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12 Jaw dropping facts you wouldn’t know about Vampire Diaries

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Are you a fan of paranormal or supernatural stuff, like me?
Well, many of you may be not!

Apart from romantic, horror, sitcom, action, etc., there is a unique genre, which is supernatural. The audience sometimes demands this category to know more about the existence of Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, and many more. Maybe a show can unfurl it for them! Thinking of which, a show pops up in my mind which carries a similar genre and style, i.e. The Vampire Diaries.

Started in 2009, this show conquered trillions of hearts in its pilot episode. The audience watched it leaving all their chores but did not know the behind the scene struggles of the cast and crew. So, on that note, we are here to reveal some jaw-dropping facts about The Vampire Diaries.
Let’s get started!

12 Hidden Secrets about your favorite Show: The Vampire Diaries

Yeah! We know you are highly excited to go through the list. Making that sure, we are finally revealing some absolute jaw-dropping facts about The Vampire Diaries. So, fasten your seat belts, hold on tight and enjoy the expedition!
Let’s Fly!

#1 Different Last Name

Facts vampire diaries salvatore brothers whitmore
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‘THE SALVATORE BROTHERS’- The name itself sounds like a symbol of dignity and glory. What if the producers changed their surnames? No Way! We can’t even think of any other name. However, in the initial script, their names were listed under “WHITMORE” brothers for no reason at all. But later after giving another thought, the producer Julie Plec decided to change the name from WHITMORE brothers to SALVATORE brothers. This was done for the script which was being matchless with the character’s behavior and also to maintain the originality and freshness of the book series. Later in a press conference, Julie stated “This could be the dumbest thing we ever could have thought”. Oh, God! We are glad to know that fortunately the last names were swapped before airing the show!

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#2 Katherine & Elena Were Opposites

Facts vampire diaries katherine and elina

We have seen the arrogant and bitchy side of Katherine, while the pure and serene side of Elena. They both have justified their role in every manner. But you know what? In the book version of the show, their characters are just opposite i.e. Nina is mean and stubborn while the producers made a huge decision over the character of Elena’s Doppelganger, Katherine is calm and composed. The crew agreed to the character switch and presented them in the way they have been portrayed. However, fans were very disappointed when Elena was black-haired instead of blonde (book version) but they somehow compensated with the innocence and sincerity of Elena. What if the roles were reversed, just like books. Would be able to accept them that way? Do let us know!

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#3 Nina Mucked Up Her Initial Audition

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So naïve and kind, Elena Gilbert, was the lifeline of The Vampire Diaries. It is hard to sketch anybody else playing the role, as she was perfect for it. Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) was remarkable and held the nobility of the character so beautifully in the show. But being extremely unsatisfactory in her first audition, she somehow was unable to get it. Later, she re-recorded the audition and sent it to the producers, where she got her part. Everyone from the team was mesmerized by how magnificent, outstanding and alluring she was. The reason for not being up to the mark that time was, that Nina was very unwell and did not give her best on the day of the audition. Thinking of it, we wonder how we would have adjusted with another girl playing Elena, which is beyond Imagination.

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#4 Cops and Calls

Facts vampire diaries stars arrested

This might sound interesting and scary at the same for you, but the girls of The Vampire Diaries were way too brave and bold for commoners. On August 22, 2009, four ladies (Nina Dobrev, Kayla Ewell, Krystal Vayda, Sara Canning, and Candice Accola) were reported hanging out on a bridge in Georgia, by few riders. He called 911 and the police took immediate action over girls. They were charged to distract local people by clicking pictures on a free road. Each one of them got arrested along with the photographer, Tyler Shields, where they co-operated and gave the fine of $1000 individually. Everyone was warned and released on the same day. It was just for fun, but sometimes fun can convert into a messy disaster. If you know what I mean!

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#5 Taylor Swift Became an Inspiration

Taylor Swift

Yes! You heard it right. The famous Hollywood singer, Taylor Swift gave a hint to make a character like her personality. According to Nina Dobrev, the producers tried their ass off to get Taylor Swift on the show but it did not work due to the tight schedules both ways. The character of Lexi (played by Arielle Kebbel), who has crafted the role of Stephan’s best friend in the show, was taken from Swift’s identity. The character was inspired by Swift and set friendship goals for its audience, worldwide. The writers had started writing the role for her but when she could make it; Kebbel took up the part and sustained it thoroughly. Oh, it would have been so great to have Taylor on the show, No offense Arielle!

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#6 Love Was in the Air

Facts vampire diaries love in the air

A show doesn’t really stand just on the cast, scripts, crew, acts, etc. rather it goes beyond it, affecting personal relationships too. The Vampire Diaries became a part of that ritual too. There were a number of on-set romances from the show like Paul Wesley dated two ladies, Torrey DeVito and Phoebe Tonkin, from the show while Joseph Morgan fell in love and got married to Persia White.

The cute, bubbly, and dynamic lady, Candice Accola was also in a relationship with two men from the show, i.e. Zack Roerig and Steven Macqueen. Last but not the least, the biggest hot couple who made a journey of love from reel life to real life was Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, who were together for three long years, before splitting apart in 2013. Well, people do get attached working in the same show; after all, you can’t get away from love! Right?

