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Mother/Android: An Unexpected War Between Human and Humanoid

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Netflix’s Mother/Android is a perfect name for a Science fiction thriller movie. In a sense, you know Man can be called the mother of Android. However, what will be the impact when human and humanoid comes straight to straight for a war? Who will be the winner, Human or Humanoid?

We don’t have to go too far to know that a Humanoid can ruin us. I remember a piece of news regarding a robot accidentally placing a man in a machine instead of a tire resulting in his death. We are living in a world where humanoids are holding citizenship. So it is true that replacing robots with humans increases efficiency and reduces time consumption. Life becomes easy with inventions, but have you ever thought that these inventions become the reason for our extinction? Could you imagine emotions in a humanoid? how can we compare man with a programmable computer? Many questions in the baggage, well to know whether this movie Mother/Android has the answer.

The movie Mother/Android communicates the negative impact of these inventions. This is the directorial debut of Mattson Tomlin an American screenwriter, who aims for something more than a gritty genre piece. The writer-director Mattson has said that the tale is meant to be analogous to his parents’ trek through his mother’s pregnancy.

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Now, let us see what the movie wants to convey.

Mother/Android: Plot Overview

Netflix's mother/android

The story narrates the life of Georgia Olsen who faces the attack of Humanoids during pregnancy. The movie Mother/Android dealt with how the growth of artificial intelligence affects the life of humans.

Humanoids like Eli and Daniel are helping men in their day-to-day life but on a Christmas party eve, these androids turn violent, smartphones start exploding. The people realize the world is conquered by robots. 9 months pregnant Georgia takes shelter in the forest with Sam her boyfriend. .

In a post-apocalyptic world rocked by a violent android uprising, the young pregnant woman and her boyfriend desperately search for safety. Georgia and Sam faces treacherous journey to escape their country which is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. The movie Mother/Andriod shows How the young couple Georgia and Sam struggle to reach Boston to have a better life.

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Mother/Android: Review

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How do you leave someone? Truly leave them so far behind, That it’s like you never met?

Life is a mysterious journey leaving us behind the reality that we are riding a lonely journey. Nothing in the world can equate to the love of a mother. One must keep their heart strong to witness the emotional scene of a mother handling her baby to someone she has never known. The protagonist in the movie Mother/Android faces a situation like getting stabbed by a sword. This is the most crucial and powerful scene in the film.

Humanoids turn violent and begin to murder everyone for no reason. Somehow the duo survives the horror and jumps forward to nine months of pregnancy. There’s a sense of irony in the fact that this story is about the humanity of emotional connections distinguishing us from the old callousness of machines. The main issue with the film is that there is no substance to the events at hands things just happen for no reason. Despite the powerful ending the mother/Android lacks a good screenplay.

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Audience realize Androids

The android owned by Olsen is a humanoid that exactly resembles a man. The audience could not realize that Eli was signaling something wrong to happen when he wishes Sam Happy Halloween instead of Christmas . We could see some people who serve with one hand and catches a smash ball with another hand in the Christmas party. The audience comes to know that these people are robots only when a greasy liquid jumps out of the humanoid instead of blood. On the streets, people witness a shrill screech similar to a technical glitch that ends with a doom…

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Different phases of Georgia

Netflix's mother/android

The first phase is when Georgia finds out she is pregnant with her boyfriend, Sam. the new revelation disturbs Georgia’s peace of mind. She is not sure about her relationship with Sam. Georgia hides it from her parents. 9 months later Georgia expecting her baby has taken shelter in a forest to find a way to Boston. Her growth as a mother is immensely convincing by the makeover. We should give a big round of applause for the make- up department.

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Mobile gun

Would you ever imagine the android mobile in your hand can kill you? In the film Mother/Android we can see Georgia in a hurry leaves her mobile in the bathroom and walks out of the house to attend a Christmas party. The happy event ends up by the explotion of mobile phones killing their users.

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Arthur, a human or humanoid

Raul Castillo plays an interesting figure Arthur in the movie Mother/Android. Arthur creates the image of a human by imitating the emotion a man have. Unbeleivable for Georgia when she realizes Arthur is a humanoid. As a viewer, I have many doubts why this humanoid is helping the couple? Is the armor he gives is exactly an invisible device? Arthur a human or humanoid that part of the film seems to me a misconception.

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The painful cry of a mother

Chloë Grace Moretz

The dream of a mother is explained in a beautiful way in the movie Mother/Android. The only scene that haunts is the painful cry of Georgia while handing her baby to Korean Officer. To maximize the enjoyment of the film one has to focus on Georgia and Sam’s relationship and their mission to get their coming baby safe. Chloe Grace Moretz gives a solid performance as a young mother. Her life was thrown into chaos the day she found out she was pregnant. Moretz has been an intelligent versatile performer for a long time and here delivers the right determination and uncertainty.

To prepare for her role as an expectant mother, Chole consulted several pregnant women, visiting a hospital maternity ward. Even volunteered at a private daycare center to learn child care. What exactly helped her to work out in the film to express the emotional pain.

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A chance

There is a good chance he will survive, let’s give him a chance. Mother would always try to give make the child live a normal life. Mother dreams of a better life his child should have. Georgia is giving her son a chance.

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Sam’s Shoes

Georgia wears the shoes of Sam indicating that he is no more. The scene before this shows sam is bleeding with both legs gone by the attack of robots. He explains that he won’t go through this and won’t be able to protect the child and the mother.

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Far less successful in storytelling

The storytelling of Mother/Android leaves a lot to be desired. The film is a straightforward chase not an investigation into the impact of the chaos. The pregnant young woman trying to deliver her baby without being killed by robots. They are doing pretty well for having been on the run for months.

The movie is about the mass extermination of humankind. the viewers will likely grow restless waiting for a transformative moment, something complicated in the movie. . In the movie Mother/Android, we can see 3 main characters specifically Georgia, Sam, and Arthur. The lead character Georgia is having a noticeable space in the movie. The other characters are vaguely passing over with no meaning.

The only gripping part of the movie is the love the couple shares and the tear they shed for their baby.

Don’t hesitate to watch it, all in all, Mother/Android is a good film that manages to convey strong feelings of anxiety.

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