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Don’t breathe 2: Hold Your Breath| Ending Explained

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Hey guys…Do you know what exactly happened to me while watching this movie…? My breath is held, my eyeballs stopped moving, and I pinched the person sitting next to me. Now, I have a question for you. Can you just imagine gluing your mouth and nose? Suffocation and End, right? I have an idea, drill a hole in your cheek, you will get some air, and blood will be oozing out but back to normal. I just explained a scene in the ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ movie you are going to watch.

The movie makers said ‘Don’t Breathe’, but as a viewer I just clenched my fists because of the action sequences. Take it from me; the movie would surely not let you sit properly in your couch.

Don’t breathe 2 is a fast pace action thriller that will immediately take us into the life of Norman Nordstrom and Phoenix. As the name says Phoenix is a girl who rises from her ashes. Flames never had that ability to swallow the little girl Phoenix. Norman, a former ranger who trained Phoenix in such a way that to push the hurdles and move on in life.

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Rodo Sayagues directed the movie Don’t Breathe, which is co-written by Fede Alvarez, the director of the first part of this movie released in 2016.

Now, are you ready to encroach into the life of Phoenix? Come have a creepy look into the movie and wait for the suspense’s to come.

Don’t Breathe 2: Plot overview

Don't Breathe 2

Phoenix and Norman Nordstrom is living in an isolated home. Nordstrom is a blind man but the training he got from the army helps him to strive in any attacks. As an overprotective father Norman hardly allows Phoenix to go for outing, even the 11-year-old girl is doing homeschooling. In a scene he is convincing Phoenix that homeschooling is safe. She is missing a normal life of her age. A Rottweiler named shadow is the protective force of the family.

Hernandez, a family friend who accompanies Phoenix for small outing. Hernandez was worried about the girl who is been kept away from the society. She always speaks for Phoenix and her freedom. The veteran explains the child that her mother is died in a blast, and he could only safe her life. They are living a quiet life, which is soon shattered by a group of ‘Human organ traffickers’ kidnaps her. The gangsters killed Hernandez and shadow. The gangster head Raylan and his wife Josephine introduces themselves to Phoenix as her parents. Their real intention was to take the Heart from Phoenix and transplant it to Josephine.

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Breath taking moments

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Some of the breath taking moments I felt in the movie Don’t Breathe are:
Stopped with a second, to look over the attack towards Hernandez by one of the gangsters with a hammer. The struggle Phoenix faced to escape from the water filled container with an electrified wire over head. Phoenix escapes by cutting off the arms of Josephine who was handcuffed with hers.

Blind veteran Norman was forced to kill the gangsters one by one to save his daughter. He cruelly smashes them until the head falls down. You will surely close the eyes when Raylan was turned to blind by his fingers.

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The Innocence of Phoenix is perfectly depicted by Madelyn Grace. Audience was able to identify the loneliness Phoenix is faced in an isolated world. Madelyn Grace does the brilliant hideouts like a trained expert.

Stephen Lang reprising his role as Norman Nordstrom, the blind man. Very convincingly enacted the character. Norman was safe in the hands of Stephen. No overdoing, the subtle acting definitely has a reach to the audience. In an interview Stephen Lang stated that for reprising the role, he worked with the Northeastern Association for the Blind in Albany, New York. Yes that accurately worked out in the movie Don’t Breathe, he depicted the character as if he is blind. His eyes are blind but mind and body is sharp to fight back, anything in any direction.

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Don’t Breathe 2: Ending Explained

Don't Breathe 2 ending explained

Phoenix is running for his life, she manages to get rid of the dog that is trying to attack her. Actually that was a training given to her by Norman to make her strong in difficult situations. In later scenes Phoenix abrupt act to safeguard her life, conveys that the training helped. The movie dealt with the abductions done by human organ trafficking ring based in the Detroit area.

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Is God bad? God is fair

‘Never take anything for granted, God will take it from you’
Is God bad?

God is fair… – This is the very first conversation between Norman and Phoenix in the movie Don’t Breathe 2. In life we will not be getting anything for free, isn’t it? Hard work is the key to success. Norman diligently trains Phoenix with a view that someday she will be attacked. He was making her ready for any attacks, at any moment. In the movie ‘Don’t Breathe’ we can see how brilliantly the little girl is escaping from cruel gangsters.

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You are not enough

You are not enough

Phoenix wanted the life of a normal girl. When Norman gives Phoenix the lessons for the next month, Phoenix says she want to go to school next year. Norman neglects by saying homeschooling is safe. She shouts saying that I want to be normal and I am alone. Norman convinces her that he is there for her. The very sudden reply of Phoenix is ‘You are not enough’. Loneliness groomed the little girl to have a strong mind. She is not emotionally moved when she faces crises.

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Are they real Parents?

Why the parents want to kill their Child? Did any parents think to take the organs from their child? No they are not Phoenix’s real parents. No parents would risk their children’s life for the sack of theirs. Raylan convinces that he is her real father confirming it by showing the streak of white hairs both of them have. But in a previous scene, Raylan seems to be like a flirt and touching Phoenix white hair. In that particular scene a cap covers Raylan’s head. So may be that was a purposefull attempt by Raylan to make believe the girl that her parents is alive. Human organ trafficking agent Dr. Thomas Hanniman is helping them. Josephine is explaining that her internal organs are poisoned so Doctor suggested a biologically close relatives organ should be transplanted. Think about it, how can a parent do such a cruelty to his child?

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Phoenix or Tara

Raylan reveals Phoenix’s real name,
Your name is Tara.
When is my birthday? Phoenix asks.
February 20, he says without any facial expression.

Girl is suspicious about everything happening around her. Earlier scenes in the movie Don’t Breathe we could connect that Phoenix really wanted the care of her mother. But when Josephine is introduced to her as her mother. No expression of love is spelled, instead she is thinking overhead, what’s going on? How to get rid of this?

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Why is Norman saying everything he said is true?

Norman had a cruel past life, which you come to know only on the first sequel of Don’t Breathe. Phoenix was taken care as his own child after the wreckage. He really was not aware of the parents of Phoenix. Norman lost his child once; so Phoenix over protectively taken care by Norman.

To a convenient shelter

Phoenix always wanted to be mingled with kids of same age, dreaming of playing with kids in a convent shelter. The scene before the abductions, were Phoenix is reading an advertisement saying ‘A convenient shelter awaits you’. Finally Phoenix finds her shelter when she really became alone, and that’s the end of the story.

Don’t Breathe 2 is a movie that speaks about the abductions behind the organ trafficking. If you find my review helpful, get ready and watch the movie without flipping your eyes.

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