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#9 Wonderful movies like Knives Out you don’t want to miss

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Might have enjoyed a movie, but you ever thought of what is going to happen next? Sometimes, yes, and at times, no! Solving a murder mystery similar to knives out, either in games or movies, is what we always feel like giving it a shot. But do you really think that can work every time? Most of the movies hint at you with suspense but never unfurls about their next move.

Imagine yourself being stuck in a maze where you can find the actual culprit of the scene. Would you still continue or leave it behind? The moviemakers of such murder mysteries keep an open-ended riddle to give a proper thinking space to the audience. What kind of murder mystery would you prefer to acknowledge as a director?
Leaving it to you, let’s begin our journey towards some movies similar to knives out!

Get started, now!

#9 Unexplored movies like Knives Out you must watch

1. Scream Franchise

movies like knives out scream
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With the complete series of five movies in the bad, this pentalogy has received a tremendous response from its audience. The movie’s plot is interconnected with each sequel, carrying the basic storyline of a mysterious killer, Ghostface chasing the female protagonist who is trying to find out the murderer of her mother. He keeps slaughtering everyone who comes by his way to the girl.
Starring Jamie Kennedy, Liev Schreiber, Marley Shelton, and many other fantastic actors, this franchise succeeded in the murder mystery genre. With the pinch of horror and enigma, this movie series has molded the star cast so that they carry a balanced tone of genre and act side by side.

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2. The Cabin in the Woods

movies like knives out the cabin in the woods

There is a crisp overrun in the technique of making this movie like knives out, which carries the storyline of five young teenagers going on a trip to the outskirts of a town where they find the cabin made all of the wood and decided to stay there for a weekend holiday. Later, they become aware of each member’s mysterious death, which they find out in the second half of the movie.
Nonetheless, this particular movie creates suspense between the audiences to know what will happen next, which keeps them connected with the film. I personally would say that this movie really manages to serve a quirky and amplified twist in the overall plot. So, with no spoiler alert, you need to watch what was setting them back towards death?

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3. The Call

movies like knives out the call

Have you ever watched any Korean cinema or drama? If not, you must surely go with this one. This latest 2020 murder riddle casts of a famous Korean artist Park Shin Hye. She plays the role of an ordinary girl who drops her phone somewhere while traveling back to her mother in remote areas where she finds a cordless phone in her childhood home and receives a call from a depressed woman who is living in the same house but in a different year (1999) being tortured by her mother. But what happens later would blow your mind.
Watch out for the entire movie to reveal the unfolded story on Netflix. The call has received a rating of 7/10 from the famous movie critics’ website, Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to enjoy some really good mystery genre, try this out, and thank us later!

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4. Murder on the Orient Express

movies like knives out murder on the orient express

This American mystery thriller will blow your mind as the story reveals itself through a luxurious trip to Europe where the team quickly tries to catch the culprit by resolving a murder on the train called Orient Express. Later, the world’s greatest investigator Hercule Poirot comes up to check all the passengers and look out for the clues before the culprit makes his next move.

Isn’t it seems interesting to solve along with the investigator? Or to think who could be the person to attempt a serious murder on the running train? With the star cast like Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Jonny Depp, and many more, this movie has made its space in the list of blockbusters in Hollywood cinema.

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5. Brick

movies like knives out brick

Before directing knives out, Rian Johnson debuted from his underrated mystery: Brick which tells you the story of a young boy who gets to know about the mysterious murder of his girlfriend through a phone call. With the thought of investing all by himself, he sneaks into a group of high school kids searching for the culprit and the truth and ends up meeting a drug dealer.

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Terming this movie as an old-school mystery investigation will be justice, as it basically attracts youth, or we can say millennials, which is just WOW! Keeping you connected all the time, this movie creates a sense of pressure and suspense to know more about it. What is your call? Will you watch and be the detective for the story?

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6. Identity


This 2003 movie is a remarkable thriller ad suspense that spins the story about a ruthless storm in Nevada. Ten refugees settle down in a motel where a serial killer, as a patient of a famous doctor, starts killing these refugees one by one. Later, a limousine driver manages to keep himself alive to uncover the culprit.
Playing the lead by John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Ray Liotta, this film carries a dark and horrifying experience throughout its plot. These central characters hold the entire movie beautifully. If you are willing to update your list of murder mysteries, you must definitely include Identity.

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7. Parasite


This Oscar-winning masterpiece of 2019 has a unique and wonderful plot twist where a scuffling Kim family gets a chance to work for a filthy rich Park family, and later the entire Kim family work for them as households and ends up experiencing exploitative behavior from Park family, which leads them to a miserable lifestyle.
With the outstanding star cast Song Kango ho, Lee Sun-Kyun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, this movie, the best South Korean movie in this genre, has made its journey to the Cannes Film Festival, where it received recognition and made its way to the Oscars. So, if you want to get tangled with each twist and turn of the film synopsis, you must get this on the top of your list.

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8. Shutter Island

shutter island

Are you picking out the genre without your favorite actor? How is it even possible? The heartthrob of million hearts, Leonardo DiCaprio, is back with a murder mystery class. The story revolves around a US Marshall, along with his partner. They stay in an asylum on an island searching for a female murderer who has escaped from a locked room. The Marshall decides to battle his own fears to expose the real culprit.

This movie has an interesting conspiracy to engage the audience, as when we think everything in the plot is going to be alright, we are bombarded with a new turn in the story. So, it is something you don’t want to miss as a murder puzzle with your best-loved artist.

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9. Snatch

movies like knives out snatch

Getting magical stars in a movie is what we call bliss; Snatch was one of them to have Brad Pitt as its male protagonist. The tale goes around a valuable diamond where a set of characters from the movie spread out them in the entire London, to have it.

Had you watched knives out, you will definitely find the plot turn of snatch somewhat related to it. It will make it easier for you to connect as soon as you watch it. In a gist, we can say that it is more than a crime mystery. So, now when you recommend movies like knives out to somebody, don’t forget to mention Snatch every time.

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Is there a different version of the Knives Out movie?

The answer to this query is YES!

Rian Johnson, the director, shot a different version of this movie on a 35mm Single-lens Reflex camera. Before the premiere of the official theatrical version, Rian Johnson, along with a Non-Profit Organization, presented the first forecast of the famous Oscar-nominated film. After shooting it in a 35mm lens, the director got an experience of differentiating the screen depiction of the film with an SLR and Digitally. This film version was premiered on the American Cinematheque’s “Noir City: Hollywood” festival. It was not publicly released to the audience.

Bottom Line: Movies like Knives Out

Making a murder puzzle interesting is what shows the work of a flawless director as there can be a section of audience who don’t carry interest in the same genre, so the filmmakers need to stay connected with the public to get better reviews of their collection. This can make the movie a blockbuster and can get a hold of the viewer’s satisfaction.

Knives out have done great work in its field so did the mentioned movies. You being a murder mystery fan, must watch at least one of them if you feel to have a new experience as all the above-stated movies are similar to Knives out. We hope we sorted out few such movies for you through this article. So, let us know which one you liked the most.


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