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11 Similar Movies that will remind you of Fifty Shades of Grey

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What do you think about watching some erotic and sensuous cinema content?
Isn’t it something we all need as our personal space?

In this twenty-first century, we look for some great movies which can make our “me time” more hot and spicy. Different people carry different choices even if the movie is of erotic genre. Not only the salacious part but also the blend of mystery, drama, thriller with the main plot of such movies is immense satisfaction. The unpredictable twists and turns in the story keep the chronicle bright, and a watcher connected.

To minimize your urges, we have come up with some similar movies like fifty shades of grey that will never make you realize to search for a Taylor-Johnson movie. Aren’t you excited to go through the list? Well, to tell you, that list can make you think of having a gala time of your own. So don’t think twice, move forward and explore the steaming journey with us!

11 Movies that will remind you of Fifty Shades of Grey

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Well, I guess now it’s time when you can replace and watch similar movies like fifty shades of grey, when running out of prime trilogy. So, let us not imagine too much and move on to the amazing list of 11 such movie which will remind you of Christian Grey.
Here we go!

1. Bound

Bound similar movies like fifty shades of grey

This 2015 erotic romantic thriller cinematic piece is what you might search for in replacement of fifty shades of grey. The movie plot carries a story about a girl named Michelle Mulan, the daughter of a rich landholding personality, who falls in love with a man younger than her age. Slowly and gradually she is exposed to the world of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Masochism, popularly known as BDSM. Sooner, when she finds the ability to explore new sexual powers, she takes control and decisions of her life all by herself.

Directed by Jared Cohen, the movie was appreciated for its adultery and plot execution, producing a natural discussion of communal relationships and the nature of needs and desires. Though it wasn’t a blockbuster at the box office, it definitely draws attention and catches the eyes of its audience. Well, I must say, you are ‘Bound’ to watch this movie for a good BDSM.

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2. Secretary

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The secretary similar movies like fifty shades of grey

Talking about sensuality and not specifying Secretary would be an injustice for the adult cinema. This 2002 film is always remembered by its fans for a soft and sweeter approach to the erotic section. The synopsis of this movie tells us the story of a young lady with the name Lee Holloway, whose life has been a mess in the past. She is there to take care of unpleasantly overpowering parents and stays in a room in a mental institution. Sooner she finds a job for herself as a secretary of an irritating and possessive lawyer, Edward Grey. On the other side, she starts dating a sweet and kind man named Peter.

Nonetheless, Holloway finds out that she gets immense pleasure from the harsh yet hot behavior of her boss, with whom she starts an erotic relationship. Secretary was one of the steaming movies like Fifty Shades of Grey which takes you on a journey of how BDSM works in professional space. I bet you don’t wanna miss this really charming and satisfying piece of lust. What say?

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3. Tied

Tied similar movies like fifty shades of grey

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Tied is the French erotic drama thriller is loosely based on the true story of an S&M relationship, which narrates a story about a married woman who meets a financer and starts to share a lusty relationship with him. Due to the financial matter, both of them hold a devastating power of their deadly passion. Directed by Helene Fillieres, this film has a great way out of a good and proper BDSM portrayed by a bunch of talented actors like Benoit Poelvoorde, Laetitia Casta, Reda Kateb, Richard Bohringer, and many more. Tied, originally named as “Une Histoire d’amour”, is something that will lay down its plot in front of you with such great simplicity and exoticness. So, if you are looking for a great combination of love and lust, try watching out this 2013 movie, Tied.

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4. Nymphomaniac I and II

Nymphomaniac similar movies like fifty shades of grey

Written by Lars Von Trier, this beautiful art piece of lust was nominated for the 2014 Nordic Council Film Prize. The tale of the movie narrates the life story of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac named Joe, who shares her erotic experiences with a person who has recovered her from a serious attack. These stories of Joe’s thoughtless life from childhood to adult age are sectioned into eight chapters holding two volumes. Yes, this is a two-part European movie that gained a lot of recognition in 2013 due to its posters and erotic scenes.

The movies a perfect combination of traumatic histories and sex, relationships, and love blend all together. With a great rating from a famous website, Rotten tomatoes and highly appreciated by a number of critics, both the volumes of Nymphomaniac are an absolute watch. Don’t forget to miss this one out and thank me later 😉

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5. Hounded

Hounded similar movies like fifty shades of grey

This 2006 German fiction romance is something that will restrict you to look for fifty shades of grey. With the original title as Verfolgt and the international title Hounded or Punish me, the synopsis of the movie lays its track on a fifty-year-old social worker named Elsa, who is involved in a brutal sexual relationship with a sixteen-year-old teenager. She sooner finds out the real lady within her who has been buried deep down ever before and didn’t want to expose that side of her personality.

While on the other hand, another story of this teen boy who has just passed the school goes hand in hand where he meets Elsa as his tutor. Later, the relationship between the two gets intimate and brutally casual, blooming the flowers of love and affection. Hounded is an unnatural story with an age difference, the audience might feel gross about it but a long journey of good obsessive sexual encounters is worth every penny.

