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11 Amazing Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Movies

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Is it age that is holding you back to get into a relationship?
Well, to tell you, age is just the number!
Love is such a beautiful blessing from the great almighty. But people sometimes are afraid of being in a relationship with an older/younger partner. They think about the consequences and not the bond they share with each other.
To give the tribute to such a love, we are here to present top older woman – younger man relationship movies that will refresh your boring life. So, let move on to the list and find out some great movies related to the same genre. Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

11 Amazing Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Movies that will renew your list

Get yourself started with some top older woman and younger man movies and find out the beautiful chronicles of these outstanding movies. What are you waiting for?

Let us begin!

1. The Reader

Older woman younger woman relationship movies the reader
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This 2008 movie is a period drama, which is about a person who is indulged in media. This is obviously going to be intense because of its story-line and great film-making. The movie enters the scene of a post-war Germany when a stranger Michael Berg falls ills. A woman named Hanna helps the stranger who is twice his age. Gradually, both of them drag themselves into a secretive and passionate love affair. Michael observes that Hanna loves to read so he keeps narrating book stories and other chronicles to her like “The Odyssey, Huck Finn, The Lady with the little dog” which Hanna loves.

In spite of their beautiful and intense relationship, one day Hanna disappears mysteriously as if she never existed. Michael is shattered and confused. After eight long years, when the guy is now a law student seeking the Nazi war crime trials, he is astonished to see Hanna back in a courtroom. Michael reveals a dark secret of Hanna that gives a shock to both of them. The movie is a story about truth and reunion and also about how a younger generation conceives the crimes of an older generation. Beautiful movie to watch in your spare time!

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2. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

how stella got her groove back

This American romantic comedy-drama of 1998 is an adapted version of Terry McMillan’s best-selling 1996 novel carrying the same name. Stella, (played by Angela Bassett) is a 40-year-old working woman who has been very unlucky in love. She travels to Jamaica with her best buddy Delilah for experiencing some fun on a bright sunny day. There she finds a 20-year young handsome hunk, Winston (played by Taye Diggs), who is very attracted and starts flirting with him. As the trip is over and Stella has to return back to California, she realizes that she is deeply in love with the new guy.

Distance and age difference of the couple acts as a hindrance in love. Despite these difficulties, we need to find out whether the relationship really works? How Stella got her groove back is such an amazing movie with a great story-line and well-skilled actors. It justifies the real-life situation and tells how an older woman has driven, inspiration, and a spicy attitude too. And it is one of those very few older woman younger man relationship movies that has a happy ending. Well, you are only as old as you think!

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3. The Maid

Older woman younger woman relationship movies the maid

The Maid is a classic and independent story-driven movie where the interaction of the actors is tremendously beautiful by the outstanding cinematography from Paul Emmanuel. The story of an emotionally pissed teenager named Jack, living in the US. He travels to England to celebrate his upcoming birthday with his distant dad. He seeks to rescue their flimsy relationship. Coming to his father’s house, he gets to know a beautiful and mysterious old foreign lady named Maria.

When she finds out about Jack’s messed-up life, she gets emotionally attached to him. His life story reminds Maria of her own disturbing past life. Jack also discovers himself being emotionally attached to Maria. His desires towards Maria allow him to take steps towards converting their bond into a relationship, which ultimately changes both their lives forever. The locations and sceneries are very beautiful. Carrying a great story-line isn’t enough if the actors are incapable of portraying the roles with delicate interactions. So, every artist in this movie has seemingly natural acting abilities, accounting for their characters wonderfully. In short, a perfect place for love to blossom!

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4. P.S.

Older woman younger woman relationship movies P.S

This 2004 romantic film is an adaptation of Schulman’s 2001 novel P.S. One of the finest rom-com that shows true feelings between two mismatched people. This romantic saga defines that love can happen at any age. It does not know its limitations. A lonely divorcee named Louise Harrington (played by Laura Linney) works at the admission section office at Columbia University. She finds out an applicant with a very familiar name. She meets F. Scott Feinstadt, the same applicant, and recognizes that he not only has the same name as her dead high-school lover but also looks and paints similar to him.

