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Alice in borderland Cast: Dots that Connect Each level of Games

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We all like games; some are interested in board games, and some are crazy about video games. But have you ever thought about being the real players of these games? What if virtual reality becomes a reality? What type of player will you be? 
Alice in borderland is the story of an exciting and mysterious set of games with a bewitching cast. There is no doubt how fascinating the story is! But all the characters deserve a special mention. Are you ready to see the different shades of human behavior? Let us explore the exciting feelings one by one.

The cast of Alice in Borderland

If you’re new to Japanese movies/TV shows, you’re going to be surprised by the performance.

Kento Yamazaki

kento yamazaki alice in borderland cast

The outstanding performance of Kento as Arisu held the audience in the seats. 
How many times have you thought your life is a mess? Sometimes we feel better when we realize we are not alone. I felt that happiness when I saw Arisu in Alice in borderland. Price is everything your parents don’t want you to be and everything a gamer think. His messy look and rebellious attitude will inspire teenage gamers to fight for their ambition.

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The character development is delightful to see. Arisu’s first scene of storming off from his home carelessly to managing and thinking about everyone’s life during the game is quite a sight.

Kento portrayed the character with ease and confidence. The journey of Arsui from a jobless and obsessed video gamer to a responsible partner during the deadly game is fascinating to watch. His friendship and empathetic nature are a sign of his good heart, which also helped him during the game. Initially, when they got trapped in this parallel world of death by play, the confusion and fear were at their highest peak; however, gradually, Arisu’s clarity increased about the game, and he reached the end, but that’s not the end.

Though Arisu’s character is a mess, he never tries to betray anyone; he is a good person and a great friend.

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Keita ( Karube ) 

kento yamazaki & keita

Ketia cast as Karube, one of the main characters of Alice in borderland. But what makes him different from the rest? People who have watched the series would know the answer to this question. Who doesn’t want a friend who will be there for you always, right? Karube is that friend. He is very close to his friends and willing to do anything for them. 

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The character is well written, and the performance is also vital; it links with the audience more. The connection between Karube and his friends never goes off track, even after facing the games. Unfortunately, Karube lost his life, but Arisu tried to respect his sacrifice and finish the game. 

Karube’s nature is aggressive, but he is always loyal to his friends. He is ready to cross any obstacle for his friends; he even indulges in fighting to clear his friends. Thus, Karube is a combination of love, affection, aggression, and courage. 
The deadly game was like a test of his friendship; even though he could not survive, he wished his friend to win the game, nothing affected his emotions for his friends. A friend like him is hard to find, what do you think?

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Tao Tsuchiya (Usagi)

tao tsuchiya alice in borderland cast

Tao Tsuchiya cast for the role of Usagi is one of the main characters of Alice in borderland. She is strong physically as well as mentally. Her will to achieve anything helped her in the game of death. She never let her emotional baggage come in her way to fight and survive. She manages her life with confidence and courage.

Usagi’s father was a well-trained and famous mountain climber. His dedication to mountain climbing encouraged Usagi to make mountains her companion. Usagi frequently accompanied her father on the trips and learned the art of mountain climbing. She was never afraid of the risk; she always considered mountains as her friends.

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Her father’s death affected her; he committed suicide due to the pain of false allegations of faking his hike to Mount Everest; he was loyal to his profession and never lied to mountains. She sustained in the game also as a promise to her father. Her courage and dedication created magic in every stage; she never let fear blur her judgment. She is more potent and braver than anyone else.

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Usagi in borderland

Usagi used her mountain climbing skills in this strange parallel world to survive. She enters the world in the second episode during the five of spades games. Her physical and mental strength directed her on the route to finish the game.

Usagi and Arisu

Initially, the relation between Usagi and Arisu was not harmonious. It was hard to trust anyone in the game, so I can’t blame them, right? But later, Usagi supports Arisu, and they together clear four of the clubs’ games.

Strong characters like her maintain the consistency of the story, so what are you waiting for, go and explore the game.

Yuki Morinaga (Chota)

The game is full of exciting characters; you can’t miss even one. So now focusing on one of the gems from the story, Chota.

Yuki Morinaga is cast for the role of Chota in Alice in borderland. He becomes part of this mysterious game with his two best friends (Arisu and Karube). Three of them shared an ending and unconditional love for each other. Chota is from a low-income family, but he managed to get a job and help his mother. Arisu and Karube never leave Chota’s side; their bond becomes more robust during the game.

For some people, it’s hard to stay courageous; the breakdown can happen. Chota was one of them, but his determination for his friends was unshakeable in any obstacle. He lost his life during the game of seven of hearts.

Dori (Mirage)

The weird one, different from the rest in many ways but still sticks together. Mirage is distant in looks. Also, he carries a sniper rifle; his nature is not like other players. His psychotic behavior helps in surviving. Mirage had the past of being bullied; it affected his life a lot. Later, he worked as a game engineer and also went through a makeover. His pierced face and love of hatred confuse the people.

“I will live on to be hated, then proudly fall into hell.”

This statement indicates a lot about his character. Dori performed the role with conviction; his portrayal made the surface easier to understand. 

Nijiro Murakami (Chishiya)

nijiro murakami alice in borderland cast

Nijiro Murakami plays Chishiya effortlessly. Chechnya is the king of manipulation. His indifference causes harm to others; he is selfish and analytical all the time. He doesn’t care about anybody’s life. Chechnya can go on any path to achieve his goal. He is a brilliant medical student with great potential. However, his attitude towards life was not the same as the rest.

Chechnya was uninterested in understanding the human heart during the games as the emotions of others never bothered him. However, gradually his mentality started to change. The selfless acts of other players made him question his actions. The supportive behavior of other players had a positive impact on Chishiya. He, therefore, jumped and took the bullet targeted to Usagi. Well, a change is sometimes for a more significant change, what do you think?

Witness the performance of all the characters, if you haven’t. 

The execution of all the characters was on point. Each character has their personality and skills. Characters are strong and dare never to give up. Emotions also played a significant role in this story. The players are not heartless, even though everyone was a little skeptical about the mysterious game at the initial stage, but later, everyone tried to support each other. 

Writing plays a vital role in these kinds of stories as if the characters are not written with clarity, the execution and performances will also be messy and vague. However, the exciting characters are worth your time, be their guest and enjoy the process of reaching back to reality with them.

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