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Top #9 Scariest Spine-Chilling 2021 Movies to make you scream!

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Do you believe in ghosts or any kind of paranormal stuff? What do you feel when you hear stories about them?
Obviously, Terrified!
Many people do not really believe in ghosts and spirits, they think that they do not exist. This may or may not be correct. I personally believe that the term “Ghost/Spirit” is wrongly given. If there is God (Good), there is Demon (Evil) too and good always wins over evil. We might have seen a number of scary movies but watching the top scariest movies of 2021 with lights off, hiding under blankets, and panting the hell out of us, skips a heartbeat even if there is a normal thud in the background, isn’t it?

All right, just name the scariest movie you have seen till date, I am sure, many of you will say The Exorcist or Insidious. But there are a number of movies waiting for you to scare this year too. Do you want to know about them, keep yourself focused and find out which ones are these!

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021: Spine Chilling movies that will make you SCREAM!

So, here we are presenting top scariest movies of 2021, which will frighten you till death. Let us move and enter the gates of this record to investigate the most horrifying movies of this year.

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Let’s get started!

• Prisoners of Ghostland

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021 Prisoners of Ghostland nocholas cage shooting

Releasing first at the 2021 Sundance film festival, the movie has taken a wide coverage in the direction of Sion Sono. The tale proceeds where a hard-hearted bank robber has been escaped from jail by a rich governor is sent to release the adopted granddaughter, who has vanished into the supernatural world. The criminal has to crack the evil curse which is hovering over the Ghostland, in order to get rid of the mystic world. Nicolas Cage has shown wonderful skills and good character hold as a ruthless criminal. The people at the festival loved the movie a lot a sit was a wonderful directorial competency that hasn’t steeped into filmography ever before. What is your call? Would you love to solve the mystery of the outer world?

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• Spiral: From the book of saw

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021Spiral: From the book of saw

Being a part of the ninth series of Saw, Spiral has made it to another level of this franchise where the story centers on a police investigation that is in search of a serial killer. This killer is playing deadly games with the police. The main detective officer, Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks along with his partner tries to solve this mystery of murders. But soon, he finds himself trapped in the plan of this killer. After watching the last eight series of saw, we can’t deny the fact that it would be intriguing in the same way. The acting skills of Samuel L Jackson would take away your heart. So, just like the previous parts, are you planning to watch this part too? Let us know in your exploration.

• The Conjuring: Devil made me do it

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021The Conjuring: Devil made me do it

The journey of conjuring started like a tale from Annabelle to The Nun and traveled till The Conjuring: Devil made me do it. But this time Ed Lorrain Warren has come up with the toughest case of their careers. A police officer caught a man walking on the road, covered in blood, and reports the couple to investigate further after finding it suspicious. The murdered claim to defend him from a demonic possession, Ed and Lorrain take the case in their hands for deep inquiry. The goodness of the conjuring franchise is that it stands alone. Above all, the outstanding chemistry, work, character, and what not of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are worth appreciating. This would be my personal recommendation for the top scariest movies of 2021, if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it now!!

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WARNING!! Not allowed for the children below the age of 18.

• A Quiet Place II

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021A Quiet Place II

Watching the first part of A Quiet Place was remarkably appreciating. So, the sequel has made it magnificently wonderful to have an experience this horror once more. The story explores the story of the Abbott family who faces the fatal events in their house. They are struggling to survive in the outer world too, but in complete silence. Later, they realize that the wild creatures which they were avoiding in remote areas are not limited till there; these beasts are now in the entire country. The Quiet Place 2 was supposed to release last year, but due to pandemic it was schedules in May 2021. This horror tragedy is worth experiencing. What is your call on this? Will you fight for the family?

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• Willy’s Wonderland

Willy's wonderland nicholas cage

Back with another extraordinary film, Nicolas Cage has justified his character in the same way as in Prisoners in the Ghostland. The story narrates about a wanderer who travels to Nevada when his car breaks down. In exchange for his repairs, the man works as a night-shifter janitor to clean an abandoned family amusement park. Sooner, he finds himself conducting war against a possessed animated mascot, who comes alive at night while being inside Willy’s Wonderland. Released on February 12, 2021, this movie has a blend of comedy and horror at the same time. You will definitely love this one due to its remarkable animated sequences and beautifully executed plot. If you are an anime fan, you must go for this one.

• Dementer

Starring Brandy Edmiston, Larry Fessenden, Katie Groshong and many more, this movie revolves around a young woman named Katie, who travels to remote areas cult and holds a job for adults who needs special need and care. But, with no bad intentions, Katie is experiencing some demonic signs on the body of a woman with Down syndrome, Stephanie, is the victim of all of this. Despite all the efforts and attempts, Stephanie, whom Katie cares for, does not feel alright and keeps facing a rapid deterioration in her health. Dementer is a dark movie with a tangled plot, yet you will get to know the plot very easily. The background score and dialogue delivery from each character are lovely. It is a must-watch cinematic piece for suspense and tragedy lovers.

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• The Queen of Black Magic

With the release on January 2021 on shudder in northern America, as a part of original programming. The plot opens where three men along with their spouses and kids go to an orphanage to greet the old man who took care of and raised them. But little did they know that the orphanage is not the same now. It has been haunted by some dark mysteries, secrets, and many demonic identities which are terrifying and tragic. The Queen of Black Magic is the story of witchcraft and a hell of a lot of bloodshed. This ill-lit remake of the 1981 film, will wear out your nerves this week. So are you willing to give this craziest yet coolest Indonesian film a chance to watch? What say!

WARNING!! Not allowed for the children below the age of 18.

• Wrong Turn: The Foundation

Top #9 Scariest movies of 2021wrong turn the foundation

Following the path of the 2003 film of the same name, the movie narrates the story about a group of hikers who, despite getting warnings to be on take a ‘wrong turn’ while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Later, they found themselves wandering in the land of a hidden community of mountain citizens. This community uses death-dealing ways to protect their way of life. Sooner, these hikers realize that the way they have opted has no way back but somehow a man rescues them in time. Wrong Turn: The foundation is a marvelous combination of ideas and their execution. You will find an interesting plot once you start watching this movie. So, to get a better confront, go through the trailer and you will find yourself streaming the movie too!

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• Don’t Breathe 2

Don't breathe

Leaving you with the curiosity of an upcoming cinematic piece, which is the sequel of the 2016 movie Don’t Breathe. Where, Norman Nordstrom, a blind army officer, living in isolation with his daughter, uses his skills to protect this young adopted orphan from a bunch of kidnappers who want him to look for her kidnapping. The character of Stephen Lang plays the villain and the center protagonist of the movie who returns back with the long-awaited sequel. Of course! The trailer says it all. The scheduled premiere date of Don’t Breathe 2 is August 13, 2021. You must watch the first part (2016) of this movie, to connect with the storyline, easily. So if you have not, watch it and thank me later!


It is not necessary that every movie you watch would be scary, sometimes you might not be as frightened as you thought before starting this one. The intention of the director is always to make you scream as much as you can, but do you know what makes a movie scarier? The Background Score! Yes, it plays a major role in horror films to scare you and also to give chilling experiences compiling with the scene.

It is basically how to deal with it. Some people get terrified easily while others swallow any kind of stuff, including horror, without hesitation. So the above-mentioned list is for them to enjoy once again the top scariest movies of 2021 and have a horrifying journey throughout the film. We hope you liked the article, do let us know about your favorite movies among all of them.

Good luck!

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