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9 Awesome Chick Flick Movies Girls would be excited to watch

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How about having a girl’s get-together, party, night out, or even a big fat reunion?
Relatable, isn’t it?
It is always been fun to get out of the houses for some amazing chaos with friends. But girls have a different way to celebrate all their happiness and sorrows. With a piece of comfort, relaxation, and chill these ladies have got all of it in their clutch, and enjoying movies is one of their favorite parts. Looking up to this Hollywood has come up with some best chick flick movies which are tremendously adorable to watch.

These movies will keep you connected and inspiring at every step. So, without letting a minute go, let us give our beauties some space and enjoy them as they want. After all, Girls like to swing!!

9 Awesome Chick Flick Movies Girls would be excited to watch

Heya Girls! We are coming up with a new set of best chick flick movies of all time that would be an immense pleasure to watch. What are you waiting for? Let’s move on to this incredible list of outstanding films liked and appreciated by our beautiful ladies. Ready?
Here we go, ladies!

1. The Notebook

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The Notebook

If there’s any perfect girl’s night out, it could be with the chemistry of Allie and Noah. With some romantic and steamy scenes, this movie takes your heart away. The story goes about a couple named Noah (mill worker) and Allie (a rich girl) who are so much in love but aren’t able to get each other due to the disapproval of Allie’s parents. Later, Noah returns back to serve World War II and Allie start dating different man.

But later he comes back to the town at Allie’s wedding but both of them find out that their love is still alive. The Notebook is worth watching for the epic “Rain Kiss” and nobody is going to judge you if you are watching it three times in a row. Well, just to tell you that it is certainly one of the best chick flick movies to watch with your girlfriends holding a glass of wine. Stream it on Netflix.

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2. Clueless

chick flick movies, clueless

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This Jane Austen’s inspired movie flawlessly amazing and above all how can we forget Alicia Silverstone justifying remarkably her character as Cher Horowitz. The plot of Clueless sets up about a girl named Cher who is a superficial, rich, and socially victorious girl. Being very popular in her school, she starts attempting matchmaking, where she picks two teachers to date each other, at first. Satisfied with her skills, she gives a makeover to a nerd student Tai, but as Tai becomes famous, she realizes about his stepbrother’s disagreement to get her on the right track and ends up falling for her. The movie carries a romantic subplot, but what catches your attention are the outstanding dialogue delivery, great music, and magnificent fashion and styling. So, grab your purse ladies, it’s our night tonight!!

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3. Pitch Perfect Series

chick flick movies

Just like any other college comedy, this lovely movie about a group of singing ladies is treating to the eyes. The plot summary hangs around a sincere college student named Beca, who has no plans to be a part of the band but ends up in the same. Being together with a bunch of different kinds of girls, she finds that the only common thing they all share is “Singing”. She plans the schedule accordingly and starts practicing with the troop with some fantastic combinations in a struggle to win a college music competition. The Pitch Perfect Series is just stupefying, so leave all the things and start watching it with your gang. And lastly, if you are done with the movie, you can re-watch Beca’s “Cup Song”.

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4. The Devil Wears Prada

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devil wears prada

Directed by David Frankel, this 2006 movie has its own aura of attracting people in a certain way. Well, chick-flick without TDWP?? No way! The plot serves the story of a sweet innocent girl named Andy (played by Anne Hathaway) who has just passed out her college and carries big dreams on her shoulder to fulfill. The reputed Runway Magazine hires her to assist a wicked editor named Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep).

Andy is so pissed off that she now questions her viability to go through the harsh track of her boss, without hurting herself. The Devil Wears Prada was a quick and clean change of Hathaway from a nerd to hottie. Also alongside Hathaway, the movie was a space shuttle to Emily Blunt’s career. Ahh! What to say about Meryl’s character acting skills! The combination is just crisp and on-point. Watch this chick-flick comedy to be a supporting hand in Andy’s struggle!

