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Weekend Watchlist 6: 5 Recommendations On What To Watch

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The weekend has officially kicked off. Whether you are traveling somewhere or just chilling at home with family, we have the perfect companion for you. If you are also a cineholic like us, you are in for a treat. This week witnessed the releases of some fantastic shows and movies you absolutely cannot miss. That’s not all. We also have reviewed them pretty intensely. If you want to know which movie/show is worth your while in detail before watching, head to our review section. But before you head out there, here is the weekend watchlist.

1. Black Widow

Black Widow nat and yelena

After almost killing the fans with a year-long wait, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) latest production Black Widow hit the screen with a bang. The story picked up from where Captain America-Civil War left. Natasha Romanoff is on the run, deemed a federal enemy for violating the Sokovia Accords and chased by Taskmaster. According to MCU, Natasha is faced with the “darker parts of her ledger, when a dangerous conspiracy tied to her past arises. She must uncover the truth about her history as a spy and mend the broken relationships before she becomes an Avenger.” And all thanks to that, Black Widow is officially ranked “#1 movie in the world two weeks in a row!” Read our article on Black Widow here.

2. Love and Anarchy

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love & anarchy weekend watchlist

The 8 part Swedish comedy-drama Love and Anarchy is the tale of career-oriented Sofie, married to a mother of two, and her journey of self-discovery and self-love. She is a consultant working at a publication to digitize their system, where she meets Max. After a certain incident (Watch the show to know what), they start challenging each other with weird, quirky tasks. This leads Sofie to confront the problems in her married life and finally curve the new way of living with Max. Love and Anarchy is surprising and refreshingly twisted. Watch it on Netflix this weekend. Read our review on Love and Anarchy here.

3. Never Have I Ever Season 2

The second chapter of Mindy Kaling’s first Netflix project, Never Have I Ever, is finally here. It picks up exactly where season 1 left off – Devi is in a dilemma about whom to choose as her boyfriend – surprisingly sweet and her arch-nemesis Ben, whom she kissed, or school’s hottest guy, Paxton is crushing on, which leads her to date them both. Things start to get interesting when another Indian-American girl gets transferred to her class. Not just Devi, new things are happening in her two best friends’ – Fabiola and Elenor, her mom Dr Viswakumar’s lives as well. Never Have I Ever season 2 promises nothing but wholesome entertainment to its viewers. Read our review on Never Have I Ever Season 2. Don’t forget to binge on Never Have I Ever Season 2 on Netflix this weekend.

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4. The Last Letter From Your Lover

The last letter from your lover weekend watchlist

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The Last Letter From Your Lover is a Netflix original film about lost interactions, bad timing, and the bravery it takes to choose love. It is adapted from Jojo Moyes’ (The author of Me Before You) novel of the same title from 2010. Journalist Ellie stumbles upon a string of strange love letters sent to Jennifer Sterling, a British-American elite in 1965. She starts connecting the dots and discovers an affair between Jennifer and Anthony O’Hare, a reporter assigned to interview Laurence, Jennifer’s husband, on the couple’s trip in the French Riviera, with the help of an overenthusiastic historian, Rory. The Last Letter From Your Lover is a parallel-story, time-hopper movie that will surely make you smile, tear up but mostly leave you in a happy state by the end. Read our review here.

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5. Blood Red Sky

blood red sky

If you are a sucker for horror movies, you are in for a treat. Blood Red Sky is undoubtedly one of the most frightening vampire movies that ever existed. The movie revolves around Nadja and her son Elias, who take a transatlantic flight from Germany to New York. But, when a group of terrorists hijacked the plane, Nadja is faced with an impossible choice: to reveal her true self? Or save her son? Because Nadja has a dark secret: she’s a vampire. Blood Red Sky is so full of twists and turns at 30,000 feet; it will leave you spinning with a whiplash. Read our review of Blood Red Sky here.

How did you like this weekend watchlist? Which show or movie are you going to watch this weekend? Let us know about weekend watchlist in the comments section below. Sayonara, until next time!

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