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#13 Best Tearjerker Movies Of All Time

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Isn’t it amazing to connect with a movie so much that you start feeling yourself into it?
Well, I guess this is something relatable to each one of us.
Emotions are hard to control when instances shown in the movie match your real-life happenings. But do you really know how many pointers a movie carries to create an emotional frame of mind? God! From background score to lighting to dialogue delivery to expressions, and what not!
Taking this into consideration, let us discuss these pointers in some of the best tearjerker movies of all time that can really grab your attention and give you space to rewind some beautiful occurrences from your life. Want to know more? Just grab a tissue box with a mug of hot chocolate and settle down in your sheets to experience the framework of these wonderful movies!

13 Best Tearjerker movies that will definitely make you cry your heart out

So, here we are presenting a complete list of the 13 best tearjerkers of all time, which will keep tagging along with your emotions every now and then. Let us just walk in and find out some amazing movies.

Let’s Get Started!


Best tearjerker movies
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Animation is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this sweet little tale will rewind all your memories and give you a taste of the future in a very sophisticated yet loving manner. You will find yourself in the shoes of a warm and tender-hearted old man who takes care of everyone living around him. The story has its own love sequence along with the pinch of laughter, love, and happiness. The lead character basically tries to explain his life in 90 minutes and carries you along with him in a roller coaster ride of love. With beautiful storytelling, the life of the protagonist, the togetherness of the couple, you’ll definitely feel your throat choking in a few minutes of the movie.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Best tearjerker movies

You might know things about a single mother, but have you heard about someone being a single father? That’s what Pursuit of Happyness conveys to you! Though being a sincere and responsible father, Chris Gardener faces a lot of struggles raising his child. He loses his job, his apartment, relationships, but does not give up. Rather he chooses to stand by his son to give him a better life. The true hardships and fight for survival is the only key he holds and achieves success in it. Well, indeed it is not an easy task for a father to be able to give everything to his child so much so that he doesn’t feel the lack of a mother! But when it is Will Smith, you can see that portrayal too!

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Good Will Hunting

good will hunting

The movie might not get your attention in the beginning but hold you throughout its plot. The story revolves around the protagonist who is extremely intelligent and has outstanding IQ standards. He decides to work as a custodian at MIT. Days later, he solves a graduate mathematical problem and gets in the eyes of renowned professor Gerald Lambeau, who support him in every possible to know his abilities and also fights with the cops to have some mercy on him, when he hits a police officer. The movie is such a heartbreaker that you will feel completely attached to the lead character and will be a part of it throughout the entire tale. Looking for a wise tearjerker, Good Will Hunting is your movie.

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A Walk to Remember

best tearjerker movies

Some things are great to acknowledge when you are dedicated to your partner. This is what A Walk to Remember portrays. The tale revolves around the protagonist named Landon Carter, (played by Shane West), who organizes his farewell party before he leaves the group. There he meets a girl, junior to him, named Mandy Moore, (played by Jamie Sullivan) and the two eventually fall for each other. Later both of them found some truths about each other and they find themselves standing at that point of life where things are irreversible. That separation and detachment will give you a heart-aching feeling where you will definitely recall your own memories of first love and breakup. But need not worry pals, All’s well the ends well!

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If Beale Street Could Talk

if beale street could talk

Directed by Barry Jenkins, If Beale Street Could Talk is one of the sweetest but hurting stories you ever see. The tale is all about love, support, and negative circumstances which deal with a drastic change in the couple’s life. A young teenage couple named Harleem and Tish fall in love with each other. These childhood natives decide to share the future together, but destiny has something else for them. On the other hand, a crime scene gets a web trapped for Tish where cops find out his involvement and get him jailed. Poor boy, get pinned down for the crime he didn’t commit. But do you think that love is what fate decides? Let’s watch this one and find out what will the couple do to seek justice and find love!

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The Fault in Our Stars

best tearjerker movies
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Ever thought about how cancer patients feel when they get to know that there are only a few days left of their existence. No, we cannot even imagine the pain they go through, mentally and physically. The Fault in Our Stars will take you from the shift of ‘Aww’ to ‘Oh No! The story shares the life of two young souls named Hazel, a lung cancer patient who needs to carry an oxygen tank with her all the time, and Augustus who lost his one leg from cancer but is thankfully now cured. When the couple starts understanding each other closely, Augustus gets to know about a weird wish Hazel to meet the author of her favorite book “An Imperial Affliction”. He decides to fulfill the wish and days later an unfortunate incident happens, which gives Augustus the worst shock of his life! Want to know what was that? Watch this beautiful tearjerker and experience the love and pain blooming along through a movie!

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best tearjerker movies

Woah! The title already gave me goosebumps! Pouring all the love and desire of a youth couple, James Cameron has given a masterpiece to the cinema industry worldwide. The standards he set are way up high for a story to depict the same chemistry and bond that Jack and Rose had! The tale of a poor guy, Rich girl tangles you with itself in a very unique and painful way where both the protagonists aboard the “Starline: Ship of Dreams” named Titanic. They fight for love and togetherness without looking back, no matter what. But one unfortunate incident changes their lives where destiny does them apart! That is the moment you start mourning and realize that love is not for everyone and fate is the biggest challenge to succeed. You Jump, I Jump, Remember?

