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Movies Based On True Stories; Eye-opening and Entertaining 

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Some movies are relatable but some are more than that! Real stories boost our confidence when we lack the will to break the pattern of disappointment. There are many movies based on true stories which will give you life lessons in a very entertaining way. The truth will never make you feel suffocated so even these movies will take you through rocks like the river of entertainment Explore these movies and yourself with it!

Catch me if you can

netflix movies based on true stories

Our star is in this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio!
This story is funny, surprising and in some way gives you hope. Catch me if you can be an autobiography of Frank Abagnale and later the magic happened in a cinematic way as well. Leonardo performed the role of Frank in the movie in a very fun way. 
The story is about a 19-year-old boy who jumps into the world of conning others differently during that time. He easily trapped people in this web with his charm and confidence, he was everything! Doctor, lawyer pilot but more than anything a very intelligent boy. However, he could not continue the game for long and ended up in jail. His story did not end there his journey continued to run away from his problems and himself in different ways and styles. Frank led an interesting life and Leonardo portrayed that in a more interesting way.

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The blind side

football movies based on true stories
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 It is hard to find a way to live and harder to find the will to encourage ourselves to do something with this life, but some people clean the mess of thrones and continue their journey from the only way they have. The blind side is a very inspirational and heart-touching story of a boy who overcome difficulties and became an All-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick. His success is the result of the support and love of a caring woman and his family.

Watch this movie and forget about your excuses to live your dream!

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Rocky syllvester stallone

Solid as Rock 
Have you ever heard about rags to riches personalities? if no, then this movie will take you to that lane, and if yes, then this movie will become one of the most inspiring stories. 

The story of Rocky Balbao will make you think twice before giving up. He was uneducated but knows everything about kindness than any educated person. This movie is the journey of Italian American boxer Rocky Balbao, created by highly talented Sylvester Stallone. The boxing career of Rocky has been portrayed by Stallone very powerfully.  

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Temple Grandin

Will is more powerful than anything else
Some people make a home in your heart and own the place without eating up your peace, Temple Grandin is such a person! Movies on true stories like this one give you a reason to trust yourself more and erase all the excuses from the slate of life. The determination to live life without blaming anything or anybody is an essential part of growth. Temple Grandin found her way through the times when the understanding of her challenges was unknown to the major part of the community, she never let that come in her path of success and happiness. She turned her skills into useful tools to help autistic people. She was an author, lecturer, and much more! 

Watch this movie to boost your confidence and give some light to your darkest rooms.

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The most hated woman of America 

movies based on true stories

Some people fail to handle the responsibility of different opinion
A woman who never fell into the trap of other’s web of norms. This movie is about Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who stood up for something she believed but later on things did not go well for her. It is hard to break a system and belief of people, Murray tried to spread the thought of freedom when it comes to religion however people could not handle the heaviness of a new perspective.

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She had to pay a huge amount of peace to maintain the world she created. Her son left her during the journey and later she lost herself and her family, she had a tragic end.  

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Munich movie

Permanent Stains of blood on the page of history
History sometimes acts like a mirror, a mirror of the past! We can see the river of blood and devils. Munich is based on a truly tragic incident. The writer and director managed to show the unfortunate incident with every detail and it made the movie more painful. The story of revenge and hatred will fill your heart with pain and leave you with many questions about human beings.
Watch this movie to see a different sight of humans.

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Hotel Rwanda

The portrayal of a good heart 
This story will show you the marks of the genocide of the Tutsi during 1994. Some people can save our lives without bothering about theirs, Hotel Rwanda is the story of such a person. The portrayal of incidents that happened in the hotel will fill you with trust in humanity and also be eye-opening.  Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) broke the chain of the basic behavior of human beings i.e., selfishness! and saved hundreds of his countrymen from a brutal attack.

Watch this movie to understand the meaning of selfless acts and devotion.

Sometimes movies act like mirrors especially when they are based upon true stories or incidents. Those kinds of Movies project a reality and spread the magic of truth all over the world. Enjoy your part of happiness in the ocean of truth and swim through the waves.

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