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#7 Movies similar to Notes on a Scandal that will blow your mind

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Have you ever been in a weird-age relationship?
Well, let it be a secret!
Relationships and affairs are the sweetest things a couple in love can carry. Having different thoughts and unending cute moments in an affair is one of them. Isn’t it beautiful to imagine all this? Such a relationship is of a student and teacher. In regard to the same, we have come up with some similar movies like notes on a scandal that will serve you a new flavor to your watch list.

So we shall now proceed with these outstanding movies sharing wonderful relationship bonds.
Let’s move on!

7 Movies similar to Notes on a Scandal that will blow your mind

Putting you in ease, we have gone through the revised listed of seven similar movies like notes on a scandal that will bring you closest to this incredible genre of uneven relationships. So, without wasting a minute let us jump on to the prime list and explore some great cinematic pieces.
Here we go!

• All Things Fair

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similar movies like notes on a scandal all things fair

Bo Widerberg’s 1995 Swedish erotic movie is about a sexual relationship between a teacher and her 15-year-old student in southern Sweden. A 15-year boy named Stig is living in a simple Sweden and the rest of the world is concerned for World War II. Similar to other boys in school, he too is in love with Viola, his biology teacher. But in contrast with other boys, he starts seeing her in disguise. The teacher admits to Stig that her marriage to a drunkard, Kjell is not working as it should. On the other hand, Stig gives her pleasing comfort and relaxation.

But things go wrong when Viola’s husband, Kjell finds out about an extra-martial affair with Stig. The original title of this film was taken from the Swedish anthem “Den blomstertid nu kommer”, which is traditionally sung in schools and other public places. Though an old one, it is one of those movies similar to Notes on a Scandal and will definitely fulfill what you are looking for!

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• An Affair

similar movies like notes on a scandal an affair

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Released on October 5, this erotic thriller drama was highly appreciated by critics and audiences in 2018. An Affair is a story about Anita, a 40-year-old ex-gymnast newly appointed as a high school teacher. She finds her being followed by one of her students, who is just 16 years old and is highly attracted to her. Observing it for few days, she too realizes herself being obsessed with the boy.

Anita put herself in danger by sacrificing her job and least exciting marriage to be with her young new lover. Now there is an irresistible erotic feeling from both sides. The movie has real, believable characters that carry an intense development of the story. Want to know about the consequences Anita has to face from her first marriage and a new lusty relationship? Well, if you like Notes on a Scandal, you need to watch this extremely spicy similar movie!

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• Before the Dawn

similar movies like notes on a scandal before the dawn

This 2019 romantic drama is such a lovely, thought-provoking, and emotionally inspiring story. After a recent divorce, Lila moved to a new place to start a new life as a high school teacher. A boy named Jason is a hot and sexy new admission, who is there to get rid of his past. He is unhappy with his new surroundings in school and dislikes studies very much. On the other side, Lila is also very depressed with the new staff who keep her poking now and then for every kind of work. Luckily, Jason is in Lila’s class who sees potential in the guy, while Jason is unaware of his own capabilities.

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Lila asks him if he wants her to tutor him after the class to which Jason agrees instantly. They get connected well and find themselves in a hot and sensuous affair that drags their life in an unending direction. Before the Dawn is such a sweet and beautifully executed movie that leaves a mark on your heart and stays there for long after watching it.

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• Dirty Teacher

Dirty Teacher is a 2013 movie that shows an erotic affair between a boy and a teacher. The guy has a girlfriend who already knows about this uneven relationship. From the very first sequence we and the new teacher Molly along with Danny, look for what they want from the time they initially meet at a basketball court. The teacher is a well-physicked lady, stuffed in tight pair of apparel to attract the crowd. But she finds Danny charming and handsome and brings him under her spell.

On the contrary, Danny’s girlfriend Jamie is a good and bright scholar who along with Danny is in Molly’s class. Jamie feels uncomfortable and jealous when the teacher lures Danny and ignores her completely. Later, as Molly and Danny get closer, Jamie becomes the victim of an extended frame-up. The movie is quite predictable where characters have been put in place according to the script. Seeking a mystery erotic thriller? Dirty Teacher is the solution!

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• Her Costly Affair

similar movies like notes on a scandal her costly affair

Filmed in South California, this 1996 movie is a sensuous thriller where a sexy and beautiful married professor is highly obsessed with one of his students after a one-night stand. A college professor named Dr. Diane Weston teaches English Literature. She isn’t living a happy and comfortable life but thinks to make it one by involving with one of her students. She isn’t even receiving much pampering and love from Carl, her husband, and Tess, her daughter. Rather she gets all this from Jeff, her favorite student. Jeff is transferred college case after the mysterious death of his girlfriend.

Dr. Diane and Jeff get close to each other quickly, ending up falling for each other. Jeff explains, how she reminds him of his ex-girlfriend. They now share an erotic and sensuous affair where initially Diane refuses him to seduce her and focus on getting back to her husband. But things remain constant igniting the fire of the list between the two. Her costly affair could enhance your watching wish list when you are all alone with your partner!

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• A Minute’s Silencesimilar movies like notes on a scandal a minutes silence

This romantic drama of 2016 has a really heart-touching story that shows that love has no barriers. During summer end and shortly before starting a new school session, an 18-year-old boy named Christian falls in love with Stella Petersen, the English teacher. There builds a soft and free bonding between the two. Far away from the small town, near dunes and seascapes, they both start falling in love with each other. The feeling and intensity get extremely overwhelming. But as soon as the school year starts the hidden relationship of the boy and the teacher turns into odd misconduct.

Christian’s parents, friends, and other staff members showed concern and distress at the same time. On the other hand, Stella starts ignoring Christian who is fantasizing about his future with her. But Stella’s accident breaks off Christian’s world into thousand pieces. The movie is a classic story about love’s deep breath that continues beyond death. However, it follows the novel, making some crisp changes according to the time and audience. Overall, a worth watching cinematic piece!

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• Be My Teacher

be my teacherDirected by Lakisha R. Lemons, this 2011 movie was a treat to the eyes. Everything in the movie was perfect on the mark. Be it the plot, characters, background score, cinematography, or anything else, it was highly appreciating. A sensible and mature high school guy named Evan falls in love with Mrs. Alecia Willis, his English teacher. Evan gets all the tips and tricks to chase his lady love. Both of them end up sharing a sensuous affair that crosses every limit of right and wrong. Starring Derek Lee Nixon, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar, John Devereaux, Kari Gillespie, and many more, Be my teacher sets a good example for a teacher-student relationship. I bet, it will not disappoint you in any manner. Try watching this movie with your friends or partner; you are absolutely going to love it.

Bottom Line

Well, that was the list guys, showing love has no boundaries. It has a unique aroma of touch and presence a couple can encounter. Without any age or such other differences, it flutters freely in the hearts of two souls. It is one of the sweetest things ever, God has gifted.

Signing off goodbye for now but will be returning back with another movie topic. Till then, give your thoughts and views on the similar movies like Notes on a Scandal. Also comment down below, which of the films you liked from our data. Don’t forget to visit MovQue.com for such amazing content.

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