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In order to feel the glimpse of her ex-lover, Louise gets physically attracted to the guy, ending up here in bed with him. This takes her on a life-long ride which she now lives somewhere between past and present. Though the ending is heart-wrenching, the script of this movie keeps you hooked & is captivating. The movie is extraordinary for its two main performances along with the talented director, and a wonderful supporting cast. Overall, P.S. is a hidden gem worth hunting for.

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5. The Rebound

Older woman younger woman relationship movies The reboundThe rebound is a 2009 movie that has a sweet love story between a young guy and a mature lady. It can lighten up your mood with good skilled actors carrying the same frame of mind throughout the story. Last year business management student named Aram; Finklestein is very smart and shy. He is ambitious and belongs to a Jewish New York family but doesn’t want to be a part of semi-arranged marriage. It all happened because of his ex-girlfriend, Alice who ditched him after her purpose was fulfilled. Now he too has moved on and taken up menial jobs. Soon after moving into an apartment a woman named Sandy, who has left the town after finding out her husband’s infidelity, hires Aram as a nanny while she continues her job.

Gradually both of them fell for each other and start dating beautifully. But the question arises, is the relationship real or just a rebound for the couple? The Rebound is a quite simple but entertaining movie, where the end was something new, which we never saw it coming. All the characters are perfectly put and justified their roles marvelously. It explains what true love stands for, in modern times. At the same time displaying the hardships faced by capable women ruled by men and society in the hands of marriage jokes. An absolutely must-watch cinema for all!

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6. Adore

Older woman younger woman relationship movies adore

There are a number of movies in the same genre but one of the weirdest of them all is; ‘Adore’ which has a very experimental story-line. The narrative later explores their “relationships” which are but the after-effects of their short-lived affair. Lil and Roz are childhood friends and have grown up together as neighbors in a utopian beach town. As now they have grown and matured, their sons are friends with each other, similar to their mothers. One day things change and all four face a huge bubble of emotions. These emotions have been piling up for a long between them.

But at last, they find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the limits of togetherness. The film is based on a 2003 novel by British writer Doris Lessing called The Grandmothers. Critics have often claimed it as, “soft-core porn.” In 2013, the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival under its original title Two Mothers. Above all, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are at their sensual best and the rock strong attitude they carry isn’t worth a miss. So watch this amazing movie right away!!

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7. Hounded


Also known as Punish me or Verfolgt, this 2006 erotic fiction drama is bit different than rest of the older woman younger man relationship movies. With a run time of 85 minutes, the movie is outstandingly amazing to watch. Directed by Angela Maccarone, the film deals with the compulsive relationship between a demented teenager and an elderly lady. By obsessive sexual experiences with a young 16-year-old boy a woman social worker as a probation officer, Elsa finds out the entire limit of the desire and hunger she had always suppressed. Elsa’s relationship with her longtime partner/husband is unhappy and troublesome since their daughter moved out. Later the viewers discover that the guy has just passed out of a reform school and Elsa could help as she is his social inclusion tutor.

The relationship between both of them becomes increasingly frank and comfortable and sadomasochistic. The guy openly offers to submit himself sexually to her. However, Elsa finds it wrong and shocking in the starting but later gets more and more tilted towards the handsome boy but not without sentiments and love. Hounded is a German movie you might have missed, but trust me it will make you fall in love with itself! Watch it now!!!

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8. Clement

Older woman younger woman relationship movies clement

This 2001 romantic drama is an intelligent and realistic depiction of how a relationship like this might actually work. A boy named Clement (played by Olivier Gueritte), in his teenage, starts developing feelings for a grown old woman named Marion (played by Emmanuelle Bercot). She is similar to the age of his mother who is also attracted towards him. Marion is an independent and flower blooming woman in her early thirties. She travels to the seacoast for a little vacation to celebrate the 13th birthday of her son Benoit. Benoit is a grown-up boy who is very close to his friends.

