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#14 Best Denzel Washington Movies That You don’t wanna miss

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Watching movies in winter is like therapy, isn’t it?

I guess that applies to everyone to a perfect weekend!

Movies have a whole other aura of making the vibes excellent to serve you a good weekend. Okay, just think of a movie star would you start with! Tricky one, Right? Let’s go with Denzel Washington! One of the finest action actors in the Hollywood film industry who have managed to serve us many successful movies, single-handedly.
The actor has created his own journey and now has achieved what he had dreamt of. To know more about the star, we are showcasing you a complete list of the Best Denzel Washington Movies of all time. We have covered the best journey of this amazing artist.

14 Amazing Denzel Washington Movies That You don’t wanna miss

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Coming with the Best Denzel Washington Movies that will keep a hold onto the plot, action sequences, and struggle to achieve the objectives. Without wasting a single minute let us hop on to the main course and pick out which one was the best! Ready to explore?

Let’s go!

The Equalizer

Best Denzel Washington movies  the equalizer

Don’t you think, heroes aren’t born, rather created? Yes! That’s what The Equalizer explains. A man named Robert McCall (played by Denzel Washington) has overcome his past and is set to find a new life for himself. In the search he meets a teenage soul named Teri (Played by Chloe Grace Moretz) who gets stuck in the trap of Russian gangsters, making it hard for her to escape. McCall finds it harassing and brings back his old personality to save the girl from these monsters. He gets involved with all his heart and tears apart who so ever tries to torment her in any way. The movie has a pinch of emotion and rage where both the protagonists have played their jobs beautifully. Looking for a great movie in this New Year? Go for it!!

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Man on Fire

Best Denzel Washington movies man on fire

Carrying a similar genre of action, Man on Fire is one of the best Denzel Washington movies of all time. The plot opens up with a gang of kidnappers conquering Mexico City. John Creasy (Played by Denzel Washington), an ex-CIA officer unwillingly accepts the job of body guarding Lupita (Played by Dakota Fanning), a 9-year young daughter of a filthy rich businessman, Samuel Ramos (played by Marc Anthony).

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Gradually John started being attracted to the girl and keeps her safe from everything but one fine day she is kidnapped by a cruel gunman. This makes Creasy furious and he starts to complete the mission of getting the girl back safely from that devil. The story is simple but when you see the execution it’s the whole another portrayal. Well, one can say it’s an “Action Explosive Movie” of the actor!

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Best Denzel Washington movies fences

Sometimes it is hard to chase your dreams, isn’t it? Well, this movie also showcases the same. A family man, Troy Maxson shattered by his own past but now earns by working as a part of the sanitation team, dreams of becoming a baseball player professionally. But due to his overage by the major leagues in the selection of black athletes.

Years later, despite missing his own opportunity, Maxson loses the chance of his son who is all set to meet a college football recruiter, giving him stress and pain. The movie is deep and thought-provoking showing all the hardships a middle-class man faces to run a family and raise his children. I guess it’s true that dreaming about your passion is easy but fulfilling it is a whole another task! What do you think?

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Devil in a Blue Dress

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Denzel Washington has played many wonderful characters but this one is my favorite. Devil in a blue dress is a 90s movie adapted from the first published novel by Walter Mosley. The plot takes revolves around Easy Rawlins (Played by Denzel Washington), a retired World War II soldier who meets a stranger named DeWitt Albright (Played by Tom Sizemore) in a bar, looking for a white woman named Daphne Monet (Played by Jennifer Beals).

Ms. Monet, claimed fiancé of Todd Carter, is hiding somewhere in the black Jazz Clubs. Easy accepts the offer given by Mr. Albright to find the woman but his involvement takes a drastic turn from earning a livelihood to encountering murders, cops, and politicians. Find Washington in a new avatar in this one, trust me you are going to love it, as it is my favorite too!

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The Pelican Brief

Best Denzel Washington movies the pelican brief

Are you a freak of suspense movies? Then I guess this one is for you. With a blend of thriller and mystery, The Pelican Brief is an outstanding movie to watch. The story tells about a law scholar who speaks about the murder of two justices, her boyfriend and her mentor. This causes serious trouble for her and she runs to New Orleans, she meets a local journalist who helps her with her findings.

After long discussions and hard work on the same, they find out that the conspiracy was planned and plotted by the senior government officials way before the happening took place. The entire film has many ups and downs that will keep a hold on your emotions, but the question arises, till when will they run? To sort this matter out, watch The Pelican Brief to find out how things got settled.

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Remember the Titans

Best Denzel Washington movies remember the titans

Have you ever faced any discrimination in terms of race? Different people – different opinions, right? A very similar story is shown in this film where two schools, (of blacks and whites) in Virginia are integrated together. The white head coach is replaced by the black head coach making it hard for both the teams to play together on the same ground as one. After two weeks of training, this team sees flexibility in its performance.

As the training ends the teams return back to their places and see confusion and disturbances due to this integration but as the world sees them performing far better together than playing as individual teams, they accept the change, and both the communities get closer. This might sound very cheesy in reading but watching the same would be very emotional and loving at the same time. Don’t miss out on this one while going for the best Denzel Washington movies!

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The Hurricane

Best Denzel Washington Movies The Hurricane

Some things are really unfortunate in life, what do you say? Hurricane is also one of those occurrences which narrate a story about a passionate man named Rubin “Hurricane” Carter who dreams of winning the middleweight boxing title. But his dreams fall into pieces when he realizes that he has been accused of the murder of three people and is sentenced to three life terms in prison.

