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Netflix’s My Name cast: The mind-boggling performances will make you forget your name! 

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My name cast: The mind-boggling performances will make you forget your name!

Life will throw many surprises at you, some will make you laugh and some break your heart into billions of pieces, but in both cases, you have to choose the way to maximize or minimize the situation respectively. Some incidents will haunt you, points questions at you, push you into the sea of guilt and self-doubt, however, no matter how difficult the circumstances are you will have to learn how to swim and the best way to learn that is during drowning! 

The story “My name” takes us through an emotional turmoil with a lot of aggression and most importantly REVENGE! When characters in the stories stick in our eyes, we start to see their life with their emotions and that’s when the story makes a home in our hearts. “My Name” has that quality, as the cast of each role makes the series a gem. The beautiful portray of each character makes the audience think and feel the series. 

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Sometimes it’s necessary to know the stars behind the light, so I am putting out the details of the stars that gave the audience light of entertainment in the packet of mystery, emotions, and revenge. Time to wear your star glasses because the quality of the brightest of these stars is more than our western audience might not be familiar with these stars, if you know them then kindly let us know in the comment section!!

Ji Woo:

my name netflix cast han so-hee

Played by Han So-Hee 

Her eyes are the mirror to the criminals, her eyes can burn the city and vanish the culprit, her anger can turn heaven into hell, Ji woo the main character of the story takes the viewers with her on the journey of revenge. Han So- Hee cast as Ji woo in My name was into the character completely. 

The pain of losing her father turned into the game of revenge, but she was unaware of the path to reach. h at her destination. Her anger never left her, and it pushed her into the circle of the biggest drug gang. She changes herself and her name during the process of finding the killer of her father. 

Han So-Hee’s played the character very convincingly and connected well with the audience. She is a part of many Korean Dramas all the dramas became top-rated programs. She bagged many awards and appreciation for her performances in all the dramas. “My Name” added one more feather to her crown.

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Choi Mu-Jin

my name netflix cast park hee-soon

Played by Park Hee-Soon 

Choi Mu is the boss of Ji woo’s father, he treated him like a brother. Initially, Choi Mu refused to help Ji woo when she asked his help to find the killer, however, later he offered her help, he helped her with the training and supported her to become strong. According to Choi Mu, the killer is a police officer so he guided Ji woo in that direction and gave her enough training to survive in a police department with a fake identity.

Park Hee-Soon will be seen in another Netflix Korean series which is also related to the drug ring called Exemplary. He showed his potential in many Korean movies and received various awards for the same.

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Do Gang-Jae 

my name netflix cast chang ryul
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Played by Chang Ryul

What fun without cruel villains, right! Chang Ryul played the role of Chang Ryul probably the most hated character in the series. When viewers hate a character that means the actor did justice to the role, he was evil with a lot of secrets about Ji woo’s father and Choi Mu-jin. Do Gang- Jae was jealous of Ji woo after he lost a fight with her. Later, he tried to harm to calm his ego and pain of defeat, fortunately, he was not successful in that. After that incident, Choi Mu threw him away from the training center and that injected hate in Do Gang-Jae. 

Do Gang – Jae is the first role of Chang Ryul in the field of acting, he did a great job! Hoping to see him in more series.

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Yoon Dong-hoon/Song Joon-su

ji woo's father yoon kyung-ho

Played by Yoon Kyung-ho

Yoon Dong is Ji woo’s father who had been killed by someone. There are not many scenes of Yoo Dong, but he is a main part of the story. Yoo Kyung ho played the role of a father and a spy very well. The father–daughter bond portrayed by the actors made the series more beautiful and meaningful.

Yoon Kyung ho appeared in many shows, he will be next seen in Honest candidate 2.

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Ahn Bo-Hyun 

my name netflix cast jeon pil-do

Played the role of Jeon Pil-Do

Jeon Pil-Do is a cop and partner of Ji woo. The two shared a very rough relationship at the beginning of the story, however, gradually their relationship becomes stronger and beautiful.
Ji woo got another person who loved her and helped her. He loved Ji woo deeply and was ready to be with her in every circumstance, but destiny had something else in its bag.
As the story progresses, we can see the wonderful character development of Jeon from a brave cop to a soft lover.

You can also see him in “her private life” and   Netflix’s “Itaewon Class”.

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Kim Sang-ho 

my name netflix cast kim sang-ho

played the role of Cha Gi-ho 

Cha Gi-ho is leady of the police agency. He carries the burden of secrets about Ji woo’s father. Ji woo misunderstood him, but later she tried to connect the dots. Kim Sang’s acting skills enhanced the character, he very brilliantly portrayed a dedicated police officer.

“My name” is Kim Sang’s first acting work, he worked more behind the camera. He directed the following TV show, Can You Hear My Heart? Spring Must Be Coming and Money Game.

Cast plays a very important role in the success of a series or movie and it surely did its part in My Name. The characters are the heart and soul of a story, therefore it’s very important to bring the best actors on the screen to show the story with ease.

Watch “My Name” on Netflix, if you have not already, don’t miss this entertaining and thrilling piece of work.   

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