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11 Super Exciting movies of Vin Diesel you would surely love

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When it comes to movies, which genre do you love? Well, the answer might vary! Movies are the best way to get entertained where different people like different genres and styles. But the genre on which the Hollywood industry mostly focuses is action. Yes, that’s true action movies are lifelines of American industry. Taking that into consideration, we have come up with some of the best movies of Vin Diesel which will refresh your mood completely.

So, pamper yourself with the entire list of outstanding movies of this superstar. But before that, let us know few things about Vin Diesel!

Are you ready? Let’s peep in!

Who is Vin Diesel?

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Vin Diesel is an American actor and filmmaker who was born on 18th July in Alameda County, California, with the real name, Mark Sinclair. He was born and brought up by a white astrologer brother along with a twin brother and adoptive father in New York City. Unaware of his biological dad, he is all known for his mother who allowed him to carry different cultural personalities of being German, Scottish, and English. He started his career by appearing for a short role in the 1990 movie Awakenings and following to write, direct, produce and star in a short film named, Multi-Face from the same year which was later selected for Cannes Film Festival.
He entered Hollywood from the first movie of his career, Strays, following some great movies.

Diesel never opened much about his personal hookups or relationships like other stars as he doesn’t find himself comfortable with it. However, since 2007, the actor has been in a relationship with Paloma Jimenez, having two (Hania and Pauline) daughters and a son (Vincent Sinclair). He was a very close friend of the late FnF actor, Paul Walker, and is now the godfather of Paul’s daughter, Meadow. Currently, he is considered to be one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and is best known for playing Dominic Toretto. Hollywood is blessed to have such a great actor from the very beginning itself and the darling star of the audience who is waiting for his new collection this year. Till then, let us move forward!

11 Super Exciting movies of Vin Diesel you would surely love

Well, we are here to bring you some hot and spicy best movies of Vin Diesel, which are incredibly awesome and have earned huge audience reviews. So, without sparing a single second let us start our expedition and go through this enormous list of our favourite star!
Let’s Go!

Fast & Furious Film Series

fast & furious

God!! We need to keep calm for this amazing and exciting movie series!! Fast and Furious Franchise is one of those chains that nobody wants to miss and above all when it is Vin Diesel, the movie is already a blockbuster. The base story of this movie series tells its audience about a car racing driver named Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel), who has an addiction to speeding car racing and is praised by his fans like a superhero. After a heated confrontation with a spoiled brat Johnny Tran, Toretto decides to take a new member, Brian O’Conner (played by Paul Walker) under his team. Sooner, Dominic’s sister Mia falls for Brian without realizing that he is an undercover police officer. Brian is there to arrest both of the leaders (Dominic and Johnny) for being into a dirty game of car racing.

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The movie has been flawlessly taking over fans from every corner of the world make it a huge blockbuster of all the time. Its untitled series has been scheduled to get released next year. Excited?? Of Course! Yayyy!!!

Find Me Guilty

Vin diesel movies find me guilty

Oh! How can we forget this amazing piece? So, decided to include this wonderful movie for our readers. The tale of this movie narrates about a gangster named Jack DiNorscio, who has been charged and imprisoned for taking drugs. He denies giving evidence against his former associates in the Lucchesi Crime Family. Later, when an aspiring prosecutor takes him back to court he starts to defend himself. Judging his doubts, his great presence and knowledge of law support him in reaching the climax. Many scenes from the courtroom showed a shiny and humorous side of Diesel where diesel has stepped out from his comfort zone and did justice to the character. The movie is one of the finest movies of Vin’s career due to its remarkably victorious, eye-catching, and entertaining combination. Try watching out this fairly amusing movie to experience the funny side of Diesel.

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Pitch Black

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This millennial movie of 2000 is quite underrated and unnoticed where Vin has portrayed the character of the villain. The plot summary of this film tells about four people, named Carolyn Fry, Abu `Imam’ al-Walid Richard B. Riddick, and William J. Johns respectively, who has been survived after a space transporter crashes on the barren planet with three suns. They are in search of instant survival and rapid escape. Later Carolyn gets to know that the planet has a total eclipse every 22 years and that is the time when hibernating, flesh-eating community awakes and hunts for food. The movie was handled beautifully by Diesel along with the bunch of other casts. With a touch of melancholy and irony, Vin takes the credit with each dialogue he utters in the movie. Don’t miss out on watching this outstanding movie to see the real Vin Diesel.

The Iron Giant

vin diesel

Being a part just for the voice-over of this well-executed animated movie, Vin Diesel was able to set the character’s space effortlessly, who required a deep, husky and tone to deliver the dialogues. It is an adaptation of a novel named The Iron Man by Ted Hughes which tells us the story of a giant alien robot who crash-lands in Maine in 1957 and befriends a 9-year-old boy named Hogarth. Later an obsessive government officer makes his mind to destroy the robot but Hogarth along with his friend is determined to save him anyhow. Carrying a variety of emotional performances Vin Diesel has come out of his action genre and gave life to this role, stealing the scenes and hearts. If you have watch Ratatouille and The Incredibles, you would surely love The Iron Giant as all three are from the same director. So, don’t miss out and enjoy!

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Saving Private Ryan

vin diesel

Ahh!! It was worth including. Though not being in a major role, but Vin Diesel was a part of these five academy awards and an Oscar-winning movie. The synopsis lays the story about a group of soldiers when captain John asks them to find missing Private Ryan. Encircles about the harsh realities of life, while finding their colleague, every soldier starts their own journey and finds out their personal strength to win over the unpredicted future with honor, simplicity, and braveness. The final moments of Diesel’s character have portrayed the best visualization of his death scene, which will tear your heart apart.

