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11 Breathtaking Secret Facts About Your Favorite ‘Money Heist’

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Ever thought of watching a Spanish series with an American voiceover?

Yes! That’s what we are going to discuss today!

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to picking a TV show and each choice is marvelous in itself. Well, that what we think! But have you ever watched a show which gives you suspensive vibes and you really can’t guess what is going to happen next? Yeah! There are many, and out of which Money Heist tops the list.

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Shocked? We know! Well, there are a number of surprising facts about Money Heist which will definitely give you goosebumps while going through this post! If you want to know what they are, you need to read the entire post and wait for the best reveals. Ready? Let’s go!


So, here, without wasting time, we are presenting some amazing facts to startle you. Wondering what untold mysteries are lurking behind this famous show? Let’s find out these points and exploring the entire list together!
Get it on!

Renamed Title

money heist title

Lord! This can be a bit confusing but don’t worry we’ll help you out with this! The most important thing to get a show is its title which should be striking and snappy. The English title popularly known as Money Heist is translated as La Casa De Papel which means ‘The Paper House’. But did you know that this was not the first title preference by the creators? Yes, that’s right! Originally the series was supposed to be called Los Desahuciados (translated: Hopeless or irredeemable). The chosen name was actually the best fit for the series, as you will see the detachment and social outcast of the characters in the show. Though, the aired title is well justified but the vibe of the first preferred name would have been fantastic if you know what I mean!

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Almost Dropped

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Whattt!! How can it be possible? Money Heist has been counted as one of the finest series of 2017. This thriller drama gathered a number of fans across the world gaining absolute recognition and fame in the end. But one thing that will definitely blow your mind is its ‘CANCELLATION’. Yes! You heard it right, the famous action thriller show was about to doom before Netflix changed its name and added an English title in its record. After season one in Spain, the drama was disliked by the audience, thus declaring it as a ‘Flop’ at the finale episode with less than 50% of the viewers, but Netflix took command in its hand and made it successful worldwide. Truly said, it is important to know your target audience before laying your service. Well, Thanks a ton, Netflix! 😉

Real Life Robberies

real life robberies

All Right! We understand your love for the show, but why take it on to the next level? There have been a lot of incidents where robbers and thieves were found with red attire and a Dali mask while robbing different places in the city. In 2018, a group of five members from turkey were charged to steal expensive electronic items from many shops in Istanbul. These products were costed around $132,000. Another robbery was attempted in a jewelry store, by a group in Tamil Nadu, India. When asked, both the groups stated the famous Netflix series ‘Money Heist inspired them to rob the place. What?? Hilarious and sad at the same time! Making a show like that isn’t easy, though. People need to tell these robbers that it’s all fiction and ‘Get a hold on you, dude!’

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Scripts Written Concurrently

If that’s the thing, it is pretty amazing then! The plot or synopsis of any drama is written beforehand to make it easier at the time of execution. But Money Heist did not follow this ritual, rather it is quite opposite of it. In fact, the scripts of every season were written at the same time. Yes! That’s true. This was done to see the actual reaction of the audience at certain things and then following the script accordingly. This gives a blank, risky but interesting idea, where the drama will proceed. The writing part was done alongside the filming which laid the drawback for the cast to rehearse the sequences, as they use to face time frequently with screenwriters. Geez! This is undoubtedly dangerous but exciting at the same time. What do you say?

Symbolic ‘Bella Ciao’

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bella ciao, money heist

Have you heard this iconic song? If not yet, try listening to it once and you will immediately connect why it has been put in the show. Though carrying some historical references, this theme song of ‘Money Heist’ plays a vital role in the life of Alex Pina. She also said in an interview that it reminds her of her childhood. It was considered to be a protest song long before Money Heist, at the time of World War II. Putting it in the show was a major element as it portrayed the symbol of victory. That’s fairly true! You cannot even think of anything else while watching the series, it gets so stuck in your mind, and ultimately you end up singing along whenever it shares the screen. Well, that how we connect to the story! Isn’t it? 😉

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The Dali Mask

Dali mask, money heist
Did you know what the most fascinating thing in the entire show was? The Face Mask! This mask got more recognition than the real characters. It just looked amazing when the team walked together wearing those masks with ‘Bella Ciao’ playing in the background. Wow! But you might know that this mask was actually a tribute to a Spanish artist. Absolutely! The famous Salvador Dali who was popular for his unrealistic paintings and anti-modern capitalist views gave a new mark on Spanish and world art structure. The Spanish people took this into consideration and paid attribute to this renowned artist by an infamous mask. It was a sign of respect and honor towards his work and thoughts. Woah! Great work done people, a truly proud moment we believe.

