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#10 Movies that will take you in the world of Friends With Benefits

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Have you ever thought of being with someone just for some personal profit?
Well, this is not what one wants, right?
People share different bonds with each other. Many of them might be very close while others may be neutral. You never know what one has in their heart and mind. But honestly, there are some relationships that cannot be named!! They are……just friends, but with some benefits. And these benefits are decided by the couple’s mutual understanding and compatibility.
Looking into the scenario, Movque has taken the matter into its hand to share some classic information with you all about the movies similar to friends with benefits. Need not to say more I guess, let’s not wait more and dive in to explore what all Movque has in his treasure!!!

10 Movies that will take you in the world of Friends With Benefits

God!! I can’t wait to share all the below mentioned movies similar to friends with benefits with you. Let us just hurry up and give ourselves a great kinky time! What say? So, guys and gurlsss!!! Be active and get ready to dig in the whole main course of this delicious movie platter!! The wait is now over!
Get Set!

Crazy Stupid Love

movies like friends with benefits crazy stupid love

Love is a feeling that makes your heart flutter like a free bird!! But it isn’t the same with forty years of Cal who been married for twenty-five years with her school lady, Emily. But the relationship shatters when Emily asks for a divorce as she is now in love with another man who treats her like a queen. Cal is not hopeless. To get rid of his sorrow, he visits a bar and meets Jacob, who helps him redeem his masculinity. It’s always like, “If Jacob is there! Need not worry, he eases your life and there’s no going back”. Trusting this Cal trusts him and the mess begins!! Uh, oh!! We weren’t expecting this!! Loving is tough, though! I guess that’s the reason they have mentioned the title that way!! What do you think?

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Two Night Stand

movies like friends with benefits two night stand

Think of spending a night with a guy you just met and getting stuck for days together!! Uhh! Cute and awkward at the same time right? The same happened with an unemployed and single lady, Megan who joins a dating website and finds Alec. Both of them decide to have a one-night stand but due to a heavy snowstorm, Megan is unable to leave the house. Trying ‘n’ number of games, they decide to go for a second round of “SEX”. Sooner, Megan finds out Alec’s former girlfriend has cheated on him and that’s the reason he joined the dating website. Things get into mess before they both reunite, falling seriously for each other. Thank God!! I thought there was no happy ending!! Don’t you think it is cute to start liking a stranger for real! C’mon, let’s watch this one…. please!!!! Bonus Tip – The movie has many elements similar to Friends with Benefits.

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What Happens in Vegas

movies like friends with benefits what happens in vegas

At times it is hard to carry a relationship you take vows for. Yes, you are right! Marriage isn’t a game, it’s a promise that two people make to live together. Well, the movie says it all when after a long night of partying hard in Vegas, Jack Fuller and Joy McNally end up getting married. When the regretful couple is dragging towards their new life, a shining 3 million dollar lottery ticket comes in between. Now, in order to win the ticket, they have to stick together and fulfill all their wedding duties. They need to prove that they are the best couple and deserve to win the lottery ticket. Uhhh!! Well, this was a bit like tagging along for no reason at all, but you never know when you develop feelings for your fake better half!! Isn’t it?

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Love & Other Drugs

love & other drugs
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Don’t you think, love is a drug? I think it’s an addiction to deal with. This movie carries a similar plot where Jamie shares a casual and sexual with his manager’s wife but loses his job of selling appliances. He starts working in a pharmacy in Pittsburgh as a pharmaceutical representative. Meanwhile, Jamie meets Maggie while convincing a customer for giving Zoloft rather than Prozac. Maggie is charming and energetic and fulfills all his demands for being a perfect match. Jamie starts to fall in love with her. This is the time when viagra takes over the pharmaceutical market and Jamie becomes one of the highest-paid sales officers. This hits Maggie to share her things with him. Will they stand together? Let’s watch this confusing yet interesting movie and see how it ends!! Ready?

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No Strings Attached

no strings attached

Can you switch off your emotions and just be there for sexual pleasure? I guess the movie ‘No strings attached’ indicates the same and this movie is the most similar one to Friends with Benefits. The movie starts off with Adam waiting for summer camp to meet Emma in the past. But now he is all set to be a scriptwriter while Emma on the other hand is a pharmacy intern. Adam one day drinks a lot as he gets in a hot argument with his selfish father who is twice divorced. Meanwhile, Adam is taken to the emergency medical apartment where he ends up lying naked on the floor. Emma is looking for a perfect match for a fling thing but unsucceeds before Adam asks her for being sex mates without any strings attached. And then the main things start, will they get what they want or just create chaos? Let’s watch this awesome movie and finds out what happens next!!

