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13 Movies About Women Imprisonment That Will Make You Cry

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Have you have been in a situation where things have gone legal?
Well, that is what police investigation is all about!!
People face a lot of hardships in life. We cannot understand what they are actually going through and due to which they take a wrong turn and bear the consequences. Women are a part of this too, no matter what the circumstances are but ending up in jail is the last step they survive upon!!
Taking this matter in its hand, Movque has come up with some wow movies about women imprisonment which will take your mindset in a completely different direction and you will also explore what all happens inside a prison cell!!

Movies that will give you a Different Kind of Experience in the Field of Harassment

So, need not to wait more, let us just snuggle into our blankets and get a hot cup of coffee to spend this weekend livelier. So, here are the top movies about women imprisonment that will let you peep into the reality of women’s life. Ready to deep dive? Let’s go!!

99 Women

Movies About Women Imprisonment 99 women

Think of escaping from a blunder? Great, No? That’s what 99 women say it all, where a new prisoner, Marie gets in the jail with the number 99. Two of the staff, i.e. a lesbian warden named Thelma Diaz and a governor named Santos are there to look after them by sexually harassing them in every way. Then after comes the Justice Minister who transfers Diaz to another jail. Marie believes that she will now be in peace and the case will be reopened by the new minister. Nothing fruitful happens and Marie tries to escape after being annoyed by the new warden. But somehow gets unsuccessful, resulting in double torture and sexual abuse. Hmmm, interesting!! Wanna peep inside the plot? Let’s go!!

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Movies About Women Imprisonment freeway

Sometimes it is idiotic to take help from someone and get trapped by oneself. That’s is what is shown in this one where a young girl of 15 years, escapes from her house to spend her life with her grandmother after her parents are arrested for illegal sexual activities. On her journey, the car breaks down but a gentleman helps her. Sooner she realizes that he is the freeway rapist. She shoots the man and runs but rapists stay alive. The police arrest the girl for attempting murder. The things turn completely opposite making her the culprit and the man an innocent. But till when?? Let’s dig out the entire story and find out how the plotline proceeds!! Ready??

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Red Heat

There’s a beautiful sky after a stormy night and this is clearly shown in this movie where a college student, Christine visits Germany with her would-be husband, Mike, the US Army officer whom she asks for marriage but he refuses. Being upset about the fact, she takes a night walk where she gets kidnapped by an East German Stasi. She is now shifted to East Germany where she accepts all the false accusations forcefully. Due to this, she is sent to a women’s jail led by Sofia, a prison warden. Sofia tortures Christine until she fights back. Mike sets Christine free with the help of the US army. Woah!!! Isn’t it the perfect story love story? Well, let’s see how it turns out to be!!

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Movies About Women Imprisonment caged
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It is tough to raise a child that too when you are in prison for no reason at all. Caged reflects the same story where a 19 years old sincere, pregnant lady named Marie Allen is accused of the charges of a robbery. The warden she meets is extremely rude and strict and is famous to improvise even the toughest prisoners. She understands her condition too. Allen comes across a block housekeeper who she thinks of being friends with her but is afraid if it affects the unborn child’s future. Well, it was indeed tough to read, and trusting someone is the tougher. Let’s move forward and watch out how it takes a great turn and favors Marie Allen!! Ready?

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Brokedown Palace

Movies About Women Imprisonment brokedown palace

Don’t you think, money-making is easy when it is earned through illegal means? Well, that’s what this movie says where new school graduates named Alice and Darlene travels to Thailand, deceiving their parents by telling them they are flying to Hawaii. They do all this just for the sake of money-making. After reaching Thailand, they meet a hot Australian chick, nick, who offers them to move to Hong Kong with him. Things take a wrong turn when both the girls are caught in drug dealing and other illegal material into their bags. Just because of nick, the girls are sentenced to jail for 33 years. Unbelievable!! It is tough to trust people nowadays. let’s watch and find out what these lads go through!!

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Black Mama White Mama

black mama white mama

A crime means crime, doesn’t matter what race you belong to. The movie shows a similar plot where a black girl named Lee Daniels, is caught into prostitution. While Karen Brent, a white girl, is exposed due to the relationship she carries with a local revolutionary gang. Both of them are chained together to send to a higher jail. On the way, their vehicle gets attacked. Watching this opportunity, the ladies run together from the place. Sooner, they are followed by cops, hunters, and a number of revolutionaries but the only motive the females ensure is to stay together and escape ASAP from there!! Adventurous!! Isn’t it? What do you think had happened next? Ready for a watch!! Here we go?

