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Fear Street Part 3: 1666 – A cohesive end to the trilogy

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‘Fear Street: Part 3’ is so wildly different from the other two instalments. In part three, we are flung all the way to the year 1666 as Deena has a vision of what happened to Sarah Fier all of those years ago. Then, Deena uses what she learns in her vision to try and stop the witch’s curse once and for all.

The contrasting feel of the movie

It has a completely different vibe from the other two instalments of this trilogy. And some viewers are not going to like this one because many aspects are missing in this one.
First and foremost, this movie is completely missing the feeling of nostalgia that made the first two so fun. Even when the movie pays homage to the genre, it is much less apparent here. We don’t have the headbanging soundtrack of classic music, and the slasher tropes are pretty much gone.

Overall fun and silly factor that made the first two so watchable has been replaced by a much darker, more sinister tone. At first, it felt odd to see all the recurring characters in a very different role. It almost felt like we were seeing our cast play dress-up in a period setting, but once I settled into this, it was an altogether different atmosphere.

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More Creepy, Less Jumpscares


fear street part 3

In the horror department, this installment did wonders. This film is not that scary, but out of all three, this is the one that is going to make you want to keep the lights on. There is something about how this story progresses as it starts to creep up and get under your skin. I found that to work on a level that the other two did not. ‘Fear Street Part 3:1666’ is unnerving and unsettling in the best way possible.

Reminiscent of other movies

Each of these movies has had its own flair, pulling in vibes of the times in which they are set. Part one, taking place in 1994, has fields of scream and ‘I know what you did last summer with a slightly modern feel and the approach to the horror. Part two takes place in 1978, and that story really pulls in the campy horror vibes of ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘sleepaway camp’. There weren’t any movies around in 1666, but we certainly have films depicting that era. This final installment gives the feel of ‘the village’, ‘the crucible’ and ‘the witch’.

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Suspense and Mystery is the way to go

fear street part 3

A large portion of this movie is more atmospheric and relies on crafting the suspense and anxiety by behaviours of what becomes mob mentality from the town’s people. If you have seen any movie that surrounds the idea of the Salem witch trials, you know the involvement of hysteria and the flying accusations that end up taking place. Any logic is just thrown out the window in favour of getting caught up in the frenzy of accusations.
This instalment plays heavily on this, and I think it is used in a really effective way.

There is also Mystery that comes into play. We get glimpses of someone sneaking around the dark forest spying but also avoiding being caught. So, all we get is the quick movement of somebody or something in the periphery. There’s a point where this escalated quickly, and I really enjoyed how the excitement drastically increased.

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A good ending

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The way the film ties everything together is what makes fear street part three the best of the trilogy. After watching this instalment, you can see how meticulously planned these movies were. There are aspects of the story that didn’t make sense in the first two parts explained in this movie. And this makes me appreciate the other two even more. And it gives you everything you would want to finish out a trilogy like this. The creators brilliantly connected all three of these movies into a cohesive and fulfilling whole. Not only is this the most psychologically terrifying of the three movies, but this is also the most satisfying. In the way that it can conclude, the trilogy fear street part 3 is incredibly ingenious for so many reasons.

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Something new


fear street part 3

Netflix has outdone themselves with this Fear Street trilogy. In my opinion, this was an intriguing idea to take three interconnected films, all with a bit of a different style and tone and to release them each a week apart. However, the most surprising aspect is that not only were they able to pull it off, but they hit it out of the park. I hope we get to see more refreshing experiments like this from Netflix and other studios in the future.

Final thoughts?

Even though it’s a little self-aware, it is an absolute joy to watch. And at first, the movie was a little shocking. But as it progressed, I became intrigued. The growing tension and nervousness that was building magnified to just an exciting climax. And the pace picked up with growing intensity.

It didn’t feel rushed, nor did the earlier portion of the movie feel slow. There was just this noticeable urgency that the story took on. And there’s no shortage of blood and gore in this last story either. Some of the gruesomeness and brutality aren’t shown, but rather, we get to see the aftermath. But then there are parts where it is a full-on bloody battle.

We get a satisfying conclusion to the story too. While more of it may be obvious, it is still a really fun way to spend an hour and 52 minutes. I like the quiet and steady increase of hysteria that grows in the town. The people get swept up in their emotions and fear and disregard any critical thinking.

All the characters continue to draw me in. And I had a lot of fun with the intensity that builds to that explosive climax. I think this is a great wrap-up to the trilogy. And overall, it was a really enjoyable viewing experience. It will be great to revisit these soon and then binge them all back to back to back. Stream it on Netflix.

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