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5. Ibiza

chick flick movies

Fast-forwarding to 2018, this romantic comedy has gained good audience reactions and appreciable critics’ reviews. The movie plot tells the story of a hardworking girl, Harper, who is tired of working in a PR firm and wants a break. Her cruel boss asks her to fly to Barcelona for a client meeting, which she follows and flies with two of her friends. There she meets a DJ/superstar Leo West, spends a good time, and forgets about the client. Later, on being fired by her boss, she opens her own PR firm and lives life smoothly with Leo and her friends. Ibiza can be tagged as an “if a lost weekend had a face” movie which is so amazing and fun to watch. After all, we need our time gurlsss!!!

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6. Bridesmaids

chick flick movies

Oh god! I literally laughed my lungs out watching this teen comedy movie. This amazing chick flick is about a girl named Annie, whose life is a topsy-turvy track. The only thing she is happy about is her best friend’s engagement where she is all set to be the maid of honor for her. Going through financial crises she gets along in her wedding with all the expensive rituals a maid of honor is supposed to do. Making the wedding hardcore fun, she decides to twist it in a modern way along with the bride and her other maids.

Bridesmaids will have you laughing out loud not only because of many of its amusing scenes but also how a wedding can get a makeover of a runaway. Also, holding sensible and mature journey of how teenage girls grow up mature but still wants to have a fun-loving get together. Further, Bridesmaids is something regretful to miss as it will ask to you attempt the same at your friend’s wedding! Well, we are not responsible for later scolds!

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7. Ocean’s 8

ocean's 8

Ooo, I was waiting for this lovely 2018 cinematic set. Ocean’s 8 is a spin-off of the Gary Ross Ocean trilogy. The plot of the story says about a girl who has been working upon a robbery for the past 5 years and eight months. She is now aware of what it is going to take, i.e. an expertise gang of girls who are outstanding in this field. Starting this journey with her best friend Lou Miller, they hire a team of professionals including jeweler Amita, street con Constance, suburban mom Tammy, hacker Nine Ball, and fashion designer Rose.

The thing which they have the eyes upon is a necklace worth $150 million which they are set to certainly rob at Met Gala. Well, that is a huge amount though! A remarkable team of eight talented actors: Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, and Helena Bonham Carter. Ready for a girl’s night out? Watch Ocean’s 8, a bold and entertaining movie for your gang!

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8. Mean Girls

chick flick movies

This chick flick comedy written by Tina Fey has a number of one-liners with a fantastic dialogue delivery by the cast. The plot of Mean Girls narrates the story of a girl named Cady Heron whose parents are scientists and had been living and studying in Africa. Cady experiences a new life in public school after her family travels to the outskirts of Illinois. She becomes cruel, showoff, and means. She later finds out she has been a part of an elite group of students which are known as “the plastics” and quickly decides to get off this tag by detaching herself from the gang. This 2004 movie is an addiction to watch and repeat the dialogues word to word. Crazy! Isn’t it? Try out this ‘Mean’ movie with a bunch of your girlfriends. Also do not forget to enjoy Amy Poehler’s Cameo.

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9. Hustlers

chick flick movies

This fun and thought-provoking 2019 film carries a flawless star cast that tells about the chronicle of sisterhood found in a strip club. The synopsis of this movie narrates a story about a girl named Destiny (Constance Wu) who works in a strip club. But her life changes after meeting the club’s highest money earner, Ramona. Ramona tells the tips and tricks to get the money out of client’s pocket who visits very often at their club. Later they face cuts in their profits due to economic crises in 2008. Both the girls along with few other friends decide to come up with a daring scheme to re-track their normal life.

Hustlers is a masterpiece for the women’s power that throws the light on being super ambitious and hardworking bread-earners. According to critics, Hustlers is the kind of era-defining film that Hollywood didn’t know it needed. Eager to watch it now? What are you waiting for? Just hop on to get that TV remote!

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Girls are like free birds who want to fly, run and play along and live their life to the fullest. They need to be pampered with extra care during their problems. But above all, having their own personal space is what all the girls want from life and that break could be of some best chick flick movies so far which can keep them at peace and calm.

Keeping that in mind we have come up with a lovely bunch of movies that a group of girls or individuals can adore. Well, we are done for now but will return back soon with a new couple of films. Till then, let us know in the comment section below, which one of the chick flick movies you loved the most, and keep visiting us for regular updates and facts.
Hasta la Vista!

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