Professor and the City Name

professor, alvaro morte

Aren’t we used to call Alvaro Morte ‘The Professor’? Of course! Morte was one of the well-known protagonists in the show. He is the one who comes up and forms a team along with twenty other people. You might also be aware that these teammates were called out with their specific city names. But have you ever wondered what city name the professor carried? I guess not! So, to tell you that the creators wanted him to be called Vatican City as his disguised name initially. This name was picked due to Morten’s personal religious beliefs and also told that the city is small but takes hold of the power of the entire world. Well, we belie it would be

justice to the character if it was changed to a city name! Right?

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Money Shower and Scuba Scene

money shower

Remember the famous cash raining scene for the show? Yes, that one! How beautiful and wonderful it looked when we saw it on the big Television screen. But do you know hard it was to shoot it in real life? During the shoot the weather kept on changing from sunny to cloudy to rainy, thus making the shot worse. Ultimately, it rained drenching the entire fake money which later was blow-dried by the crew. You can literally see some sunny shots and some gloomy shots separately.

Another scene was when the cast was supposed to steal the gold from the submerged tank. The shot was taken when these characters were instructed to be in a big pool, and then the problem started. The gold bricks made of foam started to float randomly which were later drilled. Also, most of the metal got rusted but  editing played a good role and fixed everything. Phew!! Thanks, Technology!


Did you see those different foreign places in the show? Weren’t they adorable and treat to eyes? Undoubtedly it is, but trust me shooting isn’t that easy. The show was supposed to shoot inside the office building of the Royal Mint of Spain but unfortunately, the crew was not allowed to do so. Later artists showed their magic skills and created the same set in another location in Madrid itself which had a number of such historical places. The permission was taken for the outer shots of the ministry building and inside parts were filmed in the local set. On the other hand, there were issues to travel foreign and shoot the show but due to some major circumstances the sets were created similar to the foreign location in Madrid, and the rest CGI graphics did the work. Well, whatever it was it was just WOW!! <3

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Popularity in Countries

The show has got huge recognition across the world. Be it be anywhere or in any corner, people are watching this drama with their eyes glued on screens. I mean who isn’t a fan of Money Heist? I, you or anybody else, the audiences really look for these kinds of remarkable series which make them feel connected personally. The first strike Money Heist did was in six countries, i.e. France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Portugal, ending up conquering the entire world. It was a massive hit with viewers of 44 million in its first season. Woah! Isn’t it amazing? In 2019 the drama became the most-watched series on Netflix and held the rating of 8.5 on IMDb. So, hey watchers! If you haven’t watched the show yet, what is pulling you off? Go get it!

Tokyo’s Character

Tokyo character
Ending up with some spicy top secrets about one of the female lead protagonists. Yes! You’re right. We are talking about Alina Pina. On asking how did the name of this character come into the creator’s head? They replied: One day on the set of Money Heist Alina came into white a white shirt and denim jeans. The only thing we remember was the word ‘Tokyo’ written on her shirt, that’s when we finalized the name immediately, bringing up other names of characters of different cities. Later the haircut, costumes, and accessories were also inspired by Mathilda in the movie Leon, in 1994, which proved to be the perfect choice for the entire show. Well, one thing we can just say, ‘Great Pick Creators’.

Bottom Line

Oh! God! How much effort, hard work, and sacrifices teams do to get the show on air? Phew!! We bow down to every cast and crew! Well, making it simpler, we served you all the surprising facts about Money Heist, which will leave you, shocked and astonished.
So that was the list guys! We hope you liked the article and got what you were looking for. Do let us know your reviews and also which fact made you speechless. Also for more interesting stuff, keep visiting MovQue.com. After all, you’re well deserved! 😉

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