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#13 Top Animal Centric Movies You Would Love

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Are you an animal lover?
Oh well, who’s not!!

Everyone loves to own a pet, no matter what it is but we all love them the most. We play with them, take care of them, feed them and do all possible things to keep them healthy and fit. And that’s how they give you perfect loyalty in return. You never know when you need them!!
Magnifying this topic, we are here with some top animal centric movies that will give you nostalgia to think about your pet for a few minutes. So without spending much time, let us just enjoy these films with our pets. We hope they like to see them on screen!!

Animal Centric Movies That Will make you fall in love with Cute Protagonist

Let us give a shout out to these wonderful companions and re-live the best part of our lives with them. Waiting for what? Let us deep-dive into the top animal centric movies to make them feel this time, special and important!! After all, I think they deserve it!
Ready to explore the journey with your babies?
Here we go!!


Top Animal Centric Movies Garfield

Cats are sophisticated to pet but what if you have a cat like Garfield? Strange!! A fat, lethargic but intelligent cat is a sweet pet by a very unfortunate owner named John Arbuckle. While on the other hand, Odie, John’s flatmate is a very lazy but cute dog that usually irritates Garfield. When Garfield is done with Odie, he decides to stay away from the hound. But as soon as Garfield develops a love for his friend Odie, he gets all possible ways to bring him back home. Basically, the movie is based on a famous live-action comedy from a comic strip. So, if you are looking for a movie laughter pack, Garfield is for you, my friend!! Just go for it!!

Black Beauty

Top Animal Centric Movies Black Beauty
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Horses are royal to keep with but sometimes life gives you a thorny path before a bed of roses. Black beauty says it all when in western America, a beautiful horse with the name black beauty meets his new owner, Birtwick Stables. A few days later, she comes across a sweet little girl named Jo Green who develops an amicable bond with the horse and takes her on adventures of life, experiencing different incidents with a number of happy and sad episodes. Aww!! How lovely it is to read, think of watching it on screen? A satisfaction, right? Let’s not wait too long and watch this amazing film sharing the same bond with each one of us just like Jo had with Beauty!!

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Ice Age

Top Animal Centric Movies Ice age

Earth is going through much and evacuating it before time seems a good decision. Ice age plots a similar story where long before in time, our planet is full of all glaciers and the animals that are ready to save themselves from the coming era of Ice Age. Sid, a sloth along with manny, a mammoth, and Diego, a Smilodon are the superheroes of the story. They have to gather courage for the baby which to give back to his father. But the coming era acts as a hurdle for them to keep the baby alive and safe. Oh, God! How will they do it? Let’s watch this animated movie and see how the baby returns safely to his home!! Ready?

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Top Animal Centric Movies benji

Dogs are the most loyal and friendly pet one can ever have and that is what this movie tells us, where a stray pooch, Benji is beloved by everyone in the town. But his personal favorites are two children who feed Benji and play with him despite constant denial by their parents. One day both of them get kidnapped and everyone is in a panic. Parents are terrified and even police are unable to find the whereabouts of these babies. That’s when Benji stands on track saving the children and expecting a home if he gets successful in bringing them back!! Woah!! Now we can say that Benji sets an example of “Loyalty at its best”, what do you think? Watch it out!!

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Think of having a pet that can really talk. Wait, what?? Yes, this is what this movie says where three talking chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are sent to Los Angeles after their home (a tree) is chopped off. Sooner they find a new place to live with a Dave Seville, a songwriter. All set with his new arrangements Dave gets to know the real and unique singing talent of these three chipmunks. He grabs the opportunity by making them sing in front of the record executive, Ian Hawke who instantly signs the group. All of them touch the clouds of fame but not so soon, they need to get through many adventures!! Will you like to be a part of it??

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Happy Feet

happy feet

Friends are a strong pillar of life, and happy feet show it all where a young penguin named mumble is different from others as he cannot sing. But he is excellent at tap dance. When other penguins look at him as the odd one out, his mother appreciates and supports him and his father encourages him. The rich and high-class penguin families are supposed to have good singing rather than dancing skills. Soon mumble tries hard and try to win a female penguin singer, Gloria. He now waits for a new life and acceptance from everyone. Wow!!! This is incredibly lovely. Well, we can say friendship is one beautiful thing to rely upon. So let’s watch this movie and find out how mumble finds success!!