He keeps knowledge about sex and other erotic stuff. Clement is one of those movies about which you have to think for hours and days after you have watched it. Jealousy is a big theme in this movie where the role plays deal with the subject matter without much criticism. A beautiful movie to watch either with your friends or partner.

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9. Summer of 42

summer of '42

Summer of 42 is an American coming-of-age movie of 1971. In a gist, critics have defined this great piece of art as “so sensual and so sexy and so very complex”. During World War II, a teen named Herman Raucher (played by Gary Grimes) is enjoying Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. He is there with his sex-addict friends Oscy and Benji. He meets a 20 year old newly-wed, Dorothy (played by Jennifer O’Neil), whose husband is far from the war. Both Oscy and Benji try to tease and chase the girl weirdly but Herman smoothly is friends with the lady and finds him being extremely closer with her.

Soon both of them started dating but after some time a sudden misfortune turns their life upside down forever. The film, Summer of 42, became a blockbuster upon its release. It is a thought-provoking classy movie about youth and sex drives and contains deep knowledge, friendship, and a real-life scenario that many people can and do experience. Extremely beautiful movie, highly recommended!

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10. Bright Days Ahead

Older woman younger woman relationship movies bright days ahead

Directed by Marion Vernoux, this French romantic movie of 2013 is a likable piece offering reassurance that life begins, rather than ends, at sixty. Caroline retires from her husband’s dental practice at the age of 60, in a port on the northwest coast of France. Her married daughters give her trial subscription to a club of retired people named “Les Beaux Jours”. She, there join computer classes. She along with a 30-year-old instructor named Julian shares a mutual attraction and starts an affair of serious experiences. Her lifestyle changes completely. She becomes inattentive and hasty, ignores family and friends, starts smoking and becomes a chain smoker, drinks alcohol especially wine, dress up weirdly, send and receive texts after text all day long and put on heavy and dark makeup.

Observing her for days, Caroline’s husband warns her that he and other people have been noticing her behavior for a long. However, she then decides to take a short holiday in Iceland with Julian. At the airport, she sees Julian talking to a young lady on their flight, Caroline immediately decides that it is better to release Julian back to his own world and return to hers as well. She finally calls her husband and asks him to fetch her right now. You can simply summarize it as a movie that will resonate with people who are nearing or in retirement, though the general audience can appreciate it as a good film with a good story and strong acting. A consequential movie to watch.

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11. Notes on a Scandal

older woman younger man relationship movies notes on a scandal

Based on the novel of the same name by Zoë Heller, this 2006 British psychological thriller-drama, frames the forbidden romance between a teacher and a student. The film bombed to very positive reviews, with Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench receiving critical acclaim for their performances. A veteran teacher named Barbara Covett (played by Judi Dench) at St. George’s feels a connecting soul in the new art teacher of the same school named Sheba Hart. The younger lady’s charming beauty makes a way in the older, ending up in a great friendship. Later, Barbara learns that Sheba holds an affair with a teenage student named Steven Connolly.

Having an age gap of about 20 years both of them are equally in love and share a lot many private moments. Barbara keeps a track of her every moment, finally becoming the keeper of the explosive hidden secret. The movie was nominated for four Academy Awards – Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Score. An all-time favorite in this genre (older woman younger man relationship movies) and a worth watching movie! You can also explore similar movies like notes on a scandal. Have your time and enjoy!!

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Final Views

Love has no limits and boundaries to follow. It just flows with the wind of friendship and stops in your heart to blossom the flower of emotions. Being unaware of the pros and cons we have celebrated the win of this love by serving you top older woman younger man relationship movies.

Well, that was the list amigos! Hope you have loved the post and got what you were looking for. Do let us know your reviews by commenting down below. Also, tell us which of the older woman younger man relationship movies you loved the most. At last, don’t forget to visit MovQue regularly.

Stay Safe!

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