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#7 Another Vampire Show

Ian Somerhalder’s Damon Salvatore

Can you imagine The Vampire Diaries without Damon? Or the Damon we had was not chosen? Yes, you guessed it right, Ian Somerhalder’s, which played the part of Damon Salvatore, the first choice was not The Vampire Diaries rather it was a different show carrying the same bloodsucking genre, True Blood. During a press conference, Ian told that a year ago, he auditioned for True Blood and really wanted to be a part of it, but could not make it somehow and he still doesn’t have the courage to watch the show without him being in it. However, it was a role of Jason Stackhouse and that too with HBO, which was a big association for Ian, but thankfully, we found our Damon, who became a heartthrob of millions of girls!

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#8 The Final Words

Do you remember that hot and sexy look on Damon’s face when he meets his brother for the first time in the show? Oh that “HELLO BROTHER” moment is just breathtaking! That was something that became popular instantly after the show revealed the quote. The words went on like forest fire and got famous among its fans.

To maintain the rawness and connectivity from season one, the TVD team decided to put the quote in the final season too. But this time, the quote was a bit different, stating, “Oh, I see they have hero hair in heaven”. These lines were finalized for the eighth season but Julie changed her mind and asked the cast to repeat the same ‘Hello Brother’ quote. It was so heart-touching to listen to those words for the last time on the show. Was it just me or you too felt the tears rolling down your cheeks at that moment?

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#9 From German to Bulgarian

elene dobrov

The show was filled with a brilliant and talented cast. In which, Nina Dobrev did a marvelous job. She carried both the characters i.e. Elena and Katherine, wonderfully. Though it was a very hectic schedule for her to play these parts she held together and went awesome at last. Playing ‘A Girl Next Door’ character of Elena was easier as compared to portraying Katherine’s bitchy side, that too when she is Bulgarian. But to tell you, in the original script, Katherine was supposed to have German roots, whose name was Katherine Von Swartzchild. But as Nina is born and brought up as a Bulgarian under the name Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva and can speak the language effortlessly, Katherine was changed to a girl from Bulgaria with the name Katherine Petrova. Well, Yes! Undoubtedly, we can easily see that in her accent too!

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#10 Not So Good Friends

Facts vampire diaries elena stephen not so friends

We loved how the show started with a beautiful meet of Elena and Stephan, isn’t it? But do you know that Nina Dobrev (played Elena Gilbert) and Paul Wesley (played Stephan Salvatore) were not on good terms off-camera, in the initial five months of shooting? Yes! That’s true; the pair wasn’t able to connect properly together in real life, at that time. During a podcast of Candice and Kayla, Dobrev stated that she respected Paul but didn’t like him.” To which Paul agreed by saying “We totally clashed a couple of years in terms of getting on to each other’s nerves, and developed this wonderful friendship”. Wait, What? But we didn’t get any sore vibes from the couple in the show, well; I guess that’s the beauty of incredible acting skills!

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#11 Real Life Mystic Grill

mystic grill

Yeah, it is true! The most iconic location on the sets of The Vampire Diaries was this hangout place called MYSTIC GRILL. It is said to be the real-life location where cast and crew use to hang out after the lights use to get off. They have a number of games and sitting space to spend a wonderful time together. Arrrr, Not for Nina and Paul, I guess! This dazzling bar is located in Vancouver, Canada with the same name, where the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries was shot. For the rest of the series, they decided to make a replica of the same mystic grill to make the scenes and sequences similar. How interesting! Isn’t it? Well, for that you need to come out of the show to experience the bar in Canada. SO, would you like a visit to Real Mystic Grill?

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#12 More Supernaturalism

The sharp fangs, dripping blood, heart pumping in hand; it is so dramatic and thrilling to swallow such content. But sometimes feels interesting to know the real picture behind it. Right? Vampires and werewolves are the theme supernatural entity on which the show is based, which has been depicted so exquisitely on the series. But are you aware of the fact that there are more supernatural figures depicted in the book by E.L. James apart from these two? Absolutely! The book has given the description of angels, foxes, spirits and many other occult creatures, which the show lacks. May be the directors and producers of the show didn’t want it to be too supernatural. I guess there is so much space for these supernatural beings to fit in a spin-off series, you never know!

Bottom Line

Supernatural shows are something we all fantasize to be a part of. Be it be in the romantic phase of brutal thrillers, we all get connected with them so easily. The same goes with the vampire diaries. Imagining yourself in place of Alena, Damon, or Stephan for that matter, makes our hearts flutter even to think of it. If we see the characters which are pulled off so beautifully, I mean, who isn’t a fan of Ian Somerhalder? Despite being a bad guy, every girl drools over Damon and paints a rosy picture of herself with him.

Well undoubtedly, the vampire diaries are said to be the longest-running show ever on television for some reason! So, now we hope that you have really got some jaw-dropping facts about the vampire diaries. Aren’t they interesting? Let us know in the comments section below about that one dark secret of the show that surprised you the most, also stay connected with for such mysterious content!

Do svidaniya!

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