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting your ex after a breakup is like death. You miss everything about that person but what if you find it better than them??? “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is one such movie where a composer and highly depressed sad human, Peter is dumped by his celebrity girlfriend, Sarah Marshall after five long years. Peter is all shattered, he keeps on crying every time. In the end Brian, his stepbrother comes to the rescue. He asks Peter to go on a vacation and get over it. Peter follows the same and reaches the resort on Oahu where he checks in and finds Sarah with her new boyfriend. The crying starts again but Rachel, a humble hotel clerk tackles it perfectly. But will Peter be able to throw Sarah out of his heart?? To know the complete plot watch this beautiful cinematic art and enjoy your day!!

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One Day

best romantic movies, one day

Life is so unpredictable!! We don’t know when and where your life companion is waiting for you!! You just need to find them like Dexter and Emma did, who meet each other on university graduation night. One can easily find them on the 15th of July, their anniversary date. Dexter holds good fate for women and success while on the other hand, Emma is completely opposite. She is bad at luck and works hard to get success. Things go in different directions as they progress in their individual lives by meeting new opportunities and people. But somehow, at the end of every happening, they both find a way with each other and realize that they are destined to be together no matter how hard life is!! Awww!!! Isn’t it cute!! Come let’s watch this adorable film together and see how love grows within the couple!! Ready?

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When Harry Met Sally

How according to you the concept of friends-with-benefits work? Well, you can’t tell till you are into the same scenario. However, I think it is tough and easy at the same time but sometimes it is quite confusing to pick. The story of this movie deals with two characters named Harry and Sally who complete their graduation and get back to New York together. Both of them start talking and get on a topic that a man and woman can never be friends as both the genders will satisfy their sexual needs. After around ten years, they meet and become good friends. Both of them speak out their personal lives, finally falling for each other. But the doubt arises; will they be able to hold their relationship after sleeping together? Watch it out and see how they deal with all this mess!!

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Just Go With It

just go with it

Relationships are crazy as hell!! One cannot find out how it can mess around in a happy-go-lucky life. This chaos can be seen in this movie where Danny carries a bad experience in relationships. He decides to tell that he is married to every woman he flings out with. Days later he meets palmer, a beautiful young woman whom Danny thinks could be the one for him. She somehow finds out that Danny is married but he explains her saying that he is getting divorced soon. Danny asks Katherine to present as his wife when palmer insists on a meeting. Katherine talks about her children when palmer thinks it’s Danny’s. Sooner Katherine’s son outwits Danny by mentioning their Hawaii trip!! Wait, what?? Can’t get that one, c’mon let’s watch then talk about it!!! Swoosh!!!

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movies like friends with benefits trainwreck

Do you believe in love? No, actually what is the real definition of love according to you is? Heavy question, right? The movie Trainwreck is all about questioning marriage and love where Amy, a small little girl has stuffed in her head that wedlock isn’t real in life by her idiot dad. She lives up to it and becomes a successful writer, feeling that she is now free to be alone without any suffocating and boring relationship commitments. But actually, she is in a deep ditch where there is no going back. But now she finds a title to write on her new assignment i.e. a hot and handsome sports doctor named Aaron Conners. Conners likes Amy but Amy is now in dilemma, whether to go for it or not!! Hmmm!! Another confused protagonist wanna see how she gets there?? Let’s hop on to this one now!!!

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The Final Verdict

Being selfish is not wrong and that too for love? Naah! Not at all! When two people are in love they don’t care about the future, rather they live in present, spending some beautiful time, making unforgettable memories together no matter what their future is gonna be!! But when you are friends with benefits, which can cost a bit more than selfishness!! Am I right? Or Am I right?

(Giggles) Well, I’ll now leave it as an open discussion for you all, and trust me you’ll get all your answers!! (Wink). Hope you liked the movies similar to friends with benefits and got what you were really searching for! We promise to keep you updated on the current movies and TV shows but for that keep following Movque for regular updates and information!!

Stay happy and blessed!!

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