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6. Pleasure or Pain

pleasure or pain

Written and directed by Zalman King, Pleasure or Pain is an erotic thriller drama which was shot between Santa Monica, Malibu, and Westlake in California in the United States. The plot summary tells us the tale of a charming young lady named Victoria who is about to dive into a bit of success, working as a jewelry artist in Los Angeles. One day she meets a good-looking and rich entrepreneur named Jack who manages to attract Victoria with an inviting duo of glam and intimacy. Victoria feels like heaven being with him as if she has never experienced these things being so intensifying after a point.

Be it be Love, Sex, ecstasy she is ready to serve her partner gracefully, no matter what it takes. Slowly and gradually he keeps his erotic games up and soaks her soul in the world of lust that is was unaware about. It was the last directorial film of Zalman King which deals in exploring the boundaries of love and lust altogether. Simply a great movie for a special time!

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7. 7:20 once a week

7:20 once a week

This 2018, romance drama has a lot to more than you think. The plot summary of this beautiful lusty movie goes around a couple named Manuel and Julia who meets by coincidence one day and spends an intimate night together without knowing much about each other. Sooner, they realize that real feelings have taken place in the corner of their hearts, a feeling that is beyond the physical attraction. But the hindrance of being married (both of them) derives a conclusion that they will meet once a week to share the same pleasure and love.

In a destined journey of life, the bond compels them to think about the possibility of a different choice. This could turn into the realization that the couple may deserve much more. 7:20 once a week is a sweet and salty version of BDSM which will sink your heart in emotions and make you hell aroused. Welcome to the kingdom, chicks!

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8. 9 ½ Weeks

9 1/2 weeks similar movies like fifty shades of grey

Directed by Adrian Lyne, the movie, 9 ½ Weeks, is an open description of the art of sexual power. The synopsis of this chilly spiced movie narrates the story about a street trader named John and an art gallery assistant named Elizabeth, who being strangers; fall in love with each other. They start being casual lovers but later the relationship turns highly sexual as the guy begins to force himself for more daring and kinky stuff like bondage and striptease. Though the passion gets strong the girl finally realizes that there is nothing but in her life. John isn’t sharing anything except being physical with her. She takes a heavy step about what she really wants from this relationship. 9 ½ weeks is considered to be one of the hottest cinemas to date which is a requisite watch for teenagers and adults who love BDSM.

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9. Frank and Lola

frank & lola similar movies like Fifty Shades of Grey

This 2016 thriller mystery is directed by Matthews Ross which speaks out the story of a chef named Frank, who works in Las Vegas and is always determined his energy in different appetizing talents. He meets a beautiful young lady named Lola and both of them share a special bond of love and sex to save themselves from their own unhappiness. Later Lola starts cheating on Frank and this is where the couple feels like breaking apart. Frank suddenly starts mistrusting Lola while she is now involved with another man from her past. The movie is itself a free-standing work and bundle of fulfilled promises which run for about 88 minutes and sets a loyal example of economic storytelling. It might be a one-time watch for you but you would definitely recall this piece while mentioning fifty shades of grey!

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10. Submission

submission movie

Directed by Salvatore Samperi, this Italian film is shot in Technicolor. The plot of this outrageous movie is set in France in 1940 at the time of the invasion. It tells the story of an attractive pharmacist named Elaine who is living an unhappy life with her husband. Together they have a daughter. One day, the manager of the pharmacist sees her, unknowing she is another girl.

After some time her mind distracts from her passion and she gets into a physical relationship with an employee. Armand starts convincing Elaine of his own desires like asking her to have sex under the pharmacy’s table and undressing her in front of other female employees of the pharmacy. These demands of Armand grow effectively turning Elaine into a slave from her sex partner and finally, she submits herself to Armand. The submission has a perfect combination of erotica and romance, what young teens and adults look for. A wonderful movie that defines a true journey of “Sexual Awakening”.

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11. American Kamasutra

American kamasutra

Well, last but not least 2018 movie; American Kamasutra is a modern-day BDSM genre that narrates a story of a young girl who drags herself in a love triangle that takes a drastic twist when she gets in touch with an author of a famous steamy novel. The movie carries a different yet interesting plot that will keep you connected throughout the story. The acting skills might be a bit cheesy but as a whole, it could be a perfect option for people who are in love with this genre. Above all, it is one of those movies very similar to fifty shades of grey. So, whenever you are missing out on the fifty shades trilogy, American Kamasutra is always there to save your ass!

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Final Thoughts

Making BDSM or soft porn a part of your lubricious experience is one of the best encounters to settle deep down in your heart along with your other guilty pleasures. Why hide the real you? Get the courage to face it with all your strength. Heat up the aroma and burn down with the lust. The seductive journey of your imagination and dreams is not to be bound. So, let’s be open and honest to ourselves and free the slinky bird from our erotic world.

We always take care of what makes our readers excited and aroused. And to maintain it we have come across few similar movies like fifty shades of grey, which will get a hold on your horses. On that note, we are signing off but will return back with an interesting list of remarkable movies. Till then, let us know your thoughts in the comments section which movie from our post excited you the most. Finally, don’t forget to visit MovQue.com for such kinky stuff!
Te Amo!

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