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Netflix’s Stay Close: You Never Got To See The Truth

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What is your opinion on checking out the trash bin? I am not bothered unless or until an important document is lost. I will check every bit of paper to find out the missing valuables. If that was for someone else, I’d think that it would be a really bad idea.
Likewise, digging up the deep buried memories can be a tedious process. To unlock the buried past from a garbage can is a demanding task, especially for a detective searching for chain disappearances.

It is a blessing to cherish memories, but a curse for those who don’t want to remember them. They don’t want to be reminded of it again. Tossing away unwanted memories into the bin of our mind is a common action we do.

However, we can never totally delete it. It will stay there for a long time, so close until our life battery runs out.

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In Netflix’s Stay close web series you can watch Mr. Broome find out the vivid flashbacks to connect the missing. Stay close is a binge-worthy series you can see on Netflix from the comfort of your own home.

Netflix’s Stay close explores the haunting past of three interconnected lives who, at a certain point in their lives, meet and the secrets of their past return to haunt them.

Now it’s time to uncover Megan Pierce’s buried past. It will be interesting to see how events play out.

Netflix’s Stay close: Plot overview

netflix's stay close

The Stay close web series is built around four main characters. Among them three people are intimately connected but far apart, Megan, Ray, and Lorraine are those who have their innermost selves tucked away. Detective Broome unties the rope of the story Stay close for the trio.

 The protagonist, Megan Pierce, is a suburban mum hiding a murky past. She has found her soulmate in David and the couple have three children.Raylevine was once a talented documentary photographer, but since losing the lover , he is stuck in a dead-end job as a paparazzo. There is a strong bond between Cassie and Lorraine Griggs, a mysterious woman who works for vipers.

Detective Michael Broome
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Detective Michael Broome is haunted by a cold case from seventeen years ago. A similarity comes to light when another guy named Carlton Fynn disappears. In the reimagined story from 17 years ago, more disappearances are found, and the answer revolves around men flirting with women.

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About Directors and Writers

Stay Close is based on the same-titled Harlan Coben novel. Harlan Coben, the international bestselling author, has signed a five-year overall contract with Netflix. Netflix will collaborate with Coben on 14 existing titles as part of the multibillion-dollar agreement. The readers adore Harlan’s gripping crime tales. His suspenseful thrillers are being developed into Netflix originals that will be available worldwide.
The web series directors are Daniel Ohara and Lindy Heymann. Stay Close was written by Danny Brocklehurst, Mick Ford, Charlotte Coben, and Victoria Asare Archer.

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Netflix’s Stay Close: Web series Review

netflix's stay close

In this review, Movque just highlight the main points of each of the eight episodes of Stay close web series

Episode 1:

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A nice family awaiting their parents’ wedding. Megan Pierce is bothered by a prior visitor. Megan is unable to completely erase Cassie’s identity. Carlton Fynn, the billionaire’s son, vanishes. Detective Mike broome finds a new disappearance reminiscent of a cold case

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Episode 2:

Richard Armitage as Ray

Ray discovers that his clicks have accidentally captured Fynn, who has gone AWOL. He reflects on his relationship with his girlfriend in the past. Megan is also being followed by someone who sends her old picture. Megan enlists the assistance of an old friend in her quest to learn the truth about Stewart. Broome believes there is a link as more and more people go missing.

Episode 3:

Megan is disturbed by Dave’s mother’s accusations of an uninvited guest. Ray and Kayleigh reminisce about the night Carlton vanished.

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Episode 4:

Megan has a meeting arranged by Harry. Broome makes a significant change in his personal life. The cops question Ray as he tries to piece together his memories.

Episode 5:

Ray and Megan have a brief reunion. Broome and Erin look into a trend of disappearances that leads to the previous case’s complication.

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Episode 6:

Due to an unwanted guest, Dave’s stag night becomes tense. Ken and Barbie concentrate on Megan’s family. Lorraine is saddened by the death of a friend.

Episode 7:

Broome and Erin strive to figure out who on the force is leaking information. Megan finally tells Dave the truth. Del Flynn recognises that his grip over Ken and Barbie is shaky..

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Episode 8:

Following a stunning revelation, Broome’s case has become very personal. Megan and Ray eventually talk about a pivotal night in their past.
Secrets is still on hiatus, so we’ll have to wait for another series to start.

Netflix’s Stayclose: Intro song

I don’t tell you what to say
I don’t tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
Cause ….. No
you don’t own me

Stay Close’s intro song is sung by South African artist Niki Williams, and it serves as a metaphor for what woman power is and what the series actually wants to say. Stayclose is a series that is closely related to Women Matter. Stayclose can be defined as a woman’s action to protect another woman.

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Mystery starts from Vipers, Then and Now

netflix's stay close

Vipers, a nightclub where festivities never end in darkness, is where the narrative begins. Stewart Greens a flirty guy after Cassie vanishes from Vipers for an unknown reason. Carlton, who appears to be flirting, has also vanished in the same way. Two, but not many guys in the same way were brutally murdered by whom… If you truly want to know who the individual is, who is responsible for their disappearance, keep an eye on the webseries Stayclose.

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Cassie vs Megan

Cush Jumbo plays the role of Cassie and Megan. Megan is a mother of three whose life turns upside down when her past catches up with her. An abusive man who developed a crush on Cassie, a nightclub dancer. Cassie’s suppressed memories are being unearthed by the current circumstances. Her daughter, Kayleigh, was also involved in Carlton’s disappearance. Megan’s sorrow in hiding her history was undeniably depicted, allowing the audience to feel the pain of her journey with the new life and the former life. Cassie and Megan are presented in such a way that they are two completely distinct people. Cush Jumbo deserves a pat on the back.

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What is the hallucination affecting Ray?

The hallucination of Ray, who forgets what happens at night when both Stewart Green and Cassie go, has several storey problems. He has returned to see the disappearance of Carlton Fynn. I’m not sure why his missing friend’s suitcase and phone are in Ray’s residence. Is there anything else Ray wants to tell you? There are several gaps in the story’s connections towards the middle. I don’t know if it’s because of the increased amount of writers in each episode; it was just a wild assumption on my part as a fan.

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Motive of Lorraine

Sarah Parish as lorraine

Lorraine Griggs, a mysterious character from the web series Stay close, is another enigmatic character. She serves as a tie that binds the characters together. Cassie and his boy pal Ray are her best friends. Lorraine was also a devotee of detective Broome. Lorraine will connect all of these pasts to the present circumstance and people. Sarah Parish karikachured it beautifully.

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Ending with another secret

Netflix’s Stay close is a cryptic drama with few surprises, but one may hopefully connect to the sorrow of the four pillars of Stay close. There should be a mention of the necessity for psychopaths who abduct and murder individuals without reason, with no feelings or experiences. The finale tied up all the loose ends and eventually revealed the identity of the killer who buried the bodies in the woods after a series of twists and turns. Carlton Fynn’s chain, as well as her car in the river, leaving it there permanently for another investigation into the revelation.

Why wait for another review to learn more? Simply watch Stay close on Netflix to discover the mystery……

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