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#11 Facts that could surprise even die-hard ‘Suits’ Fans

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Whether you’re a wannabe lawyer or just an avid Netflix user, chances are that you’ve heard of the show Suits. It is because the legal cases and drama on the show have made it one of the most popular series on television. As a result, it has gained a massive following over the years. Despite its fame, there are still a lot of things that many people don’t know about this spectacular show.

1. The cast is really close

suits unknown facts close team

Although the cast of some shows has gained notoriety for not getting along with each other, such has never been the cast with Suits. According to the former actress Meghan Markle, the cast spent a lot of time just hanging out while off-set. To top this off, the cast apparently even went on trips, rather frequently. There was a tradition for the whole cast to go to Patrick Adam’s cottage. This just goes to show that while the cast may have not always gotten along on-screen they certainly did while off of it.

2. The filming location

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While Suits may be set in a law firm in New York City, the shooting took place far away from it, in an entirely different country. The series was filmed almost entirely in Toronto (with an exception of the pilot episode). The production team designed the set to exactly look like the real New York City. Toronto has many impressive and historic buildings and the design team took advantage of that to give the vibe of the Big Apple. Places such as the Fairmont Royal York, Ritz Carlton, and the University of Toronto have been featured in the show. It would have made more sense to just film in New York, but it wouldn’t have made sense due to the high costs. So budget managers instead decided to work in Toronto.

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3. Gabriel Macht hates Harvey’s hair

suits harvey dent gabriel macht hair style

Harvey Specter’s hairstyle is iconic and is a defining characteristic for him. However, Macht thinks Harvey’s hair is ‘icky and crispy’. Even though he personally hates the hairstyle, he thinks that the slicked-back style really works for Harvey’s character. He kept his hair natural when he was not shooting for the show.

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4. The spin-off

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Fans were disappointed to hear that Suits was ending. However, the good news is that there will be another show to fill the void in viewers’ hearts. Soon, a spin-off series ‘Pearson’ will be running. It stars Gina Torres as the title character Jessica Pearson – the former managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt and the main character from Suits’ original nine-season run. The show documented her many struggles as the right-hand woman to the mayor of Chicago. It opened to poor ratings and ranked as the USA’s lowest-rated original scripted series. As a result, USA Network had no choice but to ax the show, in October 2019, after just one season.

5. Off the air

When Suits creators dropped the curtains on the show in July of 2019, every fan, either casual or die-hard, was disappointed. No one knew the reason for the discontinuation. Moreover, the show gave no official statement regarding this matter. However many speculate that the main reason was Meghan Markle and Patrick Adams leaving the show after season seven. As a result, there was a massive drop in the ratings, forcing the show to end.

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6. Patrick J. Adams hit rock bottom

patrick adams

Before Patrick auditioned for Suits, he had hit rock bottom in life. He felt as if his career was over until this audition came along. The actor revealed in an interview that his confidence shattered when he got fired from a previous show’s pilot episode. And he begged to be cast in Suits. And it was his last hope. So glad that this role worked out for him. No one can replace him as Mike.

7. Rick Hoffman’s aversions

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Louis Litt, played by Rick Hoffman in the show, loves cats. Although, in real life, he is allergic to cats. He had to carry EpiPens and inhalers every time there was a scene with the feline counterpart. Also, while Louis loves his mud baths. But, Rick hates to take them.

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8. International renditions

Typically, only the most successful of shows are reproduced internationally. And due to Suits being a standout, it fits this bill. Like other major shows such as American Idol, Big Brother, and Shark Tank, Suits decided to plunge. It expanded to two foreign markets in 2018. In particular, Japan and South Korea. And as of today, it has aired 11 episodes in its Japanese rendition and 16 in its South Korean rendition. From here on out, we just hope that Suits continues to gain popularity in both these countries and beyond.

9. Litt up in controversies

Rick Hoffman was caught up in some ugly controversies back then. The Suits actor got himself in a sticky situation in 2016. A video surfaced in 2016, that showed an angry confrontation between Hoffman and a nightclub security guard. It was laden with profanity. Onlookers were apparently shouting ‘Louis Litt’. He also turned up to the set of Suits in a drunken state. It caused some delay, but the shoot resumed later with some hiccups.

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10. Meghan’s divorce and engagement

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle married the producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. However, they had been together since 2004. In 2017, she announced her engagement to Prince Harry and the glamorous wedding took place in 2018. The show’s creator Aaron Korsh knew about the developments taking place in Meghan’s life. He planned for her gradual exit from the show when he came to know about her relationship with Prince Harry in 2016.

11. More than just an actor

When long-term actors are working on a show, they generally tend to experiment. Sometimes, they turn directors or even producers for the show. And this particular actor on Suits is not behind. Patrick Adams, who plays the character of Mike on the show, is an avid photographer. When not shooting for the show, he captured some photographs in his free time. His pieces adorn the sets of the show, like the wall in Rachel’s office. Moreover, he even directed the 100th episode of the show.

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