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capernaum movie

For all the filthy rich kids out there, can you even imagine what survival in poverty actually means? No food, no money, no shelter, nothing, just the minimal oxygen to breathe, eat and exist. Yes! That’s what Capernaum is all about. This Lebanese movie depicts a tale of a boy named Zain, whose life holds a blend of all emotions. As the story elevates, the pressure of survival increases, making it hard for him to swallow the pain down his throat. He runs away from his house after suing his parents in court for marrying his underage sister to an old man and bringing him to this world. But you know what will rip your heart out? In the last dialogue of the movie, where a photographer asks him to smile for an official photograph and he does. That smile is heart-wrenching! Well, according to me it is the best tearjerker movie of all time.

Advice: Don’t forget to grab a box of tissue before starting this one!

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Before I start, I need to know, how many of you are dog lovers? Oh well, who doesn’t like dogs as their loyal friends? And when you name them Hachiko, the love gets double. It encompasses a dog who gives all the affection and trust to his owner by standing outside the railway station, waiting for him to return from work, every day at 5 pm. But one fine day the owner does not get back. The dog keeps on waiting the entire evening till night and sooner realizes that he is never going to return. The moment that melts your heart is the ending, where the dog dies waiting for the owner to return. You might have seen many animal-loving movies but Hachiko is a tearjerker that will tear you apart from the inside by its emotional theme and unspoken words of this Akita Inu species!

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The Color Purple

Betrayals are hard than breakups, ever felt that? Many of us experience relationships breaking off for one reason or the other, but you know what shatters your heart is ignorance, betrayal, disloyalty, and much more. Based on the novel by Alice Walker, this movie regulates the life of a 40-year-old African-American woman named Celine who tolerates abuse and injustice from her father, throughout her life. Situations get worse after her father gets married to another woman, he leaves Celine to find a suitable guy and get married on her own. She then tries to find her sister in Africa and reunites. The trauma she bears and the reunion it follows is one of the sweetest things you will ever encounter in the story. So, be a part and live the journey of Rolling tears, incredible happiness, and struggle for life. It’s not a tearjerker, but the movie will leave you with heavy heart.

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Bambi movie

What is the closest memory you have from your childhood? Recall it and live the moment of joy! Despite being an animated movie, Bambi has the potential to make you cry in one go. The innocence, love, childhood, and many others factors will make you realize that not only humans but animals too face treacherous life issues where death is the only direction they can go in. The tale shows a beautiful depiction of baby deer getting separated from the mama deer. This tragedy is hard to swallow but somehow he manages to live in the forest making new friends and adjusting to a whole new living environment. But the moment when the hunter arrives and traumatizes him and his friends, you will never forget that scene in your entire life! Do watch and enjoy this one without missing the cinematography, animation, voice-over, and portrayal!

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You might have seen Slumdog Millionaire of the actor Dev Patel. Well, to tell you, he is back with yet another emotional drama called Lion. The tale starts with a five-year young kid named Saroo who loses his family on a train. He reaches far away from his native town and lands in Kolkata where he starts living on his own. Finally, days later an Australian family adopts him and he gets a new life abroad. After 25 years later, he gets to know a few technologies and come across Google Earth. He starts searching for his biological family and returns back to them. The plot has beautiful cinematography with a remarkable background score. If you have watched Slumdog Millionaire movie of the same, then you will love this tearjerker too. Thank me later, please!

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Revolutionary Road

revolutionary road leonardo dicaprio

Don’t you think there you, a chemistry Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet make? After 1997, the couple reunited in this 2008 movie and has justified their work flawlessly. The story gives a description of a couple named Frank and April who are not very loving and supportive towards each other. Still, they give their relationship one more chance to blossom, love, by buying a house in Connecticut. The pair starts facing issues in their relationship, they get detached. Meanwhile, April gets pregnant and the scenarios get worse. There is a constant quarrel and stress between the two, making it hard for the lady to deliver a child. April finds out that there is no actual meaning of the relationship between them and self-abort her child. She rushes to the hospital but by the time she loses a heavy amount of blood and dies at the very moment. Pheww!!! The expressions, dialogues, emptiness, fear are all outstanding. Oh lord! I hope you finish your movie before drowning in the pool of tears!

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Final Verdict

Almost all the movies are fictional but the magic they create in those two to three hours, which is remarkable. It is really tough to watch a tearjerker movie as you might not carry a heavy heart every time but when you have one; you try to pour it out through that movie. Well, for that you can keep a handkerchief handy!

So, that was the list guys! We hope this was an interesting, as well as an informative article for you and I hope you, got what you were looking for. Do let us know your reviews by commenting down below. Also, tell us which of the above-mentioned films you loved the most. Last but not the least; don’t forget to visit MovQue regularly for more such outstanding content!

Stay Safe!

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