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Weekend Watchlist Part 4: What’s on your bucket list this weekend?

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The weekend feels like a breath of fresh air after a long tiring week at work. Whether you are working from home or office, there’s nothing as peaceful as hanging out with your loved one or maybe with your pet binging on your favorite web series or movies and just laying low on the weekends. It becomes extremely enjoyable if your favorite shows are releasing new seasons over the weekend. And, this weekend, we have some great shows that are releasing new episodes and movies that are worth watching. So, plan your weekend well with this bucket list. Find out more below.

1. Atypical Season 4 (Netflix)

For all Atypical lovers, this season might be the most bittersweet moment because the show has finally come to an end. Sam, who is on the Autism Spectrum and now a college boy, has finally decided to move out from his parents’ home and become independent. While he has to overcome some teething problems with Zahid as they adjust from being just friends and colleagues to roommates, Sam also has to navigate his first relationship with Paige and find out a way to get out of academic probation. On the other hand, Sam’s sister Casey and her budding romance with Izzie will have to face hurdles of long-distance as she goes to UCLA. Now that the kids have moved out and the nest is empty again, will Sam & Casie’s parents’ Elsa and Doug be able to fix their marriage? So, don’t forget to binge the epic end of Sam’s journey of finding independence this weekend.

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2. Virgin River Season 3 (Netflix)

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virgin river season 3

Virgin River is finally back with another season. The show will pick up from where it left from in season 2 – Jack being shot by an unknown someone. Though he will survive, his relationship with Mel will have to survive many more storms as Jack might be hiding something important from Mel. The suspense will become dense around who Charmaine’s kids’ father is. Preacher has to decide whether to leave everything behind and move to San Francisco or stay back and help Paige’s son Christopher. In showrunner Sue Tenney’s own words, “[Season 3] is filled with twists and turns, and the season finale is a stunner.” So, don’t forget to binge on this rom-com drama this weekend.

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3. Gossip Girl Reboot (HBO Max)

Gossip Girl Reboot story

CW’s hit show Gossip Girl has officially returned after 9 years. The original teen drama ran successfully from 2007 and concluded in 2012 after the sixth season. Now, HBO has finally rebooted the show with a new cast and characters as a new group of students from Manhattan’s Upper-East Side in Constance Billard. The show is now available for viewers in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia on HBO Max app. However, for fans in Asia and India, currently, the only way to watch is through VPN. Amazon Prime Video is in talks with the channel to acquire streaming rights. However, the timeline for when the series will finally drop in India and South-East Asia is not yet decided. Asians, its one for your bucket list for future weekend.

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4. The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Netflix)

We know you might have already watched this 2019 movie, but does it matter to rewatch this 90 mins of total entertainment? And If you and your kids still haven’t watched it yet, you might have been living under a rock all this while. You don’t even know what you are missing out from. This animation movie might be directed for kids, but it’s adults who will get more fun out of it. Max (a dog) and his pet friends have a rather secret life after their owners leave them for work or school each day. It’s a perfect blend of action and comedy. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the sequel to 2016’s animated comedy.

In part 2, Max’s owner gets married and now has a baby. In a subplot, Captain Snowball teams up with a new dog called Daisy to rescue an abused tiger from a Russian circus and its villainous lion tamer and his wolves. Stream it on Netflix.

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5. The Cook of Castamar (Netflix)

This 10-episode Spanish is a period romance based in the 18th century. Clara Belmonte, a talented cook catches the eye of the widowed duke, who has isolated himself since his pregnant wife’s passing. Although in the beginning, Clara’s arrival at the duchy of Castamar was not well received by the staff. She soon stands out with the help of her education and her exquisite cooking abilities, which even surprises the duke himself. If you are a fan of period drama and aren’t afraid of subtitles, give The Cook of Castamar a try this weekend.

6. This Little Love of Mine (Netflix)

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If you are a sucker for rom-coms, you are in for a treat this weekend because Netflix has launched a brand new movie to its ever-increasing library. This Little Love of Mine revolves around a workaholic lawyer who is about to get promoted to partner at her law firm. She has life and a like-minded fiancé. But, she has to return to her island home at Sapphire Cove to convince her old best friend to take over his family’s company, because her promotion depends on it. But soon, old sparks start to rekindle among them. Don’t forget to watch it on Netflix this weekend.

How did you like bucket list of this weekend? Which show or movie are you going to watch this weekend? Let us know in the comments section. Sayonara, until next time!

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