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The chilling adventures of ‘The Call’ | Kdrama review | Ending explained

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Can something possibly go wrong when one answers ‘The Call’ when it rings? ‘Yes,’ said no one ever. Just like everyone, our protagonist of the Kdrama ‘Call’, Seo-Yeon thought it was nothing, but harmless to answer the landline when it rings. But the tables turned, when the call traveled through timelines and the caller Oh Young Sook, began altering her presence.

How adversely can the present day be affected? Can it establish happiness? Well, Oh Young Sook was able to bring back Seo-Yeon’s father. That’s good, right? Then, what went wrong?

The call kdrama plot overview

The Call (kdrama): Plot Overview

When Seo Yeon returns to the house after leaving it for a long time, she tries to find the phone she lost in the journey and uses it to contact the people she knows.
Using that phone, she gets contacted by a girl who desperately wants her help to save herself from her stepmother. It was the other lead from the movie, Young Sook. 

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Seo Yeon considered the phone call a fake and disconnected call, but she kept getting the calls from that same no and from that girl. To help her, she asked her for her address, but the address is the same one at which Seo lives now. Shocked and confused, she could not comprehend what was happening. She ignores everything and relaxes, but when a wall frame consisting of the family pictures drops out of the wall, she tries to fix it and discovers a hollow passage behind the wall.

They were not aware of this information. When she tries to find out what’s behind it, she finds a diary with some black magic rituals written in it and a picture of a girl.

Upon inquiry, she discovers there lived another girl behind their family, Young Sook accompanied by her stepmom, whose stepmom was a shaman.

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There is a possible explanation?

A few minutes later, Soe Young receives a call from her explaining precisely what is happening with her on the other side, how her stepmom is making advances toward her, how she could sense the same energy in her own house, and that she didn’t like it.

After a while, she comes up with the theory that they were both living in the same house, but at different times in their lives. Eventually, they began to talk like good friends and began to share information about the current situation.

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What happens in the Young Sook time frame?

During the Young Sook time frame, Soe Young ‘s family visited the home and later began living there. The sound of her father’s voice brought Soe Young great joy. However, later, she became disheartened that he had left her.

Young Sook comes up with a plan to keep him safe, explaining to Soe Young that she will stop the nob when his father died so that this could be prevented, and they were successful, as his father did not die when Young Sook did.

With his father still alive and Soe Young once again living a comfortable and happy life, Soe Young was on top of the world. But, unfortunately, she was indulging in her life to the point that she forgot about Young Sook, which pissed her off.

Intolerant and aggressive behavior developed among Young Sook

Young sook's mother

After Soe Young realized that her stepmother would kill Young Sook, she immediately notified her, thus preventing this mishap. However, to fool her mother, Young Sook faked falling asleep, and then, when she comes home, she catches her dead-handed and kills her instead.

Her mother was trying to kill Young Sook because she was worried she would be aggressive and violent in the future, killing innocent people.

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The dark era

In the aftermath of killing her mother, Young Sook was free to do everything she wanted to behave the way she wanted to live her life. However, this wasn’t going merrily.

As their neighbor delivered strawberries to both of them simultaneously, Soe Young enjoyed her strawberries with her family when the neighbour noticed a plastic container containing the dead body of Young Sook’s mother in Young Sook’s refrigerator. The neighbour was frightened as hell and was running to save his life but to prevent him from telling the world, she killed him.

Then Soe Young realized Sam was no longer at her home, and he abruptly disappeared. It made her think there was something fishy going on, so she investigated and found Young Sook had killed her mother and a neighbour, and the police caught her for the crime.

The Call (kdrama): Ending Explained

The call kdrama ending explained

Upon realizing who was behind all of this, she confronted Young Sook and instructed her to stop and tell her that the police had caught her for her activities. As Young Sook panicked, she asked how she went from free to being caught and how she could reverse her condition.

She appealed to Soe Young , but he cut all contact with her. Young Sook simply went insane and began killing more innocents, and no one intervened to stop her. To convince Soe Young that her disagreement with her was a mistake, Young Sook killed her father sharply.Young Sook even enslaved Young Soe Young and tortured her, affecting her now; Soe Young could feel the pain she had been subjected to.

In response, Soe Young attempted to kill Young Sook, but she failed, which infuriated Young Sook even more and made her vengeful, and in the end, Soe Young was forced to assist her in reversing her actions. Young Sook was successful in accomplishing this.

However, Young Sook didn’t stop there. She became more violent and destructive, and one day, when Soe Young ‘s mother was at Young Sook’s time frame, Young Sook let go of everything, and eventually, the abuse ended.

Exactly what the audience wanted at the end.

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Is the ending as happy as it seems to be?

Young Sook holds Soe Young’s mother a captive as they fight. It was a risk to Soe Young ‘s life at both times. Soe Young’s mother fought bravely for her child’s life. Despite her efforts to kill Young Sook, both of them went to the room, and only young Young Sook is believed to have made it there.
Get out of there! That meant Young Sook had killed Soe Young’s mother!

Soe Young , on the other hand, killed old Young Sook. A person’s death in the one-time frame is similar to that in another but is not the case here. Soe Young frantically searched for her mother in every possible place. She could not find her mother at the hospital, at the cemetery. However, out of the blue, her mother dropped by the cemetery to look for her. She was happy. She was ecstatic!

The happy ending seemed to be the end, but is it?

The ending of the Kdrama (Call) left the audience in a cliffhanger.

Soe Young’s mother disappeared without a trace. What? Where? Nobody knows. Could she have died, but how? In actuality, the young girl did not die as she managed to beat death while she fell to the ground.

Therefore, Soe Young was kidnapped and later captured by the old Young Sook. It’s a double whammy whether this ending occurs, but one could happen, the other couldn’t. In the beginning, Soe Young managed to survive, so she and her mother are still in existence today.

Alternatively, Soe Young managed to reverse the situation and make it better. We clearly cannot come to an exact conclusion, but it is clear that the plot and story line of ‘The Call’ (kdrama) were highly praised. The suspense was maintained throughout to maintain the viewers’ interest and make them want more.

The Call (kdrama) is a Netflix Original and so you can stream it on Netflix anytime.

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