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Eternally Confused and eager for love: Magic of Wiz with the Spice of Human

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Eternally Confused and eager for love: Is your dating life dull? Have you ever chickened out before or, even better, during a date? This series is a perfect guide to what not to do in your dating life; oh wait! Or just life.

Alerting you guys

This series will make you think about every embarrassing thought or moment you ever had before, after, and on a date. Also, it would make you realize that you are not the only one; I felt it! 
People often say, “listen to yourself, follow your heart,” 
Let us dismiss this line and convert it to something like, “listen to yourself only after taking advice from your mind” because the former one could be the reason your life is a sea of confusion. Sometimes there is a high possibility of a tsunami of desperation, self-doubt, and a SERIES of embarrassing moments like our star Ray. 

A little sneak peeks into RAY’s life: Plot Overview 

Vihaan Samat Jim Sarbh

A well to do guy who cannot do anything about his life, mainly his love life. He manages to crash every party or date, not the fun crashing, mainly like a plane crash.

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The story takes us into the life of Ray. Ray is an only child of his parents; they are very cool. But, of course, a pinch of spice called nagging in the parenting recipe, especially in the Indian household, is incomplete. I don’t mind nagging of my parents if they arrange dates for me that are not from Indian matrimony sites, like Ray’s parents.

Ray lives with his parents. He works for a well-established company and takes dating advice from his work buddy, who is self-obsessed and overconfident about his ideas regarding dating. Well, he is not his only friend. I want to introduce an exceptional friend of Ray, but mentioning Riya is also essential. Since school days, Riya and Ray have been friends; she has always been there for him. But is it possible for them to stay “just friends”?

The time has come to introduce an essential character of the story he is Ray’s best friend, his inner voice. Yes, it is a character he created by locking his inner peace in a toy. Ray is never alone even if he is on a date; sometimes, he may feel he is on a date with the toy, not the girl.

One day Ray’s mother arranged a date for him; initially, he denied it but could not resist after seeing the girl’s picture (parents -1 ray- 0). I could see the spark of victory in his mother’s eyes; however, it was not for a long time. Finally, Ray got ready and arrived to meet the beauty of his life and successfully ran away. But, as I told you before, he is never alone on a date. So, he and his toy had a conversation and concluded the talk by hiding behind a tree; maybe, sometimes, beauty can be intimidating. Have you ever experienced this?

Then things went downhill from there, but Ray’s on and off relationship with his self-esteem tried to save him from more embarrassments and disappointment but failed again as it ran out of charge. But Ray’s life would change even without doing anything; would it be a good change? 

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The first season of Eternally Confused and eager for love ended with a shocked and disappointed face of Ray. 

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Review: A series that will make you less confused but eager for binge-watching!

Eternally Confused and eager for love season 1

The writing and execution of the scenes are evident and real. The idea of creating a creator out of inner voice is excellent, and Jim Sarbh smashed it. We won’t even feel that it’s just a toy; his voice shines together with Ray’s character and makes the series exciting and engaging. The possibility of getting irritated with voice was high in these kinds of ideas, but Jim Sarbh proved that talent could overcome any obstacle through creativity. 

The hopelessness in character could connect with the audience, and the voice of wiz (toy) helped it a lot. Ray’s disappointed face, Jim Sarbh’s magic of voice, Riya’s friendship, and the parents who never let Ray be upset, at least they try; all these components made the show entertaining.

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Ray is indeed a ray of sunshine in the series

Eternally Confused and eager for love season 1
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Vihaan Samat played the role of Ray; he indeed showed his acting abilities in the series. Ray’s character is in and out confused precisely like the name of the series suggests. The most relatable thing was that he could not even try to hide that mess for more than a few minutes. He feels immediately guilty even if he did not do anything; he always thinks about many ideas and can’t land on any of them; some try to touch the floor and explode badly in the air.

The actor should be able to show many shades of sad reactions on his face, and the audience should see that in his body language also to do justice to a role like this Mr Samat did a good job that made the character more relatable, at least to some of us.

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Riya and Ray: Together through thick and thin

Many of us have a friend who stays with us always in our every decision. Most of the times we don’t listen to them but still their shoulders will always be ready to carry the burden of our sadness; Riya and Ray is that friend to each other. 

Even after things got a little upside down, they never gave up on each other. Riya never left Ray alone in an embarrassing situation. Dalai Mulchandani plays Riya’s character; she perfectly portrays a strong and elegant woman. We would like to see her in many more roles in the future after watching the show.

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Women’s Safety – The Ray’s way

What do you do to make a woman feel safe? One of Riya’s friends gave Ray a hard time with this question, and he dug his own grave after answering it. The grave went down deeper after applying his idea to a real scenario. With her devilish look, Riya’s friend made him uncomfortable, but still, he stood up for his vision of making this world a safer place for women. 
I would not like to spoil this story like Riya’s friend Komal spoils Ray’s evening because spoilers are sometimes like ill-treating a show. So, click the entertaining red N on your mobile or desktop and learn about his exciting idea and its repercussions. Is this the reason for his shocking face at the end of the season, or is there anything else? 

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