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6 Phenomenal Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy You Just Cannot Miss

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Medical dramas are probably the toughest shows to make. We all watch TV shows, web series, or movies for one reason – to get away from the daily dramas of our lives, to find solace, to be entertained. Hospitals, doctors, deaths, diseases, surgeries, physical and psychological trauma, despair – these are some of the aspects of life that we commonly try to avoid thinking about. Therefore, attracting people to sensitive shows like medical dramas becomes extremely tricky. But Grey’s Anatomy was the first of its kind to pave the way for medical dramas led by Ellen Pompeo since 2005. And the world of medical drama never looked back.

The secret to a successful medical drama lies in humanizing the medical procedures and focusing on the emotion rather than the medical jargon and technicalities. Also, the fact that the incidents of shows are extremely relatable. Almost all of us have spent time in hospitals, be it as a patient, or as loved ones. Therefore, the relatability factor works like a major driving point for these kinds of shows. Also, the fact that all doctors are hot is definitely a bonus. After the success of Grey’s Anatomy, many shows were introduced. But only a few could truly steal people’s minds and hearts like Grey’s Anatomy did and continues to do so.

Here are 6 Phenomenal Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy that must be on your watchlist.

The Good Doctor

The good doctor

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It is the story of Dr. Shaun Murphy. He is autistic. He is a surgical resident at a renowned hospital in San Jose. And he is exceptionally gifted. The show has a lesser number of cast members than Grey’s Anatomy. Therefore, you might question the fact that how the same group of doctors can perform all kinds of medical streams, from general surgery to orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, burn, organ transplant, and even plastic surgery. Are they superhumans!

But everything fades away when Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) comes on screen. His challenge to blend in the hospital environment, his being truly able to treat a patient without becoming too much involved, the constant poker face, his hard past, and his autistic natures become heart-warming to the viewers. The show became so popular that it has been remade in Korean as well. If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll definitely fall in love with The Good Doctor.

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2. Chicago Med

chicago med

Chicago Med is one of the oldest medical drama series after Grey’s Anatomy. This is a part of One Chicago franchise that includes: Chicago Fire and Chicago PD along with Chicago Med. Started in 2015, Nick Gehlfuss, Torry Devitto, Colin Donnel, Yaya DaCosta starrer medical drama follows emergency department doctors of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Over the past 8 seasons, Chicago’s highly trained team of doctors and nurses has saved an uncountable number of lives, lost many that came their way, while navigating their personal relationships and hospital politics. Often the show, crossovers with the Fire and PD.

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While talking about the USP of this show, executive producer Matt Olmstead said, “Some medical shows feel too grim – like you can almost smell the urine and that other weird hospital smells – and then some are too slick to feel like they’re taking place at an ad agency. Right from the start, we wanted people to feel like it is realistic but not overwhelming and too polished either.”

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3. Code Black

Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy

The TV series Code Black is based on a documentary of the same name. It is an extremely fast-paced heart-pounding show that will keep you on the edge of the chair the whole time. The show is set in the nation’s most prestigious ER in Angel’s Memorial Hospital, where the influx of patients challenges the limited resources of the hospital, creating a situation called Code Black. In the center of this 3 series drama are Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Ben Hollingsworth, Rob Lowe, and many more. Though the show had a small lifespan, it won the hearts of millions of Americans and now even more as it is

for the world to watch.

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4. Surgeon’s Cut

Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy

Surgeon’s Cut is an exceptional docuseries by BBC Studios for Netflix. Four renowned surgeons, each pioneer in their crafts, talk about their journey, accomplishments, and lives. If you are a fan of fast-paced dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and expecting the same from this series, you’d be a tad disappointed because this show is real. It’s real doctors, real treatments, real people’s lives that are at stake. Through this 4 episode docuseries, we get to meet fetal medicine specialist Dr. Kypros Nicolades of King’s College Hospital, London; neurosurgeon Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa; Dr. Nancy Asher, the woman to successfully carry out a live liver transplant; and great Indian cardiac surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty. All the stories show us the real picture of a surgeon’s life and how they still stay human after they are considered gods in their own fields. Surgeon’s Cut is medical science at its best.

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5. Hospital+ Playlist

Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy

This is a medical drama that will soothe your soul. If you are exhausted from watching high-tension stories about hospitals, diseases, and deaths, the Korean medical drama Hospital+ Playlist is a must-watch. Premiered in early 2020, the show follows a group of young and expert doctors and surgeons of Yulje Medical Centre, who save lives during the day and get together and practice music as a cover band. The Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-Myung, and Jeon Mi-do-starrer show also has many ups and downs in terms of romance, friendship, and their lives at the hospital. But, at the heart, it is all about saving lives. Watch Hospital+ Playlist on Netflix because its season 2 is already here and you don’t wanna miss out.

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6. Dr. Romantic

Medical Dramas Like Grey’s Anatomy

This award-winning Korean medical drama won the hearts of both viewers and critics alike. The show follows Boo Yong-Joo, a triple-board certified genius doctor commonly known as ‘Hands of God’ among his peers, who suddenly vanishes after a traumatic incident. He changes his name to Kim Sa-bu and starts working and teaching at a small hospital in Gangwon Province. He now refers to himself as ‘romantic doctor’. Further, he starts guiding Kang Dong-Joo and Yoon Seo-Jeong to become great doctors and impart the greatest knowledge of modern medical science – never compromises patient’s lives for power and money. Season 1 of Dr. Romantic came out in 2016 and season 2 was released 4 years apart in 2020. Watch Dr. Romantic on Netflix.

Have you liked reading this article? Have you watched any of this show, let us know your review. Also, do you have any recommendations about any other medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy that we might have missed? Tell us in the comments section below. Until next time, Sayonara!

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