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Old Yeller

old yeller
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Till death do us apart! You might have heard this, but now experience it in this film where father Jim Coates goes on a cattle drive leaving his wife Katie along with their two children Travis and Arliss. They find a dog, Old yeller who destroys all their fields and that’s when Travis sees him and hushes him away. Things change when yeller saves Katie’s daughter from a bear attack and soon he becomes a favorite of both Katie and Travis. As Travis and yeller become friends a new outbreak of the disease, rabies is found which is now can be a life threat to boys. Oops!! Things were good until rabies came. Well, I am for sure watching this, what about you?

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The Aristocats

How can someone abandon lovely pets?? I mean why?? Well, I guess that’s what the Aristocats want us to explore where a duty opera performer leaves everything on, duchess, her cat along with her three kittens. The houseboy of the woman drugs these cats and leaves them in the countryside just for the sake of overtaking everything for his own good. Days later, Duchess and her kittens come across a pathway cat named Thomas O’Malley who helps them in returning back to Paris. The journey they cover is worth experiencing where they meet different animals and birds who entertain them all the time during their travel. Amazing!!!! I mean this one is super cute to hear, think of watching it! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!

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101 Dalmatians

Top Animal Centric Movies 101 Dalmatians

One of the famous dog movies you’ve ever watched is 101 Dalmatians where pongo, a Dalmatian is done of being single. He is fond of a female dog, Perdita, and follows his master, Roger whenever he visits Anita, Perdita’s mistress. Both the masters marry each other. For obvious reasons, both the dogs start living together. Soon Perdita delivers 15 babies at once and Cruella, Anita’s school friend wants to get them all. Somehow Roger refuses to be on her side and then she recruits a team of criminals to steal them in order to own a fur jacket. Wait, what??? Does the cruel lady want them just for a mere jacket?? Well, I need to watch it now and see what she does next!!!

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What according to you a rat can do at its best? Hide his cheese? Ummm, anything more? Oh, how about being a chef? Well, that is what Remy the rat dreams of no matter what his family says. Soon as destiny wants, he ends up in the sewage pipes of Paris under a famous restaurant once owned by Auguste Gusteau. Despite being quite unusual of other chefs in an incredibly classy restaurant, Remy finds a way to kickstart his dream and gears up by serving an amazing dish to its customers. Woah!! A tiny rat??? Really??? Not bad, though!! It might have been tough for him to adjust among all the humans but don’t you think, he did his job wonderfully??

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Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Leaving your pet even for a minute makes us feel sad. Don’t you think? Well, the movie homeward bound says it all where Seavers family goes out on a family trip leaving their three pets named Chance (a confused dog), Shadow (an old but intelligent dog), and Sassy (an arrogant cat) behind. Without knowing what is going to happen next, these pets start their own journey to find out their family from America where finding their own master is quite a tough job. The trio travels nonstop in the mountains, forests, and other countryside areas, while the family also starts their search for beloved pets. Aww!! This is sweet! Let us just watch this and recall the memories of our pets!!

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The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Even animals feel bad when separated and do everything possible for meeting again, isn’t it? Well, carrying the same plot, this movie depicts a story where two animals, i.e. a Milo (Cat) and Otis (Dog) are on a life adventure. These two are best friends and have spent most of their time growing up together. But one day they are separated from each other and start a journey to find. This search takes them through different phases and paths of life where they explore mountains, forests, streams, lands, and other sources. Oh!! This is actually very sad to know the struggle they have gone through. Wanna dig out more to find out how they meet again? Let us put everything aside and get into this one!

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Bee Movie

Top Animal Centric Movies Bee Movie

Think of bees knowing the selling of honey without their consent? Terrific, right? Bee movie carries the same portrayal where a fresh graduate bee named Barry, finds out an amazing way to collect honey. He gets out of the home (hive) for the first time, experiencing all the happenings. He talks to humans which makes the queen bee angry, as this is a violation of the rule in their species. Sooner Barry gets to know that humans are cheaters who have been stealing honey and selling it out for consumption without their permission. Now, he decides to take revenge on the humans and stands out for justice. Will he get success? Let’s watch and find out what happens at the end! Let’s go!

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Pets give an incredibly amazing time to spend with them. They keep us happy and delightful every time we meet them. It is hard to gulp down when they are sick or leave the world. We give up everything to settle our minds back. In short, they are love for all of us!!
So, this was all, guys. Now, carry a bowl of popcorn, make yourself relax and ENJOY. We hope, you have got those movies, similar to 300; you were looking for through this article. Give your reviews and do let us know if we missed any movie apart from the above-mentioned record.

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