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Missing Your Partner? 11 Best Romantic Movies To Remind You Of Your Better Half

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When you are in love, distance can be painful. And this pain only gets worse when the relationship actually becomes long distance. Since the world is hyper-connected today, you can fall in love with someone much more easily.
Even if you fall in love with someone within geographical proximity, you will find yourself in a long-distance relationship at one point or another. During those times, you should remember that physical distance is not everything. Although best romantic movies might make you miss your partner more, they will also remind you to keep believing in the spark between you and your partner.

1) Going The Distance (2010)

best romantic movies, going the distance

‘Going the Distance ‘is a relatable, heartwarming and funny romantic comedy that centres around young love. Here, the main characters try to make their relationship work while living in separate states. It is the most relatable and original film that revolves around long distance relationship movies you will find on Netflix.

A young woman intern meets a boy in the movie while she is in New York for the summer. And they start an exciting fling. Then they expect it to be just that, but feelings creep up. Eventually, they realize their deep feelings for each other. And they try to make their relationship work when Erin returns to San Francisco.

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2) One Day (2011)

best romantic movies, one day

This is one of the best romantic movies that requires a lot of tissues to dry up your tears. But, this tearful romantic drama will make you realize how grateful you are for your partner. And it will remind you of the love you both have for each other. ‘One Day ‘is based on David Nicholls’ novel. So, the movie follows the story of two friends, Dexter and Emma. The storytelling for their love is amazing. It starts with the two college friends spending the night together for the first time. And it unravels a series of events that change their lives forever. Ultimately, their story ends in a totally unexpected way.

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3) Like Crazy (2011)

best romantic movies, like crazy

This movie captures the raw emotion of love, and this aspect makes it the most favoured movie about long-distance relationships. It is about a British college student who falls for an American boy during her trip to the United States. However, their relationship experiences unexpected challenges when she gets banned from the U.S. for overstaying her visa.

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4) Dear John (2010)

best romantic movies, dear john
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This movie will have you bawl your eyes out. One of my favorite movies about long-distance relationships, ‘Dear John’, portrays the story of a soldier who falls for a college student while he’s home on leave. This unexpected relationship turns both their lives completely upside down after John re-enlists in the army. Hence, it meant the couple could only stay in touch over letters. It is available to stream on Netflix.

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5) Before Sunrise (1995)

best romantic movies before sunrise

‘Before Sunrise’ is a beautiful love story that shows you that you can meet your soulmate anywhere. Jesse, an American, is traveling through Europe by train. He meets Celine, who is on her way to start school in Paris.

Long-distance lovers will relate to the instant spark and intense connection between these two. Additionally, the pain the characters go through when they separate will pull on your heartstrings and bring back memories. This is one of the top movies about long-distance relationships for long-distance lovers, especially those who met while traveling.

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6) The Notebook (2004)

best romantic movies, the notebook
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‘The Notebook’ is a story within a story. It follows the story of an older man who regularly visits a woman in a nursing home. And he reads to her a story from an old notebook. It is a heartbreaking tale of a young couple during World War II. And they are forced to separate, making them lose contact. Further, many years later, they reunite, but their lives have moved on. This remains one of the best romantic movies of all time that would make you miss your partner a lot.

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7) You’ve Got Mail (1998)

best romantic movies, you've got mail

‘You’ve Got Mail’ was released during the time when online dating first began. The film features a man and woman who start an online relationship after meeting in a chatroom. It gives a lighthearted and amusing look at how they attempt to maintain a connection through the internet. Moreover, if you’re not looking for something heavy, You’ve Got Mail is one of the lighter long-distance romantic relationship movies.

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8) The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

best romantic movies, the time traveler's wife

This is one of the most unique films about long-distance relationships to be made. Additionally, with a science fiction twist, Time Traveler’s Wife is about time distance rather than physical space. Henry is a librarian who suffers from a genetic disorder that sends him through time. And when he meets Clare, they struggle to make the relationship work during Henry’s time away. But, ultimately, it is a sad movie. So, watch out!

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9) Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

kissing booth 2

This Netflix original movie follows the life of a teenage girl, Elle. After spending a romantic summer with boyfriend Noah, Elle struggles to keep the spark alive in their relationship while juggling the pressures of her senior year. It is a fun, modern-day look at young long-distance love. Hence, you can watch it for a fun movie night.

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10) Sleepless In Seattle (1993)

sleepless in seattle

This one is a classic film about long-distance relationships. Sam, a widowed man, lives in Seattle with his son. Worried about his dad, the son calls a radio talk show to find his father a new partner. This connects Sam with Annie, a woman who is miles away from him. And Annie believes they are destined to be together despite the distance. So, this is one of the oldest and best long-distance romantic relationship movies available on Netflix.

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11) The Other End of the Line

the other end of the line

This movie is for those whose relationship spans across continents. Therefore, it serves as a sort of reassurance to the lovers that they would be reunited. A young woman works at a call center in India, posing as an American girl from San Francisco. And she meets a man over the phone who captures her heart, and she risks it all for a chance at love.

Whether you are looking for a lighthearted movie to lift your mood or a sentimental one to ease your lovesickness, you will find all the long-distance relationship movies you need here. So laugh or cry with your other half as you watch these long-distance love romantic movies simultaneously.

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