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Uncontrollably Fond Korean drama: Cast & Review

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Are you uncontrollably fond of Korean dramas? Have you ever thought of visiting South Korea just because you are a K-Drama fan?
Of course, yes!

Many people, including me, are fond of K-Dramas. Continuous binge-watching of these series is a part of our daily life routine as they have taken more than 50 percent of the entire population of the world towards their sweet, loving, and beautifully executed shows. With several finest actors, this industry is well equipped with all resources in every field.

And above all, who doesn’t want to experience the highly imaginative lifestyle of southern Korea, even if it is digital? Be it makeup, fashion, music, the Korean industry has made it all the way to our hearts without any glitch, thus maintaining it since then. Now, think of that one Korean drama you saw for the first time? Can you see your heart blossoming each time you mention it? That’s what a Korean series keeps doing with each one of us till now.
Munching from a bowl of snacks with a beverage is the best way to watch a Korean drama. So, keeping this legacy, let us talk about that one highly-rated drama from my list.

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All set for the ride?

Let us begin!


This is a romantic comedy whose tale begins where the lead characters, after a sour relationship in high school, reunites in the snow near a bridge, and that’s when the secret of the past unfurls itself.

Uncontrollably Fond cast and review


Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo Bin) is a famous singer and actor, while Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) works with a documentary producing agency. After losing her father, Noh Eul dropped out of school to make money for the family, while Shin Joon Young’s mother wanted him to be a prosecutor just like his demised father, but he chooses a different track and is heading towards it. Later, when Shin Joon Young realizes that he has few months left to live, he decides to quit law school and pursue his dream of becoming an actor where he meets No Eul. She asks her producer if she can make a documentary about Shin’s life, to which the producer agrees. At first, Shin teases her by rejecting every offer of producing a documentary over him but later allows her to do so, ending up conquering her heart back.

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Cast, The Uncontrollably Fond

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Can you take your eyes off them?

• Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Young

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin played the lead role in Uncontrollably Fond. You might have heard this name before in the star cast of another famous K-Drama, “The Heirs”. He played the role of a rude, arrogant moneybag in The Heirs. Though even now, his character in this drama has a pinch of rudeness in the initial episodes. You won’t hate it either. It still somehow attracts you, but as the story spreads itself, you can easily identify that the man is suffering from some major health issues and doesn’t want to die at all, at least at this point where he is all settled happily with everything. There are a lot many scenes in the show which will give you chills down your spine.

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• Bae Suzy as No Eul

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy plays the female lead in the drama. You might have seen her in some famous dramas like dream high and while you were sleeping. I personally felt that the character was a mix of emotions and maturity to which Suzy justified correctly. Taking care of financial conditions, after her father’s demise to swallowing pain given from Shin Joon Young, No Eul played and lived each moment differently.

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• Protagonists and Their Relationship

Uncontrollably Fond cast
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The characters of the drama are written so beautifully and with a wide description of their lives (present or past) that they carry a sweet and sour relationship throughout the drama. You will definitely enjoy how they uncover their past and how both of them react to it, thus giving the story a candid twist. Each character held a strong base of its own but watching them as a couple is way too adorable. You can’t take your eyes off the romance when they are together. From small gestures to a big decision or even struggling with their respective life issues, the couple stood rock strong, converting the teenage relationship into a mature love bond.

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Uncontrollably Fond: Reviews

This Korean Drama was released worldwide on 6 July 2016 and received rave reviews. The plot, characters, and cinematic locations all bagged applause. As a whole, this K-Drama got 8/10 from IMDb and was considered to be a blockbuster of 2016. Kim Woo Bin got more fans and recognition, while Suzy updated her best actress list in a romantic comedy. People watched this drama with their teary eyes and loved the heart-wrenching end, even though they were not willing to take it deep down their throats. So, if you are looking for a serious rom-com, grab a box of tissues and sit down to watch Uncontrollably Fond, for that matter.

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Bottom Line

Korean dramas are like an addiction, and once you start watching them, there is no getting back. You will find yourself going with the flow and exploring more of them each day. It might get difficult for you to manage initially, but you will get comfortable once you are into them.

And then you know what will happen? There would be a time to decide your favorite actors and search for their dramas beyond different genres. Be it Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Bae Suzy, Park Min Young, Kim Soo Hyun, and the list never end. Well, this was a wrap on this article; I hope you got what you were looking through this blog. Give your reviews, and do let us know which K-Drama you started recently.
Good Luck!

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