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Sweet Sugar

sweet sugar

It is tough to be in prisoner even for a minute but what about if you get a successful escape? I know, the same is shown in this movie where sugar serves for two years in jail for drug dealing. She arrives in jail and meets Simone who tells her about the sadistic guard, Burgos, and Dr. John as a sugarcane plantation owner. He takes medical check-ups and rapes, Dolores. Sugar is caught Red handed with one of the guards, later shot by Burgos. The only plan these three i.e. sugar, Simon, and Dolores make is to get a good escape from jail. Will they be successful? Let’s explore and find out what happens at the end!! So, ready? Here we go!!

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The Muthers

The Muthers

Getting stuck in a tangled situation is hard to swallow. Isn’t it? Well, I guess the muthers explores the same story where two modern pirates, Kelly and Angie from the South seas plunders the precious items from the rich ship travelers rather than poor villagers. Meanwhile, Kelly meets an officer from the Justice section who informs her about the arrest of her sister, Sandra in a trafficking raid. Sandra is now been isolated in prison under mafia Montiero. This crime master is hidden in the face of a coffee planter. When she enters the camp, they finally hire Marcie, a longtime prisoner, and Montiero’s girlfriend Serena to help them escape the area. Ooohh, twisted enough!! I guess, we n3ed to watch this one! Ready? Let’s go!!!

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Caged Heat

Sometimes we get stuck in false allegations and find no hope to get out of it. Yes!! That’s what this movie says about itself where a college scholar, Christine visits her soldier fiancé, Mike in West Germany. Christine tries to convince him to marriage but he refuses. Upset by Mike’s decision, Christine goes for a walk and gets kidnapped by East German Stasi. Taken to East Germany, the girl is brutally interrogated and forced to accept all the false accusations and is sent to jail. She faces torture and pleasure at the same time. Finally, Mike sets her free, taking help from the US army. Woah!! This is more of a dramatic one. Ready to watch it? Well, I am excited!! Are you?

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movies about women imprisonment Jailbait

It is hard to accept the serious abusive behavior of someone who is very close to you. The movie Jailbait shows similar occurrences where Anna is sent to juvenile jail on the charge of attempting to murder her toxic stepfather whom she hates the most. The movie expands itself by tracking Anna’s journey into the dark place where all the girls are kept i.e. Jail. Soon she finds out the abrupt relationships, drug consumption, and mental illness as a part of jail’s regular routine. Finally, she tries to escape from the prison and settles for a new life out of this chaos. Hmmm, this seems suspicious, isn’t it? Let’s dig out more and see what all is in there, so, all set?

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Ilsa , Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Sometimes, it is a hard choice between love and fate and this is what this movie says where sensuous personality, Ilsa, joins the gang of sex trafficking led by an insane Sheikh named, El Sharif. He loves to transfers female slaves for the sake of his pleasure. Things are normal until US Intelligence Service draws attention to it. They are now all set to catch the rich dominating king, red-handed. While Ilsa is now in love with Sharif but needs to come out before she gets arrested by the USIS. Ooohh!! That’s a new one now!! But we need to dig more into it and for that, we need to watch the entire movie, so are you ready? So am I!!

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Bare Behind Bars

Bare Behind Bars

Think of a jail that tortures its prisoners, badly. Strange!! Right? The story of Bare Behind Bars shows the same plot wherein a women’s jail located in Brazil works way differently from the actual jails. The prisoners are extremely beautiful but their supervisor is highly cruel, and the nurse is good for nothing. These girls feel uncomfortable wearing innerwear in order to hide the illegal material. They all are so aggressive and horny towards each other, that they involve themselves with guards for sexual pleasures. With the help of the nurse, three inmates escape. But hiding the same activities will make them restless. Damn!! the plot seems amazing to watch alone, isn’t it? Well, why wait for more now? Let’s go!!

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Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion

Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion

Trusting someone is tougher than taking revenge and that’s what Matsushima Nami does when she gets betrayed by Sugimi, whom she madly falls in love with. But now she is ready to take revenge. She tries stabbing Sugimi at Tokyo police headquarters but gets arrested by an officer and spends her time in jail headed by cruel and orgiastic male guards. In return for this, Sugimi, along with her gang tries to give Nami a natural death. She takes the help of Kagiri, who can help her in executing the plan quickly. But they are unaware of what Nami is weaving too! Well, the story is attractive and needs a watch to explore more. So keep your things aside and let’s do it!!

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Things do take a turn in a completely different way which we might accept but we end up in prison due to some major mess we create. Need not worry, just think that this is just the phase of time, and will fade away very soon. Don’t panic and just be relaxed, you’ll be out of it shortly!

So, this was the list of movies about women imprisonment friends. We hope you liked the article, do let us know your thoughts and reviews over it in the comments section below. Share your favorite one from the above-mentioned list and lastly, don’t forget to follow Movque.com for the finest entertainment-related articles.
Rise and Shine!!

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