometimes, but I wonder how practical would it be, well why worry when we have precedents like these movies. GET SET GO!

Love, Rosie

best friends fall in love movies love, rosie

Falling in love with your best friend should be the simplest and natural thing ever, but still, people ignore that feeling and go after something different. The process is easy yet complicated, the realization sometimes hits after many years, sometimes it takes a lot of time, and sometimes just a few minutes. Love, Rosie is one such story, but what do you think about this whole scenario?

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The movie uncovers the emotions of two people gradually layer by layer. The two main characters drift apart but still never vanish from each other’s hearts. The story has many ups and downs and there will be a time when things get complicated. The love between the characters evolves and becomes stronger without even them realizing it. 

The wrong choices of the characters lead to unpleasant situations in their life and that force them to choose different paths in their life. The casting in the movie is on point, the audience could feel the pain of separation in characters very accurately because of the performances. Love, Rosie is a story of complicated emotions and wrong choices, yet touches your heart and makes you feel the love at the end.

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Zack and Mary make a prono 

best friends fall in love movies zack and mary make a prono

Wired things happen when two close friends meet, they can plan the stupidest things. Zack and Mary share a close bond and end up in a mess called love. 

As the name suggests, Zack and Mary do make an adult film to survive. The process makes them question their relationship. The movie is funny, witty, and more. Explore the ways love blossoms and enjoy their chemistry. Romantic comedies are always a delight to watch, especially when the story is a little unusual. This story will drag you into their lives and make you feel a part of them. 

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Made of honor 

10 years of friendship! Still could not realize the love for each other, well what to say love can be unpredictable. Things become a little crazy when a third person comes into the picture and takes the attention, but it’s necessary to understand the feelings. The love triangle becomes intense in this story and blocks the emotional flow and after that, the main hit called the sense of loss comes into the picture, it creates chaos in the relationship but never comes out as creepy. A strong friendship never goes in the process of expressing romantic interest.

This story tells the two different emotions. The process of blending friendship with love is a wonderful sight to the eye and it allows you to laugh a lot. 

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Just friends 

just friends movie

High school crushes are sometimes embarrassing and sometimes precious. The movie just friends tell the story of a guy who fell in love with his best friend in high school but had to handle the burns of rejection. However, a few years later fate takes him again to the place where he left the pieces of his heart. The story is a mixture of humor, love, and friendship.

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It’s never too late to see a crazy movie like this, fill up your week with fun and love. 

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What if 

best friends fall in love movies what if

“What if”! I love to use this, some of the favorite words of an over thinker!

This movie is about the journey of chemistry between two characters and the discovery of new emotions. The direction and performances will grab your attention and make you a part of their lives.

Love is never enough, but will it be enough if friendship with your partner comes first? Or it’s fine not to feel love wholly, may its beauty lie in the form of incompleteness. Romance and friendship are two different sides. Romance surely is a subjective topic and the path of friendship has freedom, but do you think these two can get along and paint a beautiful life?

Watch this fun story to polish your viewpoint about friendship and love!

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Forest Gump

movies about friends who fall in love forest gump

This movie is a masterpiece!

Forest Gump is much more than best friends falling in love, but it’s an important part of it. The love shown in the movie is pure and selfless. The characters got each other’s back throughout the movie. The portrayal of friendship love. Affection and dedication will touch your heart, it’s like a fresh chilled breeze

If you are one of the people who have not watched this masterpiece, then don’t waste your time more and be part of this amazing piece of work. This movie is one of Tom Hanks best performances.

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Harold and Maude 

harold and maude

Cinema has a special place in everyone’s heart due to the classics like Harold and Maude. The movie is shot in 1971, but it is ahead of its time. Time traveling is not possible but art can take you any timeline and help you enjoy the most of it. Harold and Maude is a well-structured piece of work with power-packed performances, script, and direction.

If going will take you a little ahead now then watching this story will never be a waste of time.

Romantic movies will make you feel love is out there somewhere and it will come to you. However, Romantic comedy movies in this list will show you that love is just beside you judging others and having fun with you, but realization can only happen after a dramatic series of events, well viewers can enjoy the mess as these stories are funny, witty and entertaining. 

Take a bite from this list and enjoy the sweetness and crunchiness of love. Life and friendship.

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