Saving Private Ryan is one of the best Steven Spielberg movies which got a must-see tag from the critics. Sometimes an actor doesn’t need to get a lead role, he can demonstrate his skills even if the role is short or limited, Vin Diesel set the same example to this theory.


vin diesel

Directed by Rob Cohen, this 2002, American action movie was first from the trilogy. The movie shows the plot of an ex-high speed sports racer named Xander ‘XXX’ Cage (played by Diesel) who is famous and in-demand his breathtaking public stunts. Leading this exciting life, Xander gets an offer where he is hired by an NSA agent Gibbons (played by Samuel L. Jackson) with the belief that succeeds and covers the target, unlike other typical spies. All set to be an undercover agent, he has to be very cautious and extreme with his marvelous stunt skills for an important mission. This is all done to fight with a smart, well-arranged, and brutal enemy who is actually out of Xander’s experience.

The movie broke the box office records, uplifting Diesel’s career in Hollywood. The makers and the audience believed that Vin is the only person who can achieve some of the drastic and challenging scenes from the movie. Looking for a good Vin diesel movie with incredible action sequences, go for XXX!

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This time Diesel has come up with a different genre of playing the role of superhero. Based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name this 2020 movie was worth watching during the lockdown. The synopsis of Bloodshot gives a story about a man named Ray Garrison, who has been murdered along with his wife and is revived by the team of scientists. Improvised with nanotechnology he becomes a superhuman for a killing machine called Bloodshot. At first, he is unable to recall anything from his previous life as he starts his training with other super warriors. Later, when his memories return back, he immediately finds out the man who killed him and his wife. Full of anger and rage, he is all set for vengeance but discovers that there is a lot more than he thought.

Bloodshot is a decent attempt for Sci-fi imagination and good action sequences. If you have wasted the lockdown without watching it, you are really missing out on something great!

Boiler Room

Vin diesel movies boiler room

This 2000 movie was critically appreciated but is much underrated. The tale of this crime drama narrates about a place named Boiler Room where twenty million people become rich. In the hideout of an unreliable brokerage company, an extremely combative young man convinces a buyer over the call and is later rewarded with manor houses, expensive cars, and many other luxuries which they don’t know what to do with. In a modest island zone, people from generation X chase the green at a dangerous speed sometimes ahead of the law.

Vin Diesel is one of the members of this group with a bunch of other talented actors such as Giovanni Ribisi and Ben Affleck. With a number of great scenes held by Diesel, the movie is really amazing to watch where the good guy wins and the bad guys get what they want. Nominated for a lot of awards, Boiler Room is what you must not overlook, watch it today!!

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The Pacifier

Vin diesel movies the pacifier

Vin diesel and comedy? What?? Yes, you heard it right? Directed by Adam Shankman, this American family action comedy movie brought Vin Diesel into a new genre i.e. comedy. The story of this film is pretty interesting which gives a scenario about a lieutenant Shane Wolf (played by Diesel) from Navy SEAL who is capable of doing anything throws at him. But even the best things have their saturation level. When he is unable to keep safe the scientist named Howard Plummer, safe from a homicide, Wolfe decides to pay off in a different way by assisting Howard’s children including Zoe, Seth, Peter, Tyler, and Lulu. But the most annoying thing, apart from the kid’s gang, is the pet duck and all these are testing Shane’s patience badly.

Walt Disney released The Pacifier under their banner in March 2005. The movie was a hit on the box office. If you are still about how Vin Diesel can make you laugh, just watch The Pacifier and thank me later.



This 2013 movie was a science fiction action movie, is the third sequel of the Riddick movie series which proved that all sequels aren’t always bad. The story-line of this film tells about a refugee Riddick (played by Diesel), left alone on a burning planet. He fights, pouring all this strength, against the flesh-eating inhabitants for his survival. The only way he can get rid of this situation is by a beacon, but the problem doesn’t end here. The activation opens a way for robbers. The first beacon carries the violent and deadly gang; the second group is led by a person whom Riddick knows from his past. In all this chaos happening, Riddick finds out that none of the group will leave without watching him die.

Riddick was somewhat a horror-action movie that might not have gained critical appreciation but worked well for its audience. Not only Riddick, rather we will suggest you watch the entire Riddick: Film Series to understand and enjoy the synopsis.

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Babylon A.D.

babylon a.d.

Carrying the adaptation of the 1999 novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec, this 2008, action sci-fi movie was another nice piece from Diesel’s filmography. The plot lays itself with a story about a martially aggressive and money-oriented man named Toorop (played by Vin Diesel). He lives in a post-apocalypse wasteland on the terms and conditions of kill or get killed. His last target is to safeguard a woman named Aurora (played by Mélanie Thierry) and her curator, sister Rebeka, all the way from Kazakhstan to New York City. Bearing problems and difficulties on the way, Toorop realizes that Aurora is the last and final hope for human survival.

Released on August 29, Babylon A.D the movie was average at the box office. It was directly presented on the big screen without being played for the critics beforehand. If you are looking for a standard action movie, go for Babylon A.D!

Bottom Line

Phew!! It is always been a tough decision when it comes to picking out some best movies of Vin Diesel. You just don’t want to miss anyone from the list. But be honest, wasn’t it fun to read about all of them? God! Absolutely not! We enjoyed ourselves together.
So, on that note, we are here taking a farewell from all our lovely readers. Do let us know if this post has got what you were looking for. Don’t forget to comment down below for add-ons and also keep visiting regularly for such hot and spicy content.

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