Despite being in a very hopeful state in life, he is really discouraged. He writes an autobiography of his innocence which reaches too many places including Canada where his friends and mentors read and ask for the authorities to discharge him. The movie has its own genre which carries you a long way towards a sorrowful journey but finds a way at the end. Trust me you would love it. Watch this out and thank me later!

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The Great Debaters

What was your most difficult goal to achieve in life? Well, it might have taken great efforts to acquire. Achieving certain goals requires great hard work and that’s what this movie tells its audience. Melvin B. Tolson A teacher and poet teach in a college in Texas. His dream is to make a very unusual n the college of blacks i.e. debate team. In his initial days of he has a hot discussion with the father of one of his competitors, but gradually he finds people to make a perfect team of debaters, who are energetic, young, and intelligent.

Gradually, they work hard and become the first team to enter Harvard’s prestigious debate champions. The movie has a spark of motivation which lures your mind to be passionate about your dreams. If you can’t connect to this one, I am sure you will find no other film as clear as this one! Watch and review, now!!

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Crimson Tide

crimson tide

Nationalism is something we are all fond of, isn’t it? Crimson Tide carries the genre. The plot stares at the Russian Civil War get destroyed at the worst and observing this the U.S. army get attentive. Terrified of a nuclear offshoot, along with many other naval officers aboard, the commander hunter and retired Captain Ramsay decide to run a nuclear missile submarine, just to prevent his army from the attack of the United States. But due to some misunderstandings, both the commander and the captain gets into conflicts to handle the command of the submarine and things get off to the mission.

The movie is incredibly wonderful and has the quality to hold on to you the entire time. Mr. Washington did a great job in handling the serious and commanding scenes. I guess, the only thing an army wants is a great leader and he proves to be the one, what do you think?

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Training Day

training day

Remember the first day of your work? Wasn’t it a new experience that day? Going to a new job is like the beginning of a new life and Training Day explains this to you perfectly. A city named Los Angeles is run by drug dealers who are professionals in their work and work smartly in the business. An LAPD detective named Alonzo Harris is a retired narcotics officer who works differently with the law by taking victims into abusive suspects, handling drugs in the worst manner.

On the first day of the job he encounters a rookie named Jake Hoyt and trains him for 24 hours. As time passes, the ethical doubt for Hoyt starts in Harris’s head. Now here is the time where the movie leaves a question that whether to continue the training in Harris’s way or find out some other way to solve it! The choice is yours, pick out wisely, pals!!

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The Preacher’s Wife

the preacher's wife

How about meeting an angel one day without even knowing? Surprising isn’t it. The preacher’s wife has the same theme to follow. Despite caring and spending much time, the marriage of a noble reverend Henry Biggs is being weak with Mistress Julia. He is involved in the church’s problems and is working hard for it without even caring that he hold his personal life too. After trying every hope, he prays to God for direction and meets Dudley, a mysterious man who claims himself to be an angel, asking Biggs to trust him and act.

This angel starts helping everyone in person but in his own way. But things aren’t the same with Biggs. Dudley is now on the verge to tackle the marriage of Biggs and Julia. To find out what happens next, you need to settle down and watch. Ready for a movie weekend party? Let’s go!

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John Q

Do you know what is the best thing you have got from the almighty? Your parents. We can never pay back to them for what they have done for us. They give all their efforts to make us successful and that’s what John Q portrays in its plot. A man named John Quincy Archibald’s 9-year-young son gets a stroke in between a sport and his heart stops. John rushes to the hospital and asks the doctor to help the child but the only thing a doctor can do is a transplant.

He collects all his funds and asks the team to start the procedure but unfortunately, he is unable to pay the complete amount for the surgery and doctors leave the child. John seizes the hospital by hostage room staff and patients until the doctors don’t agree to the transplantation. The story of this epic cinematic piece is unique and gives you Goosebumps as the plot elevates. Want to know what love is? Watch this thriller drama and experience the bond!

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Discrimination of any kind should not be accepted, what do you say? Carrying the theme of biasness, Philadelphia gives you chill as it enters the core tale. The plot gets its direction when Andrew Beckett, a lawyer hides his identity of being a homosexual and carrying an HIV status at a renowned Law organization. He doesn’t want things to be affected to his job, but it does as one of his colleagues finds the illness of telltale lesions and he gets fired from the work.

This makes him furious and he sues the firm for the case of discrimination along with the lawyer, Joe Miller, who is the only one to support him. They are now strugglers to find the base reason and find injustice. What do you think, will they make up till the end? Let us watch and find out the actual scenario!

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Déjà vu

Best Denzel Washington movies Déjà vu

Crime is that one thing, which we want to vanish from the entire world, isn’t it? Now that’s what we see in this beautiful time-traveling movie. Déjà vu has a wonderful concept to travel back and forth in past and present. The plot of the movie introduces an ATF Agent named Doug Carlin (played by Denzel Washington) who is brought by the team of a confidential program to arrest a terrorist who has attempted ferry bombarding and killed thousands of innocents.

A technology, where a person can go back up to four days, makes the way smooth for the agent in destroying the terrorist. The work Carlin does is the toughest and most important task which even the government was also looking for. Well, I guess traveling into different scenarios is quite interesting to watch and flow along. Watch this amazingly executed movie to encounter more suspense!

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Final Verdict

Apart from the above-mentioned movies, Denzel Washington has a great filmography to explore. He has served the movie in the best way he could. The original concept of classic movie stardom was also recreated by this wonderful artist. The movie has a good blend of emotions, actions, and vengeance which he has justified in each of the characters.

Well, this was the entire stock from the box of the Best Denzel Washington Movies. We hope the article was informative to you and got what you were looking for. Do let us know your reviews in the comment section below and also tell which the best movie according to you was. Last but not the least; don’t forget to follow for such wonderful content!
Adios Amigos!

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